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Fitness Sponsorship By Division Supply: Is It Worth it?

fitness sponsorship

Yesterday I logged in my twitter and saw a reply to one old tweet. Division supply is a company I haven’t heard before until that day, which claims to be a high quality, premium supplement brand. And they offered me a fitness sponsorship! Hooray!

For a moment I was extremely excited that a supplement company has found me, wanted me to represent them and become its brand ambassador. I could say I was flattered.

After this sudden burst of excitement my engineering mind took control. I remembered what a professor in my university has told me once:

“As an engineer you must never believe what anyone says unless you have seen it with your own eyes or done it by yourself. You must always double-check what someone says. Always doubt, be gingery and canny.”

This is by far the most important lesson I have learned from university although it is unrelated with the science behind chemical engineering. However its highly related with the engineering mindset.

Moreover, it’s a tactic that can save you from frauds and give you guidance in the right direction in real life.

How is doubting everything good?

It depends what kind of things you doubt. By doubting everything I don’t mean that you should not believe in anything and anyone. But you should be cautious for the case that someone gives you wrong information.

He might offer false information intentionally to tear you down or benefit from you. He might give you false information without knowing or because he made a mistake that he isn’t aware of.

Of course you don’t want to doubt everyone arround you in a manner of being arrogant or offending people. With that explained let’s return to the point which is Division Supply and its fitness sponsorship.

Is Division Supply’s Fitness Sponsorship Legit?

Division Supply co seems to be trying to follow the steps of Shredz.

For those who don’t know what Shredz is, let’s  say its not only a supplement company. Shredz is a movement that is trying to improve lives. It’s also a fast growing brand in the fitness industry.

Arvin Lal, the company’s CEO along with his partners made it possible to expand Shredz from his house basement to a 10.000 square foot office building and make millions in revenue in just 2 years.

Shredz represents some very popular names in the fitness industry like Paige Hathaway or Joey Swoll and they have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Muscle and Fitness and many other business and fitness magazines.

I haven’t used shredz supplements yet , but for me shredz is totally legit. Their hashtags in instagram (#shredz and #shredzarmy) are in more than a million posts.

What I like about them is the amazing motivational stuff that Arvin Lal uploads in his instagram page. I read his posts every day because they give me inspiration to work harder and harder every single day to achieve my goals.

But let’s get into Division Supply. It seems they want to follow Shredz’s footsteps. To do that they choose less known athletes to become their brand ambassadors and promote their products.

I was curious about the fitness sponsorship they offered so I e-mailed them for extra info. Basically, it’s not an actual sponsorship but something like an affiliate program.

The company-products seem to be legit but they are asking you to buy some of their supplements to become a sponsered athlete.

They offer you a free branded t-shirt and a blender along with an exclusive members  code to get the supplements in a discount.

The “sponsorship” also gives you free supplements for every 3 people who buy their products through you.

Does it sound pretty good till now?

Discount on supplements, free branded t-shirt and free supplements if you recommend the products to your friends. Oh, and you will be a Division Supply Sponsored Athlete. What a nice title!

Unfortunately, this “fitness sponsorship” falls into two serious pitfalls:

1.The only reason you become their athlete is because you spend money to buy their products. Which sponsorship asks you to pay to become sponsored? This is more like an affiliate offer.

2. The supplements are very expensive. They have 3 packages:

The less expensive costs 55$ with the discount (from 85$). It includes only a pre workout, a fat burner or a creatine along with the free t-shirt and blender.

Why would I accept this offer? Optimum Nutrition’s Creatine costs about 10$ and you could get a decent pre-workout for 35$.

Actually if you add the blender and the T-shirt the cost is pretty much the same. But this is only because I have the discount. If I had to suggest this offer to someone else they wouldn’t buy it for 85$.  They could buy more popular supplements with less money.

The same happens for their other 2 packages.

Maybe they offer extremely high quality products that are really expensive but who will trust a new brand that sells its product higher than already established brands?

Maybe people who want to boost their egos by claiming they are Division Supply Athletes. Excuse me but I don’t want to belong in this category. I don’t want to pay to get a fitness sponsorship and call myself a sponsored athlete.

A true sponsorship won’t ask you to spend a dime on products.

Division Supply Is Actually Approaching Tons Of People to Get Their Fitness Sponsorship

After some quick research I found that they are reaching many a lot of people. They ask them to buy their products in exchange for the brand ambassador title.

Actually, it’s a pretty good affiliate offer because it gives you some great benefits like discounts and free gifts. But you can’t call it a fitness sponsorship.

In my opinion sponsorships work this way. You are the company’s sales rep and they give you free products to use, showcase and promote. You don’t have to pay anything.

On the other side Division Supply’s fitness sponsorships gives you the brand ambassador’s title along with an 20% discount that regular customers don’t have.

It seems that they are just trying to sell their products and get their name out there. Otherwise they would never have approached me. I am not a fitness model neither have I the perfect body.

I have developed a nice muscular physique and went from skinny to muscular but that’s it.

In my opinion people who represent supplement companies should have beastly bodies. All the guys that represent Shredz like Arvin Lal, Joey Swoll, Devin Physique are really big.

When saying big I am talking for bodies which touch the Bodybuilder Physique standards. Not the lean and muscular Greek God Physique. To explain you what I mean check the following picture of Joey Swoll and Chris Hemsworth.

fitness sponsorship

Left: Joey Swoll Bodybuilder Physique. Right: Chris Hemswoth Greek God Physique at Thor

Of course guys like Chris Hemsworth could represent supplement companies. However even Chris looks small in front of Joey.

How Is Division Supply Offering Its Fitness Sponsorship?

fitness sponsorship

As you see they are leveraging social media to promote their brand. They use twitter to get in touch with you. Then instagram to maintain contact with their hastags. Division Supply looks like trying follow Shredz’s tactic and try to build their brand through Instagram.

Division Supply tells you that they wants you to inspire other people and share your fitness journey. They want to motivate people and change the fitness industry.

All these are great. I really wish them to achieve what they want.

In their message they say that:“we want to best athletes to represent the best products”. But as it seems they are just contacting whoever lifts for a while. Then they offer him the chance to become their athlete.

Ok, they choose the best among all their athletes in the end. But this method smells unprofessionalismWhen you have the best supplements, you find the best athletes to promote them from the very beginning.

You don’t bother offering a sponsorship to everyone who says “I lift”.

Unfortunately Division Supply just finds people who lift and try to persuade them to buy their products. They let them say they are Division Supply Athletes to boost their ego. As a result they expect their sponsored athletes to promote them to their friends.

No Company Will Give You a Full Fitness Sponsorship Unless You Have a Top-Notch Body

Unless you look like Chris Hemsworth or bigger and leaner there is no way they will put money on you. So if you are not in that level its better to keep your money and invest it in something else.

If you want to buy supplements you can simply buy from well-known and trusted brands for the same price or even cheaper. Buying expensive supplements to get featured as a X, Y or Z brand athlete is not the best investment.

Giving your money just to say you are a brand ambassador, sponsored athlete or any other fancy title is not a good idea.

You are just paying to get it, you don’t get it because you have proved your value.

It’s like believing that having a degree in college, a paper with your name written on it guarantees you a successful life. But it doesn’t.


I don’t think that you should pay to get a fitness sponsorship. As for the Division Supply sponsorship it could be a good deal for buying supplements if their supplements were cheaper.

What are your thoughts on Division Supply fitness sponsorship? Do you believe that it’s ethical to pay to call yourself a sponsored athlete?

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Fitness Sponsorship By Division Supply: Is It Worth it?

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