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Check Out Greg O’Gallagher & Kinobody – Probably The Best Fitness Blog I Have Ever Found

A couple of months ago I stumbled across a fitness website named Kinobody.com

I don’t remember how I got there – it was probably from some Google Search.

This site was different from any other Fitness site I have ever seen and I was intrigued to read more.

What really drew me to Kinobody was the fact that it challenged my way of thinking.

And I really like whatever challenges the conventional way of thinking, because that’s a way to learn more, progress in life and ultimately: become a winner.

I don’t necessarily accept anything that challenges the conventional, but I listen to different perspectives and do my own due diligence before believing anything.

Either way, one thing that Greg O’Gallagher – founder of Kinobody – strongly recommends on his website is intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast.

That really trickled my attention because I always believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Because that’s what every average person says, even if he has no knowledge of physiology, fitness or nutrition.

That’s why you shouldn’t get advice from random people who don’t have any theoretical AND practical experience on a given subject.

Anyway, Kinobody seemed really interesting and I decided to check out Greg’s YouTube channel as well.

What really made a lasting impression on me was a video named “Kinobody Training – Strength and Aesthetics”.

As you will see, Greg isn’t too bulky, but has an attractive, model-like physique that’s proportionate, muscular, lean and strong as well…

When I saw Greg lifting even MORE than guys who seem to be more muscular and buffy than him, I thought that Kinobody Training deserved to be given a try.

I don’t read many blogs because honestly: most of them are trash…

There are a few great ones though, and Kinobody is one of them.

After a few weeks of reading through Greg’s articles I started putting  into action everything I learned from Kinobody.

I describe the results of following intermittent fasting in this post (which also ranks #2 in Google for some search terms and is on the 1st page for 5-10 more).

After that, I decided to get some of Greg’s books to see what’s going on with them. I thought that if his free stuff was so amazing, then his books might also be really great!

My primary interest at this time was to reduce my body fat, so I picked his book Aggresive Fat Loss.

The result?

I managed to lose fat effortlessly and went from 189 pounds to 174 pounds in about 3 months while also eating really ENORMOUS meals.

Greg said that this would happen, but I couldn’t believe it until I experienced it!

greg o'gallagher

I could also eat fast food, sweets and ice creams whenever I please even though I was cutting!

greg o'gallagher

And the best part of the whole story was that I actually saw my body fat going lower and lower day after day.

greg o galagher kinobody

I have never had seen visible abdominals since I started exercising.

Even before, I didn’t have such definition.

And it was all after following Aggresive Fat Loss, which I can say is pretty effective and enjoyable – unlike most “diets”.

UPDATE 26.01.16: I just saw this amazing transformation about a guy who lost 110 fucking pounds on AFL. I am blown away.

After these three months of cutting I decided that it was the time to pack on muscle once again.

But, what I have most struggled with in the past, was gaining muscle without putting in much fat…

I guess most people have this problem when trying to build muscle.

Again, I started reading Greg’s articles on building muscle.

Greg suggested using Reverse Pyramid Training along with Intermittent Fasting for maximized muscle building and minimized fat gain.

I always wanted the physique of a superhero and really enjoyed movies like the Avengers, because all the guys in this movie are beasts!

Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt & Jeremy Renner have all great bodies with Hemsworth and Evans being the best I think.

chris hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth’s Beach Body

So I picked up Greg’s program called Superhero Bulking to see if that was also as great as AFL.

One profound difference I experienced while following the Superhero plan was that I managed to do 5-6 weighted pull ups with 30 pounds / 13.75 kg plus my bodyweight.

That was only after one and a half month.

So I actually increased my strength a lot, considering that I could barely do only 7-8 pull ups before – in my first set.

greg o galagher

Also, I managed to go back from 78 kg (171 lbs) to 86 kg (189 lbs) from September to December (2015), increase all my major lifts and gain some muscle.

I want to go to 92 kg (202 lbs) until March and then cut down to 86 kg (189 lbs) until the end of June.

I will keep following the Superhero Bulk until March and I will definitely hit my goal of 92kg (202 lbs) while also get a lot stronger.

Pour Conclure

I highly recommend checking out Kinobody.com.

It’s an incredible website, maybe the best Fitness website I have ever read – and definitely one of the best websites in the world.

Its founder, Greg O’Gallagher isn’t another self-proclaimed fitness guru, but an 24-year old guy with real experience in fitness and a philosophy that certainly gets results.

By the way, he has just posted this awesome video that resembles the Kinobody Lifestyle & Philosophy. Check this out too, it’s remarkable.


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Check Out Greg O\'Gallagher & Kinobody – Probably The Best Fitness Blog I Have Ever Found

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