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Changing Your Life: 3 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Get Closer To The Top

changing your life

Changing Your Life Is a Matter Of Doing These Three Things

 Is there something in your life that you want to change?

Are you facing a situation that you would like to be different? Like poverty? Or continuous failures?

Is there something that disappoints you but doesn’t change no matter how hard you try?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are probably doing something wrong. And you might don’t even know what you are doing wrong.

It’s not easy to spot what you are doing wrong, but it’s incredibly easy to spot what you are doing regularly.

That’s the key to understand what you are doing wrong. To realize how your daily habits impact your life.

If something in your life is not like you want it to be, then what you do regularly makes changing your life impossible.

For example:

Let’s say you want to become a professional guitar player.

You pay someone to teach you guitar. Yet, after two years you are not good enough to play at a professional level. There is too much competition.

But why didn’t you make it? You paid that teacher with your hard earned-money and never missed a lesson.

But what did you do with the rest of your time?

Did you practiced alone at home for 5+ hours per day? Or did you spend your time watching TV at noon and going out at night?

What did you do regularly?

If you are not where you want to be – and if you don’t see continuous progress after certain time periods – like 6 months or a year, then you do something wrong.

And the easiest way to find what you did wrong in the past, is to think about what you did regularly!

Did you regularly go out for coffee? Or did you regularly invest in yourself to become a millionaire?

Consistency is The One Of The Biggest Powers in The World

That’s what shapes your life and makes it the way it is.

If you are not living the life you want to live – or if you are not moving closer to that life every day – then what you do consistently doesn’t help to reach your destination.

What should you do?

You should start doing things differently.

If you want to have different results, then you start doing things differently.

It’s not possible to do things the same way over and over and have different results.

You have to change what you do regularly.

When you do that, you will see things changing. It might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but it will become easier in the process.

That’s another indicator that things don’t go right. If you don’t feel a little uncomfortable, then you are not progressing as much as you could.

[bctt tweet=”When everything gets too comfortable, that’s the point where progress stops.”]

You have to change the way you do things to start progressing again.

When a situation is too comfortable and easy, it’s impossible for growth to occur – whether that growth is physical or mental.

Those of you who exercise know this well.

If you go into the gym and use incredibly light weights, rest 5 minutes between sets and don’t sweat at all – you will have just finished a comfortable, relaxing workout session.

But if you go there and push as hard as you can until your body can’t move without feeling pain, then you know that it will inevitably grow.

It’s the discomfort that you feel when you are reaching your physical limits that forces you to grow. If your workout is too comfortable that you don’t sweat at all – you won’t grow.

This applies to everything.

For instance, I have been dancing for about 1.5 years. I have come to a point where I am one of the best dancers in my local dance school.

One year ago, I entered the class feeling incredibly uncomfortable when executing the choreography. It felt really difficult. Now, I can easily grasp the moves and execute them really well.

That discomfort forced me to grow. I stepped up outside of my comfort zone and that’s why I became better. How do I know?

They asked me to perform two small solos in the previous summer show.They wouldn’t have done that if I hadn’t progressed a lot.

But now, there is no benefit for me to continue going to the same dance school. I feel their classes are too easy.

I enrolled in another dance school and took the most advanced classes.

When I did my first class one week ago, I felt uncomfortable again. But that made me smile because I knew it will lead to PROGRESS!

I have raised my standards. The sign that I feel uncomfortable shows me that I can grow as a dancer there.

When I reach the point that I will feel incredibly comfortable again, then I will have to raise the bar one more time. I will have to go somewhere where learning will be difficult again. Maybe in USA, UK or Japan.

That’s how you are constantly improving yourself and changing your life. You have to constantly set up new standards and step out of your comfort zone.

If what you do feels too comfortable and easy, stop it. Raise your standards and do something more difficult. And you will inevitably grow.

You Can’t Do The Same Things If You Want Different Results 

I have a friend who decided to get a dog.

The little puppy was a really aggressive chewer even if it was a small breed dog. He chewed everything in the house. Furnitures, pillows, shoes etc – literally everything.

He was jumping on the bed during the night and wanted to sleep there.

He cried when his owner was leaving the house. The entire block of flats could hear the dog barking and crying because the little dog couldn’t stay without his owner.

Why was that happening?

Of course, because of the owner. He should have spent time to teach his dog how to behave properly. Yet, he never spent any time to teach his dog even the most basic things like potty training.

Everyday, he returned home in the afternoon and his living room was a giant, awful mess full of dog poop.

What did he do? He went mad and yelled at his puppy like he talked to a human.

How the fuck should the dog understand what he wanted? If a chinese man comes and screams in front of me, I wouldn’t understand a single word.

I told my friend:.

“X, you see that what you do doesn’t work –  you must do things differently – otherwise your dog will destroy your house”

“What do you mean differently?”

“Dedicate one hour per day to teach your dog how to behave properly. Watch YouTube videos and read blogs on the subject. Go to the bookstore and buy a book on dog training”

Now his dog doesn’t destroy his furnitures. He doesn’t cry much when he leaves and obeys to his orders.

All that happened when he started doing things differently.

To Sum Up: Conclusion

I want my articles to be practical for you and have some key takeaways that you can easily remember and apply in your life. From now on, I will write these takeaways in the end of each article.

For this article, here is what’s important to remember:

  1. If you want different results, you have to do things in a different way.
  2. To discover what you are doing wrong, think about what you do regularly.
  3. Feeling uncomfortable usually means that you are progressing and changing your life. When what you do is too easy, you stay static. Discomfort is what initiates progress.

That’s all for today.

Talk Soon,

~Damian Pros

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Changing Your Life: 3 Suprisingly Effective Ways To Get Closer To The Top

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