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Going Self Employed For Financial Freedom Part 1: The Mindset

going self employed

The 3 Keystones For Going Self Employed & Living a Flourishing Life Without Having a Boss

 Who doesn’t want to be self employed?

When you work for yourself you are the boss. You are in control and you can do almost whatever you want.

While it’s easy to praise the benefits of going self employed, it’s not so easy to accomplish it in reality.


Because most people want to be the boss but don’t want to put the necessary work to get this place. 

You can’t wake up one day, quit your job and say: “Fuck this shit, I will be my own boss”.

The last years have appeared many money-making gurus who advocate get rich easy money making systems:

“Become self employed now and kick your boss in the butt” financial guru Johnny says.

Then he asks you to pay for a 40$ course that can help you make thousands of dollars every week just right after you start.

It sounds so easy like going to the supermarket and buying a pack of beers.

Don’t Fall Into The Trap Of Get Rich Easy Self Employment Schemes

Because someone shows you photos of expensive cars and blonde babe in bikinis it doesn’t mean that you can have these things for 40 fucking dollars!

Don’t fall into the trap of the guru who says “be your own boss” or “open your business now with 20$ and make money online” and this sort of stuff.

The odds say that the guru is the one who will make the money  by those who pay him, like you. So stay away from these scams.

If it was so easy everyone would be a millionaire. Do you see many ordinary Joes being millionaires?

No! Because these programs are scams and will only steal your money.

Whatever is promising instant results is not real. You can’t become financially independent right after you start, except you have some crazy skills and knowledge that only 1% in the world has.

There are no shortcuts to success. Even the best money-making programs require a lot of work.

If you believe that becoming self employed is something easy and that you won’t need to work hard to make money, you will be highly disappointed.

You will return back to a boring, soul-stealing job soon after you realize that you can’t have an overnight success and become millionaire in one month.

But if you want to change this belief and you are ready to put in the necessary work then it’s definitely worth it.

It’s worth it more than everything else.

Going self employed is the best decision you will take in your life.

For me it certainly was. I didn’t make money immediately but after 5 months I was able to make some decent REAL money.

I can now live from my online business. I don’t have the ability to buy expensive cars or live in a luxury villa yet, but I can be independent.

I don’t know many guys in my age who make money on their own working from the convenience of their sofa. Most guys in my age have all their expenses paid by their parents.

They party all night long, they go for holidays and buy fancy clothes with the money that mummy and daddy sends them. Of course mummy and daddy work 16 hours per day to give them that money but they feel they deserve it.

Even if I don’t own a yacht yet I do 10x better from my peers and that’s making me feel proud.

But This Sense Of Pride Can’t Be Bought For 40 Bucks

Let’s say these money-making gurus really own expensive cars and make millions of dollars. Then why the hell do they need your 40$?

Hmm..maybe because they own expensive cars because of the people who pay them 40$. Not because of their amazing money-making system.

The best advice I can give you for going self employed is to stop seeking for shortcuts to success. 

Succeeding in life, fitness or business needs effort and proper mindset. Success can’t be bought for 40$.

going self employed

When an architect wants to build a skyscraper he has to put the right foundation, the proper substructure that will allow him to expand the building and reach the sky.

The same applies to going self employed. The foundation for being your own boss is your mindset. The foundation is the way you think.

You can’t change the amount of money you make if you don’t change the way you think.

If you want to be rich you have to think like rich people do. On the other hand if you think like poor people do you will definitely be poor.

Why Going Self Employed Is Important If You Want To Have Real Freedom

One day I was eating lunch at the university’s restaurant. I went quite late to the restaurant, so I was still eating when food giveaway time was over.

It is self-service, you take your food, eat it and then you have to put the plates in an automated machine that takes them back to the kitchen. But first you should throw your fork, spoon and knife in some buckets.

Sometimes the restaurant people goes near the automated machine to help students and send the plates in the kitchen faster.

That’s because after food giveaway is over, students are forming a huge line to the machine and the process stacks for a while leading to confusion and whimpering.

I noticed that one of the students didn’t throw his fork and knife in the bucket because one man of the restaurant’s staff raised his arms to take the student’s plates.

The restaurant’s staff is normal people who work many hours underpaid. When they get paid they are given less money than they should be given.

Minimum wage in Greece now is about 400$ which isn’t enough to pay even basic expenses. People here are lucky if they find a job that pays more than 3$ per hour.

So back to the story, the man told the student that he has forgotten his fork and knife on his plate (with an annoyed voice tone). Maybe because of being tired from working so many hours.

He wanted to return back home to his wife and kids. I suppose he was pissed off with the student who didn’t act as he was supposed to.

The student replied with a more aggressive attitude: “you took the disk from my hands so it’s your problem shithead. I don’t fucking care, do it yourself“.

This was such a disappointing incident. He talked to him like he was a trash. The man was about 55 and could be your father.

Tell me who wants his father to be demeaned that way? Nobody…

He completely disrespected him and the man had to force himself listening to the offense. If he made a scene he could probably lose his job.

He works in a crappy job, he doesn’t paid enough to make ends meet and can’t do nothing to change it.

And all this for what?

Ah yeah, for wearing a mask and working in a depressing job that takes away his energy and passion. A job that destroys his mood and happiness.

going self employed

No matter where you work you always have a boss that you should listen to. You have some rules to follow. If you go against these rules you will probably get fired.

Working for someone else is soul stealing, terrible for your mental and physical health and awful for your personal development.

But I Have Been Told That Life is Hard. I Wasn’t Born Rich. What Other Options Do I Have?

No one is born rich except a small minority. On the other side many people become rich in the process. The fact that you weren’t born rich shouldn’t be an excuse but a motive to accomplish more.

You have to understand something, only you, your decisions determine your future! 

YOU do, not your parents, not your friends, not your girlfriend not the prime minister and not the universe!

Going self employed is the best solution because it gives you the freedom of choice.

You can choose who you will work with, when you will be working and when you will go for holidays. You can also determine if you will get a 100% salary increase.

Of course this won’t happen by following 40$ get rich easy schemes. It can happen with a vision, some hard work and dedication.

The 4 Essentials Of Financial Freedom

Keystone 1

First of all you have to change the way you think, you have to change your mindset. This can be done by reading books to sharpen your mind.

I believe that reading books is significant if you want to become financially independent. There is so much knowledge out there waiting for you.

Learn by successful people and you will soon reach their success. Reverse engineer what they did and learn from their mistakes to become even better.

Here are some books recommendations to start with:

1.Arnold: The Education Of a Bodybuilder: This isn’t only for fans of fitness. Schwarzenegger didn’t become governor of California, millionaire and 5x Mr. Olympia because of luck. If you want to know how to prove all doubters wrong, become a legend and achieve your goals, then this book is for you.

2.The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime. Probably the best business book ever written. The author, MJ De Marco went from mopping floors in a chinese restaurant to driving a Lamborghini, becoming a millionaire and retiring at about 30.

3.How to Win Friends and Influence People: The best book ever written for human relationships. If you want to succeed in business and life you definitely have to know how to persuade people and win them to your way of thinking.

Keystone 2

Always try to improve yourself and become the best in your field.

It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, an engineer, a football player or a fitness addict who wants to become personal trainer.

Try to learn something new every day.

Keep learning and learning and learning the whole time. NEVER miss a day without learning something on your field or without doing something that makes you better.

If you have a goal, do something every day that can take you a step closer towards that goal. If you do that you will create an unbelievable momentum that will push you to success.

going self employed

Keystone 3

In order to be the best you have to LEARN from THE BEST.

You want to be a professional football player? Join the best team in your area. Then try to join the best in your country.

You want to become a professional dancer? Go to the best dance school in your city and attend as much classes as you can. If you live in a small city move to a bigger one.

After that move to a different country if it’s needed to become better. You should always strive to learn from the best to be the best.

And don’t forget keystone 2:

It doesn’t matter if you are training, working or studying 10 hours, one hour or 10 minutes per day. What matters is to never leave a day without doing something to improve yourself.

Keystone 4

Maybe you have heard this many times. Nevertheless you really have to follow your passion. Do what you are obsessed with and don’t listen to naysayers.

If you work on something you don’t like it will feel boring and unfulfilling…you will lose interest and you will prefer doing something else instead of your work.

If what you do doesn’t fulfill you emotionally you should stop doing it.

You should also stop doing it if it doesn’t or will never bring you profit. Hobbies that don’t bring money are for kids and old people.

If you want to become self employed you have to combine something you love doing with something you can make money from.

Extremely Important Note: Your passion must serve a need to other people, solve a problem or provide them with something useful like entertainment.

If your passion doesn’t provide 1) solutions, 2) satisfaction 3) problem avoidance or 4) money making or money saving for the others, it won’t likely lead anywhere.

However, always follow your PASSION no matter how difficult the challenge seems. Don’t give up on it, because if you do then you give up on YOURSELF!

Do you think that going self employed is worth the effort?

This article is the first of a series. You can read part 2 here:Going Self Employed For Financial Freedom: The Foundation

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Going Self Employed For Financial Freedom:The Mindset

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