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Has The World’s #1 Most Dangerous Disease Affected You? (Hint: It’s Not Cancer)

Because if the world’s most dangerous disease affects you, it can have such negative impact on your life, that could be even worse than cancer

You may be wondering: “But how is that possible?”

And that’s the problem.

Most diseases are found one day. On the other hand, this one may affect you for a lifetime, without you even knowing what’s going on!

Let me explain:

My mother asked me the other day: “Do you always work so much?” 

I answered: “What work are you talking about?”

She said: “You are in your room, in front of your computer for so many hours every day”


That’s what she meant!

I told her: “It’s not work, it’s progress

It didn’t make sense to her. I saw her gaze. She was staring at me for a couple of seconds…

I took the car keys, said goodbye and opened the door to leave.

You see, my mother goes to work for 8 hours every day. 8 am to 4 pm. Her parents were farmers, peasants. They worked all day long.

I am not talking about “sitting in the office type of work”. I am talking about hard, exhausting hand-labor.

Even though they did that for their whole lives, they were always poor. That’s a proof that only working hard doesn’t mean anything…

That’s my mother’s definition of work: “Long hours of doing something that is or looks hard and maybe feels unpleasant

That’s the definition of work for most people.

For me, work doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.

You are either building something of value or you are wasting your time doing something else.

You are either a builder, or a time-waster.

Apparently, you should be a builder – not a time-waster.

Isn’t it obvious?

Of course it is.

Yet, most people are not builders. But let’s leave this subject for another day and get back to the topic:

The Worlds #1 Most Dangerous Disease (and how to discover if it has affected you)

My mother thinks that “I work too much”.

I guess that other people who know me would say the same. However, it’s not that I really work so much. It’s all an illusion.

Does it make sense?

Probably not yet, so keep on reading and I will explain.

I do what I do every single day – with no day off – not because I have to. But because I can’t live without doing it.

Even if a genie offered me 400 million dollars, I would keep “working” (to use my mother’s words).

I do the same things even when I am on vacation. I write, read, exercise and practice my dance moves.

Even though I can spend a whole day doing whatever I want and still make some money – there is no way I am going to goof off…

It simply feels terrible

If I don’t do what I do  for only one day, I feel terrible that I missed a day of “work” (to use my mother’s words again).

Do you want to learn why?

Because if that happens, I can feel the sense of remaining stationary.

This sense is the world’s #1 most dangerous disease – and I will tell you why.

I call this the “disease of steadiness” or “the syndrome of no progress”.

Do you know what happens when you remain stationary, when you don’t progress, when you stay the same – even if that’s for only 1 day?

You become a time-waster. You stop learning. You stop moving forward. You start becoming regular, ordinary

Hmm, does it sound really terrible already or not?

Well, it’s not a disease that makes you die physically. But it makes you die mentally and spiritually – for sure.

If that doesn’t sound terrible to you, then I don’t know how I can help you to move forward and not remain stationary…

Maybe I could talk about the symptoms and how it can (and will) impact your life negatively if you let it.

The Symptoms Of The World’s Most Dangerous Disease – IE The Steadiness Disease

worlds most dangerous disease

This plague has affected the majority of people. People you know personally and care about might also be affected.

The really, really bad thing?

It’s contagious.

If you hang around with those who have it, you will end up having it as well – sooner or later.

The attitudes and beliefs of your friends, family and coworkers are contagious. If you spend a lot of time with people who have the disease, you are more prone to being affected…

That’s why the top entrepreneurs choose their company wisely.

So, the symptoms:

#1 Lack Of Money

The majority of people you know always find someone to blame for any kind of financial struggle they face.

Most of the time, those responsible seem to be the Luck Goddess, the Government or the Boss Man.

“If only I won this lotteryI wouldn’t have any financial problemsDon’t I deserve to get a little lucky? boo hoo hoo…”

“I work so hard. I bust my ass off day after day, but these thieves in the government take it all away. Life is so unfair – boo hoo hooo”

“I need a better job. I am always on time, loyal and work harder than my co-workers. Boss Man is insufferable. He doesn’t recognize my hard efforts and doesn’t give me a raise! Boo hoo hoo…”

That’s how you talk when you are affected by the “syndrome of no progress”. 

If you can find yourself talking like that, then I am sorry, but you are probably affected by the world’s most dangerous disease…

The lack of money, or financial debt is usually the outcome of your actions, choices and habits.

When you choose to not progress (even for one day) you set up yourself for failure, lack of money and unbearable financial struggle.

It’s like smoking.

You make the choice to smoke 10 cigars every day. Ten years later, your lungs can’t function properly and you need a surgery to stay alive.

Yes, you can put all the blame on the company that sells the cigars.

After all, its owner came to you, put a gun in front of your head and yelled: “Smoke 10 of my cigars every day or I will kill you!” – right?

Shit, that’s his fault. Not yours.

#2 Lack Of Happiness

Nobody can ever feel truly happy and fulfilled when he remains stationary.

The simplest reason why this happens, is that when you don’t progress, it’s impossible to achieve anything of value.

When you don’t accomplish anything worthwhile, how can you feel happy and fulfilled?

People try to find happiness in money, material possessions or endless sexual satisfaction. But the only thing they discover in the long-run is that they actually feel empty…

They only feed themselves with instant gratification in the form of a paycheck, a new iPhone or a one-night-stand.

When the happiness boost of their action is over (this happens pretty soon), they need more of it to satisfy their hunger. They always need more.

The cure is to stop searching for instant gratification. You can enjoy a more satisfying, deeper feeling of fulfillment when you create something and grow personally.

#3 Lack Of Success

Isn’t it obvious that if you won’t grow personally, you won’t become successful?

I see people dreaming of starting a business or having big plans about their future. When it’s time to put in the work – like reading a book on business and finance – they say they don’t need it.

Then, their business fails miserably.

Even if the business “succeeds”, the success won’t last forever because the world will be constantly changing while they and their business remain stationary.

Apart from that, they could have become 20x more successful if they weren’t affected by the “syndrome of no progress”.

Sooner or later, they will be back to where they started: broke, miserable and unsuccessful.

#4 Lack of Health

Physical or mental.

The lack of money leads to inability to take care of your health the way you should. On the other hand, the lack of personal success and happiness leads to misery and disappointment.

This creates another disease commonly known as “depression”.

When you remain stationary for months or years, everything starts falling apart. Health, relationships, finances.


They are all connected and each of them affects the others.

Most of your problems in these areas start from the “syndrome of no progress”.

If you want to end your problems, avoid being stationary.

How To Overcome / Prevent The World’s Most Dangerous Disease From Ruining Your Life

The cure is dead simple. You simply have to progress every single day.

If you commit yourself to excellence – which can be achieved by becoming better day after – the “syndrome of no progress” won’t have any negative impact on your life whatsoever.

So simple, so overlooked, but not so easy to implement.

The distractions are a lot. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of remaining stationary.

Now that you are aware of it, I really hope you won’t fall into the trap. Sometimes, just being aware of something can make a big difference.

If you are walking and know that there is a deathly trap five steps ahead of you, then you would be a fool to keep walking in the same direction and fall into the trap!

My question is:

Will you be a fool and fall into the trap? Or will you turn right and walk away from it?

Talk Soon,

– Damian Pros

PS: Have you ever been affected by this “dangerous disease”?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to save them from the plague!

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Has The World\'s #1 Most Dangerous Disease Affected You? (Hint: It\'s Not Cancer)

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