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Warning Fiverr Sellers: Do You Make This Tragic Mistake? (That Turns Off Your Buyers!)

The brutal truth is that most Fiverr Sellers are so terrible at doing one thing right: Selling.

It recently came out to my attention something of significant importance.

It’s a mistake that I see many Fiverr Sellers making.

It’s also something I was doing the right way (even though I have never realized it till now).

I just did it right subconsciously.

And maybe that’s another one of the reasons I had such a success with making money on Fiverr.

If you have been following me for a time, you will probably have noticed that month after month, I sell even more on Fiverr.

Since I wrote this guest post about making money on Fiverr on Victor Pride’s blog, I have almost quadrupled my sales and earnings.

fiverr seller

Now you might be wondering, how can I do that?

Well, I have revealed many of the strategies I use in articles like the above as well as in Conquering Fiverr.

But let me tell you another incredibly important tip.

This is going to radically change the amount of money you make.

(And not only on Fiverr!!!)

Yes, you can apply this tip to every area of your life. Social life, business life, sexual life, career, academics, anywhere.

But most importantly, you can use it on Fiverr to build a reputable brand, get more clients and make more money!

After all, that’s what you are looking for, right?

Succeeding and accomplishing more – month after month!

Okay, let me dive into it. I don’t want to hold this “secret” any longer.

Here is the mistake most Fiverr Sellers make. And probably costs them a fortune.

Note: If you make that mistake in the beginning, you are never going to get ahead and get your first reviews – so read carefully.

fiverr sellers

The mistake is trying to sell too hard.

When you try to sell hard, you turn people off. Let me give you a real, Fiverr example.

Yesterday, I was looking to purchase a WordPress related gig.

I contacted 3-4 sellers to check out how well they communicate and get the best possible deal.

(Hint: Your prospects contact other Fiverr Sellers too – not only you. Always keep in mind that they are in communication with someone else who could “steal” you the job)

How the conversation went with Fiverr Seller 1:

Me: – “Hey. I would like you to do ….. for my two WordPress websites. Let me know what info you need, as well as the cost and timeframe”

He: INSTANTLY sends a custom offer for $30. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t say hi.

Neither does he try to solve my objections about security issues. (Your customers almost always have unexpressed objections.)

He just saw an opportunity to make a quick buck.

Obviously, I didn’t reply.

He has lost the sale.

He did one thing right. That was to reply super fast.

But instead of spending 1-2 more minutes to show that he is genuinely interested in my request – he decided it was better to send the custom offer right away.

How the conversation went with Fiverr Seller 2:

Me: – “Hey. I would like you to do ….. for my two WordPress websites. Let me know what info you need, as well as the cost and timeframe”

He: – “I can do it. Right now if you want.”

Me: – “Great. How much will it cost?”

He gives me a quote.

Me: “What about this …………….. (Insert objection here). Will you be able to pull it off? I have to do this  ………….

He: “Ok.”

(No explanation! No effort to answer my objection! I waited a minute…)

He: “Ok. Order now” (He sends custom offer)

(No reply on my side. I was talking with one other guy at this moment, who finally got the deal for $40.)

30 minutes later:

He: “Sent you custom offer. Accept it and start order.”

1 hour later:

He: “Any updates?”

So, can you see the mistake both Fiverr sellers made?

They are pushing me to buy without showing a bit of genuine interest in what I (the buyer) want.

They are spamming me and messaging me to start the order.

When a customer is treated like that, all he sees is a Fiverr Seller trying to make a quick buck. Not someone willing to help.

How could you rely on someone behaving that way?

It’s impossible.

If they only showed a tiny glimpse of caring for my needs as a buyer, they would have made the sale.

Listen to this aspiring Fiverrpreneurs.

If you want to make more sales, start caring more.

Stop focusing on your earnings. Focus on the value you provide to your customers.

When you start doing that, you will start seeing more money flowing into your bank account.

As I said in the Wealth Checklist, the rich know that it’s all about the value you provide.

More value outwards = More money inwards.

Care more.

Listen to your customers.

Don’t be pushy.

Don’t rush to make the sale.

And god damned it, learn how to sell. Pick up a book about sales.

Secrets Of Closing The Sales is an excellent one. There are probably more great books out there. As Tai Lopez says, knowledge is what matters the most.

Acquire knowledge on selling.

Then, you will see that you will make more sales. (And more MONEY!)

Selling without knowing how to sell is like trying to fix a spaceship without any hint of aeronautic engineering.

Trying to get customers without showing you care about their needs is equally irrational.

Simplify your life.

Making money on Fiverr is easy.

All you have to do is to master a couple of the foundations. Like selling.

How can you call yourself a Fiverr Seller if you don’t know how to sell?

Who cares if you don’t know?

Go and LEARN.

Nobody was born with this skill – or any other skill. You can develop it.

All it takes is to get started!

Talk Soon,

Damian Pros

PS: What’s your experience as a Fiverr Seller? Have you ever made this mistake?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them realize the importance of not being pushy when selling!

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Warning Fiverr Sellers: Do You Make This Tragic Mistake? (That Turns Off Your Buyers!)

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