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Why Confidence Building Is So Damn Easy If You Do It The Right Way

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How to REALLY Build Self Confidence – No Confidence Hacks, No 37 Tricks to Build Confidence

 Everybody in this world wants to be and feel more confident. Confidence building is essential because when it’s done the right way it makes us feel unbroken, unbeatable.

Is self-confidence the key to success?

Maybe. So many people want the key. But not so many can open the door because they don’t have it.

I am sure you have wondered how you can have it for a long time.

How can you boost your confidence building process? Is there any way to naturally become confident? Or is self-confidence a feeling that only gifted people have? Can confident be achieved fast by using “hacks”?

The answer:

How Confidence Is Developed: The Real Way

Imagine a time in your past when you bought a brand new t-shirt, a stylish parka or a pair of amazing shoes.

How did that make you feel? Didn’t you want to go out and show others what you have?

I am sure you did. That was a feeling of confidence. It also happens when you have bought a new car or motorcycle. If you had experienced any of these, try to remember that feeling of superiority.

You were feeling powerful like a king. Successful like a millionaire.

Wow!! It’s such a great feeling…but you may also noticed that this feeling went away after a while.

That’s because material objects can’t build long-lasting confidence. They can only boost your self-esteem for a while. But after some time passes, you will feel completely normal again.

Confidence Building Is The Outcome Of Your Hard Work & Accomplishments

Many people say that confidence comes from within. No! Self confidence isn’t a gift that only certain people have.

Do you know when you are confident?

When you know you are the best. When you know that you have skills, abilities and knowledge that no one other has.

building confidence

Why do you think models and good-looking actors act and look confident?

Because they have developed an impressive style and physique. Or because they have earned a lot of money. All these accomplishments boost their confidence.

Do you want to be confident all the time?

Then start building your confidence from the ground up.

Build something that will last in time, something that’s a product of your hard work. Not something, temporary like the confidence coming from the joy of buying a new Porsche.

A Porsche or any other fancy car is just a toy to play with – assuming that you don’t need it to go to work – it’s something that can attract girls or give you more status and prestige.

The status, the prestige and the girls you are attracting make you feel confident but this feeling won’t probably last much.

After a while, you will become bored of your car. It will have become another part of your life’s routine. It doesn’t feel unique anymore, does it?

Think about the last time you bought something that made you feel really excited – no matter what that thing was. Say a car, house, new phone, clothing or whatever.

Didn’t you notice that it became another ordinary thing after some time of continuous usage?

How excited are you about the new iPhone you bought 6 months ago? Not so much. But 6 months ago you were really excited about it!

Now that feeling is gone.

Confidence that comes from buying inanimate objects doesn’t last. It’s just temporary.

If you want long-lasting confidence, then you have to start accomplishing things in your life. And this must happen on a constant basis.

As long as you keep hustling and dominating your goals you will see that you will be developing confidence. You will start feeling more certain about your skills, knowledge and believe in your potential.

That’s how you can feel confident and powerful all the time. Due to your accomplishments. Not because of a new luxury car.

I am not saying that buying a luxury car is bad – but when it comes to building confidence you have to focus on improving yourself and crushing your goals.

But how can you build confidence practically? How can I take this information and apply it to my life so I can be more confident?

I am glad you asked.

Here are three things you can do to boost your confidence. If you do these any of these three – or all of them – for a prolonged period of time you will notice that your confidence levels will skyrocket.

And when speaking about long periods of time I am not talking about 2-3 months. I am talking about 1+ year.

No, there are no confident hacks that will boost your confidence in one fucking week or month.

The hard truth is you need time to accomplish remarkable things. Even 1 year isn’t enough to become remarkable, but it’s enough to make radical changes in your life and build your confidence from zero to a decent level.

If you were looking for confidence hacks to become an alpha male in 48 hours, then I am sorry for disappointing you.

Forget about confidence tricks, hacks and tips.

This is what you need to do, but it will need time. If you do it consistently, you will become confident. Simple as that. Let’s get into it:

3 Ways To Boost Your Confidence Building Process Right Now

1.Build A Stunning Physique

If you are a man, a well trained body with muscular arms, strong wide back, huge chest and powerful legs will make you feel like a superhuman in front of other weaklings.

If you are a woman with sleek legs, tight abs and a sexy butt without cellulite you will be feeling 100x better than other women.

Working on your body will build your confidence. Personally, I don’t know any insecure, low-confident human being with amazing physique.

Building an amazing body goes along with generating confidence and superiority.

2. Develop Your Skills

Are you a doctor? A lawyer? A professional football player?

It doesn’t matter.  Develop your skills and try to become the best in your field. Or try to belong in the élite. That’s how you will separate yourself from the other people who don’t have the strength to work on themselves.

Work to be the best and as a result of your hard work and commitment to your goals, you will see something magical happening.

And it’s called confidence.

The better you become, the more confident you will be in the particular area you are trying to become better. But rest assured that this will also impact other areas of your life in a positive way.

3.Acquire As Much Knowledge As You Can

How can you do that?

Start reading and learning from successful people and people who became rich. If reading books sounds boring to you then you should think about it again.

Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have.

Silvester Stallone has said that “big muscles can move rocks, but a strong mind can move mountains”.

Do you want to feel more confident?

Then start reading a book every single day for 1 hour at least. Do you know what will happen after a while?

You will know things that other people don’t.

Not only you will feel smarter but you will also be smarter. Most people never read books after finishing college. This will give you an incredible handicap against them.

And a huge natural confidence booster.

how to build confidence


Confidence building shouldn’t be complicated. It’s simple, but that doesn’t mean that it can happen instantaneously.

As everything in life that is valuable, confidence building will take its time.

But if you are continuously trying to become better every single day and commit to that effort of self-improvement, then you will notice your confidence levels increasing.

Is it worth the effort?

Definitely yes!

Will you do it consistently for enough time before you reap the rewards?

That’s up to you my friend.

Talk Soon

-Damian Pros

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Why Confidence Building Is So Damn Easy If You Do It The Right Way

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