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How To Start a Profitable Consulting Business (Without Any Money or Experience)

Imagine an advertising firm in New York City, with offices, equipment & employees.

Very hard to start.

Take a magic wand, and put it in your laptop, like a genie in a bottle.

You instantly have non-existent expenses and unlimited profit potential. A highly profitable consulting business.

This is possible for any service, when you sell it over the internet.

Learning how to sell services online is a game changer.

Here’s one of my service based businesses, that made me $24.257 last month.

The craziest thing about this particular one?

I only work on it for 1-2 hours every month

I know this may sound unattainable, but it’s very easy when you get experience.

I’m going to take this to $100,000 month, then “exit” in a year or so for a payday of a few million dollars. Not bad, for 1-2 hours of work a month, right?

That’s the power of the Digital Consulting Business.

The key to achieving these results is making the following mental shift:

If you sell services online, you’re a consultant.

It doesn’t matter what service you sell. This is a mental shift.

An attorney offering law advice is a law consultant. A WordPress whiz offering website design and optimization is a website consultant. A graphic designer is a graphics consultant and so on and so forth.

Pretty much anyone who doesn’t sell a physical product, but a service, is a consultant.

Of course, this is not 100% accurate, but it’s a necessary mindset to adopt, when you sell services online.

You want to view yourself as an individual with a valuable skillset, who makes his clients’ lives better and easier with his service.

A consultant operates in various ways.

He tells his clients what to do so they can do the work themselves. Other times he does the work for his clients. Or sometimes he does it with them.

Whether you do it for them, with them or tell them how to do it themselves doesn’t matter.

In any of these cases, you have a consulting business.

I’m always asked how I became a millionaire at age 20.

This is it.

My biggest money maker has always been selling services online

  • No suppliers in china.
  • No product research.
  • No delayed shippings.
  • No warehouse storage and product fulfillment
  • No returns or product defects which are not your fault.

Simply sell service for $300, and keep $250 in your pocket.

All your expenses are payment processor commissions (such as Paypal) or some kind of software and website hosting.

If you make it big, and reach the point where you have 10,000 clients like I did with my first consulting firm, you will need staff that you have to pay.

But in general, you don’t need much.

You don’t even need an office anymore, to have a profitable consulting business

I made millions of dollars selling services from my laptop.

Offices? Warehouses? Screw that.

I don’t want to be tied up in one location. The point of money is mobility.

The power to go anywhere you want, anytime you please.

You’re not financially free if you’re stuck in one location.

There are many businessmen who are richer than me, but they don’t have my freedom and mobility.

What’s a 100 million e-commerce business if you’re stuck in Missouri?

But when you sell services online, you can do it from Miami, from Bali, from Dubai or wherever you choose.

All you need to create your own profitable consulting business is a laptop and an internet connection.

Let’s say you charge $300 per order for your service. You only need 4 orders a day to make over $30,000 a month

Who do you know who makes that much money?

With that money you can live at any place in the world and travel as often as you please.

You build that up yourself, from your computer. Then maybe delegate to a small team of 2-3, and your actual work is just 1 hour a day.

Okay okay. I hear you screaming:

“But what services do I sell?”


It’t not what you sell, but how you sell it.

There’s no magic goblet of wealth. 

All that matters is that it IS a service. Why?

Because it gives you three massive advantages that are priceless in the business world:

  • 1. Low Overhead
  • 2. High profitability
  • 3. Hassle free scalability

When you sell a physical product, you have to pay the manufacturer, shipping costs to send the inventory to your warehouse, storage, fulfillment, returns etc etc

A service requires NONE of these, thus making it extremely easy and simple to sell.

You do not have to spend $5000 on inventory, nor do you have to process refunds or do inventory inspections.

You do not have to ship anything and you do not need to store anything.

And because you sell it digitally, it’s EVEN MORE profitable. You don’t need office space, which is how traditional services are sold.

You need nothing but a computer with an internet connection, as far as equipment is concerned.

A digital consulting business is a minimalist business model with maximalist potential.

My 1st profitable consulting business made me $100,000 a month from the services I sold via Fiverr as well as outside of Fiverr (hybrid consulting)

I didn’t even have an office, and all the work was done from my phone/laptop.

All my staff worked remotely, from their own homes, with their own computers. We all enjoyed true location independence and a flexible working schedule (doesn’t mean we didn’t work our asses off).

Most of the lawyers you know don’t make that much money, and I was making it at age 20 working by the pool in my pajamas!

Now you might be thinking that I must have had some extraordinary ability that enabled me to do that, right?

Well, let’s start from the fact that I dropped out of university to pursue this. So, I didn’t have a college diploma, a common expectation for consultants and service providers.

Also, I wasn’t making any money when I dropped out. I lived on $200 a month my parents gave me, slept on a mattress from the trash and did odd jobs for $3 per hour to make ends meet.

I had no special skillset, knowledge, assistance or financial advantage.

To start a profitable consulting firm over the internet, you only need a few basic things.

  • Time to work on it (like on any other business)
  • A laptop/computer
  • Internet
  • Daily dedication on improving your skillset

You don’t need a unique product innovation or a groundbreaking business idea.

That’s a big misconception.

I made my first $1,000,000 by selling copywriting services online on Fiverr.

Now, before you jump on Fiverr to sell copywriting services whilst downloading every PDF ever written on advertising strategies, hold on for a second.

There are Fiverr Sellers making more money than lawyers by selling black magic spells.


Now, I am not saying that you sell black magic spells either. Here’s my point:

It’s not what you sell, but how you sell it.

That’s what Conquering Fiverr shows you.

How to sell any skillset profitably, as well as how to choose the right skillset for your particular circumstances.

Just because I sold copywriting services successfully, it does not mean you should or could do the same.

What I want you to take is the general idea from this. Understand why selling services digitally is superior to every other business model in existence.

Then start selling your own service.

Starting your own profitable consulting firm is easy, when you do it over the internet.

It’s even easier, when you use Fiverr as your launchpad, by cleverly and ethically “stealing” their traffic, infrastructure and customer based (more about that later).

Anyone can do it. You simply find a skill, practice it, and monetize it. It’s easy.

Old readers of D&C know that the easiest way to make money online is selling services on Fiverr

  • Millions of customers
  • No need for ads or buying traffic
  • Clients handed to you on a silver platter.
  • Ready infrastructure
  • Payment processing
  • Fast site, support etc
  • No money needed to start

If you’re interested in learning exactly how to do this, you may read this free guide I wrote.

Or you could check out, Conquering Fiverr, my program which shows you exactly how I made my first million selling services online.

Without any experience or money to start with, a total beginner could make 6 or 7 figures a year.

This little program blows $2000 courses out of the water

You will learn how to make $100,000+ a year from a digital business, by selling services. No prior experience needed. Without any money. From your computer.

You’re your own boss. You set your own hours.

Expect freaking hard work, but also prepare storage for big stacks of cash.

Until next time, keep daring and conquering.

Your man

Damian Prosalendis

Make Moves, Not Excuses

Stack Cash and Kick Ass

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How To Start a Profitable Consulting Business (Without Any Money or Experience)

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