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Will You Let Your Sense Of Entitlement Limit Your Potential?

sense of entitlement

If your life is not where you want to be, then a possible reason should be that you have adopted an entitlement mentality.

First of all, let’s define entitlement. It’s “the fact of having a right to do, or get something often without putting work to get it.”

A classic example of entitlement mentality is kids asking their parents to give them more money.

Young men today are so incredibly entitled. From 7 year old kids to 25 year old college graduates, they believe that their parents or society “owe them something”.

That could be a good job, money, vacations or whatever.

Here is a story from an amazing book I read that illustrates my point:

That red jacket was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had to have it. This was the first time I felt that consumerist urge: need it, need it, need it. I dug in my pockets. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Sadness followed by determination.

I went around the corner, got my father, and dragged him back to the store. He watched me take down the jacket, zip it up, and turn around, all the time nodding in approval. “Oh, yes, Jerry, that is a gorgeous coat. It looks great on you, too, like it was made for you.”

“Can I get it?” I asked.

“Sure,” he said, “do you have the money?”

“No,” I told him. “Can’t you buy it for me?”

“Oh, no, that’s not how it works,” he said. “You get a job, save your money, then you buy it. Then you’ll enjoy it. Otherwise, it won’t mean anything. You’ll get tired of it in an hour.”

It was the beginning of my life as a working man. I got the jacket, of course, wore it till I lost it, but, by then, the jobs I had taken to buy the jacket had become more important to me than the jacket itself had ever been.

The boy in the story had a false sense of entitlement. He believed his dad should buy him the jacket.

His father decided to teach his son how to be self-reliant, instead of an entitled weakling.

The result?

The boy grew up, became super successful and incredibly rich.

Jerry Weintraub became one of the most famous Hollywood producers. At his time of death, he had a net worth of 325 million dollars.

It all started with this jacket and Jerry ditching his false sense of entitlement.

PS: If you want to check out the book, here is the link.

So, now are you probably able to understand what entitlement is, right?


Let’s move on:

There are 3 categories of people:

  • People who are born having wealthy parents.
  • Others that have parents who can afford just the basics or a little more (middle class).
  • People who were born with completely nothing.

Guys who belong in the second group are most likely to have parents working many hours in a job that isn’t fulfilling.

However, they work even if they hate it to give their children a chance for a better future.

They work unlimited hours and don’t even have time for themselves.

But what’s the point of making money if you don’t enjoy your life?

What’s the point of making money to buy your children’s clothes, expensive iPhones and higher level education if you miss every important point of their lives?

On top of that, giving your children everything only makes your children entitled.

That’s the opposite of what you want them to be.

You want them to be self-reliant.

If they are not, then they will inevitably face:

The Terrible Consequences Of Having A False Sense Of Entitlement

Kids start to believe that they deserve and should be given things without putting effort on their side.

As a result, you see young men and women growing up and still living with their parents at 25, being unemployed or blatantly wasting daddy’s money to get new shoes.

After all, they deserve the new pair of shoes only because they were born.

Parents work more to give their kids more.

The funny thing?

These kids are never happy.

They are so comfortable living under the umbrella of parental safety that don’t put any effort to excel and become self-reliant.

One day, life hits them back so hard.

Parents can no longer supply them with what they need and they can’t survive on their own.

They take on jobs they hate to pay the bills and never find a way out of their rat race.

Only People Who Don’t Have a Sense Of Entitlement Become Successful

Those who belong in the 1st and 3rd category are more likely to be successful and acquire real freedom.

Why is that?

Those who belong in the first category will teach their children the mindset, tools and secrets to become wealthy.

Rich people teach their kids how to get rich.

On the other side those who are in the 3rd category are those who will be forced to write history, completely change their lives and eventually end up in the 1st category.

They will be forced to do so because of the harsh circumstances they encounter.

Haven’t you heard any “from rag to riches” stories?

Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), Roman Abramovich (Chelsea F.C), J.K Rowling (Harry Potter), Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) and countless other people did it.

Sure, many others failed.

Yet, the ones who succeeded are the ones who killed their false sense of entitlement.

When you are born poor, life is not so comfortable for you.

You feel how much your life sucks in the first place. When you can no longer live in poverty, you  do whatever you can to change your life.

You stop believing that the world should give you opportunities in life. You make the opportunities out of nowhere.

On the other hand, people in the 2nd category are so incredibly compromised with what they already have.

They are actually doomed to mediocrity.

They squander their time. They give up on their dreams because “they are not given opportunities”.

When they don’t achieve their goals they believe that it’s because they are unlucky.

They don’t have anything to motivate them.

They just exist. They just breathe and wait the days to go by.

And parents should be blamed for this entitlement mentality. If you are a parent, just do what Jerry’s father did.

Help your kids become self-reliant as soon as possible.

How To Free Yourself From The Entitlement Slavery

You only have to do one thing to stop your false sense of entitlement from ruining your life.

Realize that:

Nobody owes you anything. You are the only one responsible for your own life

Your parents or relatives have no responsibility to pay for all the things you think that you need.

You want something?

Go work for it instead of being a lazy bag of potatoes sitting on the couch all day and expecting others to hand you over the good life.

Instead of whining all time and feeling jealous about what others have, you could better do something to get what you want.

sense of entitlement

Nobody owes you anything because it’s your life, not theirs.

Do you want to keep living your life waiting for others to give you what you want?

You are free to do so.

However, you will be deeply disappointed when your parents will no longer be there helping you.

That’s when you will realize how “hard” life is. And it didn’t have to be hard. But you made it hard.

You have to work your ass off if you want something.


Nobody in this world is obligated to give you anything for free. Not your parents, not your relatives, not your friends, not society.

Your parents may care for you, but you need to be able and take care of yourself.

Being 25+ and asking your parents, friends or relatives for financial support is a big shame.

It’s embarrassing to ask your parents for money in that age. You have to be more responsible for your life!

Sure, parents can be blamed for this entitlement mentality.

But the point is not to throw accusations to who caused this attitude. The point is to change this attitude.

If you can’t change the way your parents think and act, you can change the way you think and act.

But Why Should I Have Poor Parents?

Instead of wishing of having wealthy parents, you should better understand something important.

Most of the things you wish you had are useless rubbish that the modern hyper consuming society promotes you as necessary to live with.

You can live without having the brand new phone which costs $800.

Why should you be wearing clothes worth $300?

Why should you ask your parents to pay for your summer vacation in Mykonos?

Unless your parents are alcoholic, left you when you were 4 years old or something crazy & disgusting like that, the odds say that they care about you!

They try to give you everything because they care about you. Even if this “over-caring behavior” is actually harmful to you- they do it because of love.

They work 16 hours per day so you can have an opportunity for a better future than they had.

Don’t you think it would be fair to give them some respect?

Even if they don’t give you as much pocket-money as you wish. Don’t you think?

And if you want more than your parents give you, start working for it. Visualize what you want. Make plans about how you will get it. Then, execute these plans.

Instead of wishing for more, plan and act to make your desires a reality!

Don’t wait to win the lottery to fulfill your dreams and live like a king. This will never happen and your life will pass away before you even notice.

Do you want to live like a king?

Then do what real kings do: Take responsibility for your kingdom. 

Only then you are going to get the things you want out of life.

Only then you are going to be fulfilled, happy, successful, rich or whatever you want to be.

Talk Soon

-Damian Pros

PS: Do you believe in being self-reliant?

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Will You Let Your Sense Of Entitlement Limit Your Potential?

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