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Why My New Gold Rolex Watch Costs Less Than The Beer You Bought Last Night

gold rolex

Weird huh?

How could a gold Rolex cost less than a beer?

Just read and you will understand.

Today it's "Tsiknopempti" in Greece...

An excuse for going out, eating without remorses, drinking wine, partying and masquerading. For me? Just another day of the year.

Whereas everyone else is out enjoying temporary pleasures, I am inside building the foundation to enjoy a pleasurable life.

Someone could say that I might be socially averse, an introvert that doesn’t feel comfortable going out.

But this would be utterly wrong, because going out at times like this is what I used to do ever since I was 16.

Maybe I’ve grown up fast, who knows?

I am 21 and I live with the discipline and wisdom of a 35 year old.

Instead of partying, I am building.

I cannot understand those who do otherwise. Can not they understand how they are wasting their lives?

I guess that reality is going to hit them hard the next week when they return to their normal lives. And even harder when they have to join the work force.

Because it’s easy to be out and partying when you have no responsibilities. When you live off your parents savings.

When you start having more responsibilities, you give in because you have not developed the strength to endure.

You have not prepared yourself for the day that’s going to come for almost everyone.

The day when you will have to wake up and go to a job that you hate.

And do that over and over 365 days a year.

If you don’t get it, that’s too bad for you. What a shame.

So much wasted potential. So many dreams dying a little more day after day.

But whose fault is it?

Your fault.

Because instead of building, you are partying.

That’s not to say that partying is bad. Everybody should party sometimes.

The problem is that people spend the majority of their time partying and almost zero time building.

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Building their body, their knowledge, their network, their reputation.

All these things that can set you up for life.

You know what, if you spend too much time enjoying the little temporary pleasures of today, you will lose the big long-term pleasures of tomorrow.

Someone once told be that “you can’t go out because you are always working”. 

“Can you leave whatever you are doing and go relax in a 5 star resort in Bali for the next 6 months, without moving your little finger to do what you consider “work”…”  – I replied.

Knowing that the only obvious answer was a big no, they said “Money isn’t everything. What’s the worth of it if you are alone?”.

Although I agree to a certain extent with that point, this is not entirely true.

What’s entirely true?

That if that person (or anyone else living their life) had the chance to leave whatever they are doing and have 6 months of vacation in an exotic destination, they would leave tomorrow.

They can’t do it though. So they rationalize it with BS excuses such as “money isn’t everything”.

I wanted to say to them “Do you know why I don’t go out to socialize with people on your level?”

Because it’s a HUGE fucking waste of my time.

I would rather have 3 ambitious and successful people in my social circle than 300 losers with no purpose.

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I don’t go out with low value individuals not because I cannot go due to work, but because I value my time really much.

I could go out every day, but I just don’t want to.

On the other hand, people that want to go out every day can’t.

So, whenever there is a chance like “Tsiknopempti” they take advantage of it because they find shelter from their frustrating lives.

(Of course, they do not admit that.)

Let me show you something.

Last year. Same date.

Can you guess what most ordinary people where doing?

Well, they were out drinking, partying, feasting and masquerading.

Wasting their money and time in temporary pleasures.

NOTHING has really changed in their lives. Absolutely nothing.

Last year, I was also inside, investing my time and money to what really mattered.

And it paid off.

For that reason, I made a small gift to myself today.

It’s good to spoil yourself every here and then. There is nothing bad about a small reward for a big win.

I don’t care about the cost of these shiny objects, because it does not affect my life in a negative way.

It’s just a regular purchase.

I don’t even care about having these flashy watches. The last two years I’ve not been wearing any.

They are just a reminder to keep me going forward.

That’s the difference.

The cost of these watches is insignificant to me because they push me further towards my goal.

On the contrary, the cost of the beer people buy in “Tsiknopempti” is considerably higher – not literally though.

A $3 beer or $50 for the meat and $100 for the alcohol is not actually more the cost of a luxury watch. 

The “opportunity cost”, the wasted time and the decision making cost that’s compounding over time is.

One Tsiknopempti is not harmful by itself.

But if your ENTIRE LIFE is a “tsiknopempti”, you are pretty much screwed…And yes, you pay a price higher than any luxury watch’s in the world!

Ordinary people don’t see it how they remain stagnant.

Time passes by and their lives are exactly the same today as they were a year before.

EVERYTHING has changed about my life. Absolutely everything.

Because I am always building.

If you wake up today and you are at the exact same spot you were a year ago, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you are doing it wrrrrrrong.

If you are not progressing, you will wake up one day in a situation that you won’t be able to get out from.

You will be wondering how the heck did that happen, being unable to realize that you created it because you never built a way out.

You didn’t build anything.

And you will be paying the price for an eternity.

It’s really a price you don’t want to pay, because it far exceeds the cost of any shiny object in this world.

You could have avoided it, if you just built something.

It’s never too late.

You can start building today.

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Why My New Gold Rolex Watch Costs Less Than The Beer You Bought Last Night

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