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Without Paying a Dime, All While Shooting Your Income High To The Sky

Damian Prosalendis, chilling and building his businesses up at the Chicago suite.

Follow the steps to qualify yourself for Damian Prosalendis's mentoring

Just an hour of Damian's very limited time, normally costs businesses and individuals $3000

Step 1

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Q1: Why do I have to complete these steps?

Damian's is a massively successful entrepreneur. Because of that there must be a process in place to disqualify the ones who are lazy, make excuses and are looking to get something for nothing.

Damian is willing to mentor individuals that are worth it, but not people he barely knows, who have done nothing for him, and only want to take away his time and resources.

If you are serious, you will complete the above steps and your life will change forever.

If you are not serious, you can leave this page now, because you are not worth Damian's time and attention.

Q2: What's the catch? Is there any trap?

Damian does not charge anything for a great chunk of all the valuable advice he provides across his social media and various websites. 

You could literally change your life, make more money, achieve your goals, attain financial freedom, merely by following his teachings, without ever having to give him a penny.

Damian has been through lots of trial and tribulation and lived in complete poverty. A mentor opened his eyes, and his life changed forever. Damian hopes that he will change lives in the same way. This is his contribution to society.

Q3: I ended here by chance. Why do I want to learn from Damian?

How often do you have a chance to be mentored by a multi-millionaire, who is in the top 1% of the world?

Damian is not just any millionaire, but also the Youngest Self Made Greek Digital Millionaire in History, who the world class Forbes Magazine called "a resounding successand International Business Times an "elite college dropout" like Twitter's Evan Williams and Apple's Steve Jobs.

Q4: What if I don't want to start a business? Can I still learn from Damian?

Not everybody is cut out to be an entrepreneur. You may want to become an artist and make money off of that. You may want to have a successful career and land a prestigious job. You may want to play competitive sports.

It doesn't matter.

What Damian teaches you at the core, is not just business, but the Science of High Achievement.

How does a formerly broke, and almost homeless 19 year old getting paid $1 per hour transforms into a 21 year old millionaire, traveling the world, and running 3 businesses?

The principles that underly that transformation, are directly transferable to any field in which you strive to be great.

Damian is also a National Kickboxing Champion, professional dancer, martial artist, and bodybuilder. He is the internationally renown author of Make Moves or Make Excuses. He is soon to be worth $100,000,000 by the time he is 25. 

Anything he touches turns into gold, and it's not just business, although that's his main priority. It could be for you too, but it doesn't have to.

Learning from Damian means that everything YOU TOUCH, turns to GOLD too!

Have you completed the 3 steps above?
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Requirement: You must have followed Damian's advice for 2-3 months minimum before submitting this form. This includes everything he shares on social media and the Dare and Conquer Blog.
No time-wasters. Only serious action-takers.

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