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13 Ways To Earn Extra Money Without Even Leaving Home

 Earn Extra Money From Home

How To Earn Extra Money From Your Home – 13 Money Making Ideas That Work Without Punching a A Time Clock

 Do you want to make some extra chunk without working for someone else? Or do you need money for your next vacation?

No matter why you need more money for, you can earn extra money if you are a little savvy.

Nowadays – with the constant internet and technology expansion – money making resources can be found everywhere – especially on the web.  And if you know where you can make money, nobody is stopping you to go and make some cash – except for yourself.

NOTE: Some of the ideas below can be used to make even a six figure income while others will only give you a few hundred bucks.

Don’t scorn the money you can make from the ideas below because some of them will only give you the opportunity to get some extra pocket-money. The point is to get started.

You need to start somewhere, even if that means starting from 10$ per hour.  And you will gradually learn how to increase your earnings until you are able to make 100$ per hour and then 1000$ per hour.

Now, let’s see 13 ways that can help you earn extra money:

1.Use Your Creativity – Make Money By Making Art

Are you skilled at creating handicrafts like homemade jewelry or decorative objects? Then you can sell your creations at Etsy.com. Simply make an account and show other people what you can create. And if they like it, they will pay you with their hard-earned money.

*Check out this interview of a successful Etsy seller who has sold more than 29.000 T-shirts on Etsy*

Even if you don’t know what you could sell, you can search for ideas using the “search bar” at the top of the site. Another way to find potential ideas is to search for handicrafts in Pinterest.

earn extra money on etsy

Turning a DIY hobby to a business has never been so easy. Some years ago you had to open your own store or go out in the streets and sell your stuff. Now you can sell your art from the comfort of your own home.

Etsy has over 40 categories: from clothing to toys and gifts – you can find or sell literally everything.

Some tips to get started and increase your success rate:

  1. Check out what other people sell (analyzing those who are successful always works). Write down the most profitable etsy shops as well as the ones that are really mind-blowing.

Think how you can improve what they sell or make it more unique. Don’t copy and sell the same stuff. Find how you can make it better, more beautiful etc.

  1. You could start a blog and write about your hobby.

You can use your blog to share tips, ideas, resources and connect with other like-minded people. If you build enough traffic you will be able to promote your Etsy shop and increase your revenue.

2.Make Money Browsing Websites & Speaking To Your Laptop

How easy does this sound?

I know, it sounds easier than stealing candies from a baby. And it doesn’t only sound easy, it’s actually easy. Anyone with a PC and an internet connection could do it right now.

What you do is browsing websites and talking about your experience in an attempt to give the website owners clues on how to improve their websites.

A website’s usability is an extremely important factor when it comes to getting traffic, decreasing bounce rate and obviously increasing profits. And there are hundreds of website owners that will pay you to check their websites and let them know what you think.

Head over to User Testing, download the software and follow the given instructions. You will need about 15’ to register, download-install the software (you will be recording your screen with that) and record a trial video.

When you get accepted you will be able to make 10$ for testing a website. Each test takes about 15-20 minutes.

If you consider that you will be just surfing the internet, it’s not a bad payout. Think about how many hours you have probably wasted on social media.  Better spend the same time to earn extra money.

3.Buy Wholesale And Sell For Profit On Amazon

earn extra money

I have worked with many sellers on amazon and I have seen that most of them do the following:

They buy products at wholesale prices from suppliers in China like Alibaba and Aliexpress. Then they resell these products on amazon for 4x the initial price. After Amazon’s cut, they make a pretty nice profit.

Amazon has a popular program called FBA or “Fulfilled by Amazon”. The potential seller (you) buys products at wholesale from sites like the ones mentioned above and ships them to Amazon.

Amazon takes care of storing and shipping your products to buyers while you make the money. Cool?

Of course – just like I said above – Amazon gets a cut from your profits. But you can still make a nice income.

Honestly, I have never done this, but I am planning to try it in the future. So I can’t give you more details and directions beyond the fact that this opportunity exists.

Whether you will take advantage of it or not, that’s up to you. In my opinion, it could be really profitable.

One client of mine is selling Car Trunk Organizers through FBA.

If you look for trunk organizers on alibaba you will see that their prices range from 1$ to 10$ per piece. On the other hand, you can sell them on amazon from 9$ to 50$ per piece.

My guy was buying them for 4$ and selling them for 19$. I don’t know exactly how much he was making after calculating his expenses and amazon’s cut. But considering that this is only one of the 10+ products he was selling, he must be earning a lot of money.

A logical question here would be: “ Then why don’t we all buy products for dirt cheap at alibaba?”

The answer is that you can only buy big quantities at wholesale price – like 200+ products. I suppose you wouldn’t need 200 car organizers right?

That’s why you go and buy it from amazon.

And yes, you will probably need to invest in 200+ products before making some money. But if you want to make big bucks, that’s something that you will inevitably need to do in the future.

Unless you want to make pennies, you will have to invest some of your money to make more money.

More Resources:

Here is a podcast about a couple making about 100.000$ per year after amazon’s cut and related expenses: Buying Stuff and Selling it on Amazon (For 6-Figures a Year!) with Jessica and Cliff Larrew

4.Get Paid To Write Articles

If you have solid writing skills you could easily sell your writing services online.

This is something that thousands of writers do to make money. And there are websites that can find you clients who will pay for your writing skills.

For instance:

These websites are visited by thousands of people who seek content for their websites. Some of them don’t pay much while others can be used to make a full-time income. It all comes down to how good articles you can write.

I know people who make their living working full-time as writers on these sites. And from my experience, the best one is Upwork. But you could also try the rest of them and see which one fits you better.

earn extra money on upwork

The bright side of writing articles is that you can work at your own pace. You will have deadlines that you must meet but you will have more freedom compared to working at an ordinary job.

On the other hand, if you build a clientele and get some solid positive reviews you will be able to generate income constantly.

5.Get Paid To Write Articles – (Second Revenue Stream)

I am referring to this separately since it’s not exactly the same kind of writing. In websites like Upwork, you need a bit of time to get enough positive feedback to generate some solid income.

On the other hand, there are other websites that pay you a standard amount of money per article. You simply write an article, submit it and get paid with paypal.

You could do that once in a while (maybe once per month)  and this would give you another revenue stream of a few hundred bucks.

These sites are:

1.Listverse: You send a list type article – like the one you are reading now – and if it get’s accepted you get paid 100$. The article should have 10 items and must be at least 1500 words. If you spend two hours writing a 2000 word article you have some solid possibilities to get accepted. And your return on investment would be nice: 50$ per hour.

2.TopTenz: Similar website. It pays 50$ per article. Based on the fact that they post regularly, you have a lot of chances to get accepted.

3.Textbroker: The better your content, the more you can earn. Your content is rated with a  5 star system. If you have a 5 star rating you can make 5 cents per word. This equals to 50$ for a 1000 word article. But you need to be good.

4.A List Apart: This site is a little more selective about their authors. But this explains why they pay 200$ for 1500-2000 word articles. They clearly say that they want quality content. But you don’t need to be the next Stephen Hawking to get accepted. Give it a shot and see what happens.

5.International Living: If you have travelled a lot and have some interesting experiences to share, you can write articles for International Living for 75$ each. Your writing skills don’t matter as much here compared to your travelling experiences.

While these websites won’t make you rich, they can be used to add a few hundred bucks to your bank account once in a while.

6.Get Paid To Share Your Advice & Expertise –Commonly Known As Consulting

If you are knowledgeable about a subject you could definitely get paid by companies or individuals to offer them your services.

While everyone could be a consultant, if you want to make some bucks you really have to

  • Have lots of experience-knowledge on a subject
  • Be passionate to bring results

Think about the areas that you have some expertise in.

Are you a master ninja with computers? Are you up to date on the latest SEO changes and can bring tons of traffic to new websites? Or are you a skilled copywriter who can write sales copy that is persuasive and increases sales revenue?

Whatever your knowledge is, you can take advantage of it.

More Useful Resources:

  1. 10 Growing Niche Markets for Consultants
  2. How To Start A Profitable Consulting Business

7.Work As A Freelancer

What are freelancers? Freelancers are people who make money without being committed to a certain employer for a long period of time.

As a freelancer, you can sell anything from Graphic Design to Internet Marketing. It all comes down to what skills you have.

Popular freelancing websites are


2.Upwork (mentioned above)


You could definitely write articles for people who use these websites like mentioned above, but there is demand for a whole variety of other skills like marketing, copywriting, web design etc.

And last but not least, my lovely fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace where you sell or buy services for 5$. But you can get paid even hundreds of dollars for certain jobs.

Undoubtedly, fiverr attracts buyers that are looking for cheap and low quality services (5$). But there are also respectable sellers that provide quality work. Therefore, characterizing fiverr as a low quality website would be inaccurate.

If you want to start making money on fiverr be sure to check out my guest post on VictorPride.com.

8.Be a Teacher Online

Are you good in Algebra, Maths or Science?

Then you could probably sell your knowledge online to students, using a website called Tutor. Tutor is an online learning platform where you can assist students in studying, test preparation and help them with their homework.

This is great if you are a college student. You could definitely teach about the subjects you are studying in college and make some extra money to cover your expenses.

With Tutor you can make around 9$ per hour and the sign up is free. Definitely not a way to make a big bucks, but you can make enough pocket-money to cover some of your expenses without any need to search for a regular job.

And you can work from the comfort of your home.

9.Make Some Extra Bucks By Taking Pictures

If you like photography, you could try to license images on stock photo sites like Gettyimages.

There are tons of websites that you could sell your images to. And there are tons of websites that are searching for beautiful looking professional images.

If your photos are in demand you can make a respectable amount of extra money.

earn extra money selling photos

Here are some additional websites where you could sell your images to:

  1. iStock Photo
  2. Photo Shelter
  3. Can Stock Photo
  4. Fotolia
  5. Dreamstime

Do you need a professional camera?

It depends. If you are a keen photographer you could probably start just with your phone’s camera and simply enhancing your photo using different filters/programs.

There are many free apps that could let you do that online. Or you could get Photoshop.

10.Promote Other Products Or Services – AKA: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a very good source of “passive income”. The general idea is that you promote someone’s services or product. And you get a commission each time someone buys this service (if he used your affiliate link).

There are many websites that offer affiliate programs. One of the most popular and the one I prefer is Clickbank.

You can make money from affiliate marketing in many ways, but here are the 2 that I have used and worked for me:

The first one is to start a blog in a specific niche – like Photography, Arts, Nutrition etc – and share your knowledge. In your articles, you can promote other products through affiliate links.

The second one is to start an online store, use search engine optimization to rank for a certain keyword, and then sell different kind of items related to the keyword you have ranked for.

For instance, I have found this site after a quick google search.

earn extra money selling gadgets through affiliate marketing

It uses affiliate links to sell different cool gadgets. They don’t have to do anything related to shipping or production of the products. They just promote them. If someone buys something using the links on their website, they make money.

I know that this sounds too good to be true.

Unfortunately, making money isn’t as simple as opening a website and putting in there some affiliate links. It needs more effort than that. I won’t lie to you, it needs work.

In the first case it needs you to write some quality content and build traffic.

In the second case it needs to know how you can optimize your site, get backlinks and rank among the first in google for your target keyword.

But if you stick to it and try to learn how to do this on your own, you could definitely make money through affiliate marketing.

Hint: If you like the concept of affiliate marketing and decide to get into it, here is the most important thing you need to know. Try to promote products & services that you have used yourself. Especially if you have a blog and use affiliate links to promote products.

Promoting crappy products could hurt your brand’s reputation. You don’t want this to happen. And if you promote products that offer no value, why should someone come back and buy again from you?

On the other hand, if you promote something that’s really great and super useful, people will naturally come back to find more products to buy based on your recommendations.

More resources for aspiring affiliate marketers:

  1. Patt Flyn’s Affiliate Marketing Articles & Techniques (scroll down to the end of the post)
  2. Drive Incremental Sales Through Affiliate Marketing

11.Automate Selling Kindle Books

With amazon’s kindle publishing, everyone can become an author! This gives you a huge potential to sell your knowledge and expertise there. Or use your creative site and write fiction books.

In fact, a guy from the Fastlane Forum earned more than 10.000$ per month by self publishing kindle books: check his story here.

And if you are interested in self publishing bookmark the link above and dig into the fastlane forum. There are lots of authors there and you could speed up your money-making progress if you read their advice.

The big disadvantage with kindle publishing is that it has started to become very saturated. More and more people are publishing books there and many of these books are completely useless.

If you want to publish your own books on kindle and make a nice profit you have two options:

  • Write 1-3 killer books that really change lives. Of course, this requires to have a certain life experience and being able to solve a massive problem or improve the lives of other people in a huge degree.
  • I have read about people who do the following: They outsource the writing of their books to writers on sites like Upwork and Elance. They are continuously busting out new titles and selling them on Amazon.

Of course, by following this method you will probably sell pretty average books since a random guy will have written them.

But if you are a savvy marketer, know how to launch your books, build a brand and promote your titles you can make lots of money.

And obviously you will use different pen names. That’s necessary if you want to expand your self publishing business. You can have one pen name for fiction, one for self-help books, one for fitness and health books and so on.

However, you will need to publish lots of books. And you will need to invest some money for expenses like writing the book, cover design etc.

You can make a full-time income from this. There are many people who do it (read the fastlane forum).

Personally, I make a few hundred bucks per month with about 15 titles published under two pen names. Nothing big, but it covers my groceries and gym expenses. And I am fine with that for now.

12.Get Certified

If you are passionate about fitness and have some experience in lifting weights, calisthenics or nutrition you could take your knowledge to the next level and get an appropriate certificate.

This falls under the area of consulting but I didn’t mention it before because it’s a little bit different.

There is a website called ISSA or “International Sports Science Association”. ISSA is offering certificates on several fields like Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Fitness & Nutrition etc.

It’s like attending an online university and getting a fitness related certificate, but faster than normal. ISSA’s programs last up to 4 months and you have to study on their given material and pass exams to get your certificate. Everything costs 500$ though.

But why do I think that it would be worth the money?

Because you could accelerate your learning and improve your fitness knowledge only with 500$. You will probably learn things that you would need years of experience to learn on your own.

And you would also have a nationally accepted certificate to prove your knowledge. ISSA also sets up your own personal website so you can start coaching clients right away.

There is a guy called Joseph Rakich who is an ISSA certified personal trainer. He has about 3 million followers on social media. I suppose that he earns some nice money from his training and nutrition programs.

And you could probably do the same.

Beware, I am not saying that you could simply get a certificate, start a website and then get rich. It’s actually more complicated than that.

But I am recommending this option for those of you who are already into fitness and enjoy working out more than anything. Why don’t turn your hobby into a money-making machine like Joseph?

13.Work At Home Companies

The internet expansion has led to the creation of companies which will hire you to work from your own home.  You are still working for someone else but it’s definitely more flexible than punching the time clock.

Here is a list of websites to check out:


I know that it’s easier to talk about it than doing it, but if you have a desire to make some extra money – or even full-time money – while working from home, you could definitely do it. It takes work, discipline and willpower – but it can be done!

Do you know any other ways to earn extra money working from home? If you have tried any of the above, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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13 Ways To Earn Extra Money Without Even Leaving Home

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