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3 years ago

Doug Censor Martin: The Mindset Of Daring And Conquering

doug censor martin

Who is Doug Censor Martin?

What is “the mindset of daring and conquering”?

How are they related?

Doug Censor Martin or “Faze Censor” is a guy with a channel on YouTube.

He is not your regular guy though. He is a true conqueror. He exhibits all the qualities and mental skills that all winners share.

Which are these?

They are all laid out in this masterpiece:

I am not impressed easily. Doug Censor Martin has made an impression upon me. A very good impression.

I have accepted the fact that I now belong in a different division of people. Doug belongs in this division. This is not discriminating, but the obvious truth.

Here is what I mean:

When I am at home working on my businesses, most people at my age are always out in clubs getting wasted, flooding their nervous system with alcohol, seeking to find another one night stand for a night of instant gratification.

If it’s not a weekend, they have to go to the university. Or they have a job.

When you suggest that you go for a vacation they say “I dunno man, I have university/job. It’s hard for me to leave. Let’s wait for the holidays”.

When you suggest that you go for a trip from Greece to New York or Singapore, they stare at you and politely refuse while trying to look excited about the possibility of going there.

Indeed, they are excited!

However, this excitement will never manifest itself to the real thrill of the trip.

They are chained to their ordinary lives and cannot do anything extraordinary.

Therefore, I really admire people who are not like that.

Doug Censor Martin is certainly not like that. He travelled all the way to Mexico to meet a girl he liked.

Yeah, this is the one.

Eventually he ended up dating her. They might get married one day. Who knows?

The outcome of that relationship does not change what Doug Martin is: a conqueror.

Conquerors blaze their own path in life.

They aspire to do extraordinary things. Like travelling to Mexico just to meet a girl they like. This needs some balls. Especially when that girl is a model and TV personality.

It takes even bigger balls, brains and skills to make her like you back.

Most would fantasize about having a girl that looks as good as Faze Censor’s girlfriend. That’s their problem.

They compromise to only fantasize about having the things they want in life.

They do not take action towards what they want.

When it’s time to take action, fear overtakes them. Then, they come up with a myriad of excuses why they shouldn’t take action.

Eventually, even their ability to dream and fantasize about a better life fade away.

That’s the price you pay when you consistently give up on your dreams.

That’s why I admire guys like like Doug Censor Martin.

They remind me that true conquerors are built, not born.

doug censor martin

I was not born with a bank account that allows me to instantly book a trip to any edge of the world at any moment I want.

Doug Censor Martin was not born with 1.900.000 YouTube subscribers.

Conquerors are built, not made. 

The only people who believe otherwise are those regular guys who have forgotten how to dream and hustle in order to make their dreams something more than a fantasy.

Regular guys whose first reaction on reading this post would be “Faze Censor had the money to travel to Mexico. That’s why he is dating that girl”.

Sure, let me book you a ticket to Mexico or any other country in the world you like. I will pay everything for you. You will just travel there in order to meet a famous model and TV personality.

Problem solved.

  • “Nah, I have to drive 1.30 hours in order to go to my job tomorrow.”
  • Nah, I am too old for doing that sort of stuff”
  • “Nah, I don’t like models. I prefer dating regular girls”

See? Money is not your problem. It has never been. Your problem is your mindset and attitude.

You don’t have “the mindset of daring and conquering”.

What’s that mindset?

It’s the belief that if you set a goal for yourself, there is nothing that’s stopping you from crushing it. That sooner or later, you will have conquered that goal and set yourself up to chase another, even more ambitious one.

The bad thing is that you are bullshitting yourself with excuses to make yourself feel better about all the chances you haven’t taken in your life.

Conquerors take chances, they aren’t afraid of risks.

faze censor martin

Normally, I am not fond of these guys on YouTube who are consistently documenting their personal life.

I can’t even understand how people spend their time watching them.

I guess they are looking for inspiration.

(Or their lives have lost their meaning so they are watching others to keep alive their ability to dream?)

Anyway, I do it too when I discover someone interesting or controversial. Like Tai Lopez for example.

When I first stumbled upon Doug Censor Martin, I knew that he would be worth watching because he exhibited the mindset of daring and conquering.

So, I started watching bits and pieces of his videos.

Here are some cool things I have found about Faze Censor. I do not know to which degree they are true. These are just my conclusions from having watched a few of Doug’s videos.

  • He is a champion in the game Call of Duty.
  • He is part of a Call Of Duty team named “Faze Clan”. Hence why they call him “Faze Censor”.
  • He dates Yanet Garcia, a Mexican TV personality and model.
  • He is around 21 years old just like I am.
  • He has 1.900.000 YT subscribers at the time of this article being written.
  • He has just bought his new house, which is really nice as this video shows.
  • He has a stunning physique. He is sponsored by the fitness company Gymshark.
  • He is also sponsored or promotes an energy drink called GFuel. Seems cool, even though I haven’t used it.
  • He probably makes really good money from his heavily followed YouTube Channel and other endeavors.

Yeah, Doug Censor Martin is certainly a conqueror.

The Mindset of Daring and Conquering is undoubtedly a prevalent component of his success recipe.

Last but not least, I would like to end this article by showing you a little part of one of his latest videos.

It will help you understand why he has achieved what he has achieved.

It will help you understand why I said that “conquerors are built, not born”.

It will also show you the mindset you need in order to reach your goals, and not let yourself become another ordinary drone, following a predetermined path.

This is the video I am talking about, but I only urge you to watch this part because that’s where all the money is: 4.10 – 4.56.

(Note: true conquerors also know that their time is precious and should be spent wisely)

For those who don’t want to watch the video at all or cannot open it for various reasons, I am quoting his words here.

He is talking about when he was younger and competing in Call Of Duty:

I had to be number one. I had to be number one in the world and I said that to my mom.

I said “mom, somebody has to be number oneWhy can’t it be me?”

And that’s right. It was me.

That mindset is a winning mindset.

That’s the mindset of a true conqueror.

That’s the attitude of someone who has internalized the philosophy of “daring and conquering” into his life.

That’s what brings massive success, even if you are only 21 years old.

I don’t know about you, but when I discover another conqueror, I follow them and learn from them.

Thus, I urge you to connect with Doug Censor Martin on his social profiles here:

PS: I have never met Doug Censor. We have never even talked or exchanged a single message so far. I simply shoot him out because he is an interesting young man, encompassing most of the traits that are an integral part of Dare and Conquer.

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Doug Censor Martin (Faze): The Mindset Of Daring And Conquering

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