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4 years ago

Business In Dubai: 8 Life Lessons For Young & Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Let’s say that you wanted to be so rich that you couldn’t possibly spend your money in 10 lifetimes.

Let’s say that already had the financial freedom to live wherever you want.

And let’s assume that you are wild and ambitious or maybe young, wild and ambitious.

Where would you go to do business?

Dubai, of course.

Probably the largest financial and business center of the 21st century. The city of dreams and gold. The city where everything is possible.

As you had seen in my recent Instagram Uploads, that’s exactly where I decided to go.

living business in dubai

Life in Dubai is fantastic, except for the warmth. It’s really hot outside, but it’s August and the heat is even more amplified.

Overall, it’s manageable once you get acclimated to the environment. It’s also counterbalanced by the massive air-conditioning in all metro stations as well as in the Malls (Dubai has several) and indoor spaces.

Business in Dubai is a whole other level, as you have to keep up with the big leagues.

You are no longer in an average city or an average environment.

You either go big or go home.

You are now swimming with the sharks.

And from the 8 lessons I learned from living and doing business in Dubai, the first one is the most astonishing, wow-inspiring and motivational one:

1. You Can Never Be “Rich Enough” – Always By Thirsty For More

One thing that really made an impression upon me, is that dozens of skyscrapers are built by a company named EMAAR.

The same company that built Burj Khalifa, the highest skyscraper in the world.

I don’t know who owns the company, but I am sure they could fill that rooftop pool with cash and then go swim inside of it.

A sort of what Scrooge McDuck did every day in his enormous treasury.

So many people think that they can never be that rich, but that’s a truth and a lie at a same time.

It’s a truth, because you will never be that rich if you follow the conventional path that most people follow.

It’s a lie because you could be that rich, if you started believing that you can and if you did what it takes to get there.

But why isn’t everybody rich, if it is so simple?

Well, not everybody is doing it, even if it’s simple. But you could do it.

It takes courage, sacrifices, delayed pleasure and more stuff that ordinary people are not willing to offer. If you are reading Dare and Conquer, you most likely have what it takes, or you can develop what you don’t have.

Now, regardless of how rapidly your wealth increases, you will see that you will never be rich enough.

Just go to Burj Al Arab, the world’s only 7-star hotel, and you will see what I mean.

There are dozens of millionaires in the United Arab Emirates, but Burj Al Arab also attracts outsiders due to its glamorous and luxurious architecture.

Once you surround yourself with people far richer than you, then you start realizing that you can always be making much more money than you do now.

2. Your Workplace Hugely Affects Your Productivity

I have the simplest taste in the world. I am only satisfied with the best. Oscar Wilde, you were in my head.

A photo posted by Entrepreneur?Travel✈️Inspire? (@damianprosofficial) on

Waking up to that fantastic view, every day makes me feel like a million bucks.

It inspires me to be 140% focused and take on the world by the horns. Every morning, I quickly dress up (clothing also affects your attitude), stare outside for a couple of minutes to do some visualization exercises, and then I am ready for business.

I noticed a huge increase in the amount of productive work I do, and a huge decrease in lost time.

Changing your environment can change your life. Indeed.

3. The Path Of Success Is One That You Travel Alone

The distance between your dreams and really is called: ACTION. Sand boarding is freaking awesome! ⛱? #GoPro @gopro

A photo posted by Entrepreneur?Travel✈️Inspire? (@damianprosofficial) on

Wolves and hyenas go in packs because that increases their chances for survival.

Even stronger animals, like gorillas and lions go in packs.

Dragons do not go in packs. At least, they wouldn’t, if they existed.  They wouldn’t need a pack to survive, as they are powerful enough on their own.

They go solo.

Succeeding in life is acting like a dragon. You have to go solo. You have to follow your own path, regardless of who or what you leave behind.

Not everybody will have the courage or tenacity to come along with you.

And you shouldn’t expect anyone to do that. If you want to truly become great, you have to make peace with growing on your own.

Eliminate distractions and additional burden. Go solo.

4. Go Straight To The Top, And It Will Pay Off Big

When everything seems hard for you, just think of the view from the top. ? #GoPro @GoPro

A photo posted by Entrepreneur?Travel✈️Inspire? (@damianprosofficial) on

So many people make the massive mistake of settling for less than they could accomplish.

Do not settle for less.

Go straight to the top and never strive for anything less than that.

Once you open your mind to what’s possible, you will be enjoying the greatest view in the world.

5. Designing Your Own Future Is More Than Possible (Nowadays)

Designing the future… ? #GoPro @gopro

A photo posted by Entrepreneur?Travel✈️Inspire? (@damianprosofficial) on

I am a 20 year old kid, owning my own company and travelling around without giving a shit about what others expected me to do.

A while ago, I was a waiter, getting paid for 2E an hour to work night shifts and run up and down at a physically demanding job.

Living and doing business in Dubai for me would maybe mean 10 summers of working,  7 days a week,  for 12 hours a day.

Thanks to some mentors, the internet, computers, technology and a couple of books, I’ve been able to change my life around.

There are massive opportunities available today, for all of you, at any corner of the world. If you can’t see them, then you are blind and I am sorry.

Listen to this and open your eyes.

6. Extraordinary Achievements Take Extraordinary Commitment

1.2 billion, thousands of people and 6 years. That it took to create the highest building in the world.

A photo posted by Entrepreneur?Travel✈️Inspire? (@damianprosofficial) on

People complain about their shitty life all the time. When it comes the time to do what’s necessary to change their lives, they find a myriad of excuses to keep living in their miserable status quo.

It takes extraordinary commitment to achieve extraordinary things.

The tallest building in the world (as of now) wasn’t built in a day, not even in a year. It had taken 6 years until it was finished.

Apart from the time invested, it took massive resources, planning and 365 days a year progress.

If you want to achieve something truly impressive, you have to be willing to commit yourself to the utmost.

And give it all you’ve got.

7. Experiences Are Well Worth Any Investment

I hate cheapskates.

You know, the people who might obsess over a few bucks when it comes to important things. But will spend their money frivolously on stupid things.

Kind of the type of person who is not willing to invest $20 extra to buy a book, but pays $200 extra to drive a nicer car.

Or the person that does not spend anything, but tries to save every penny for a well-planned retirement at 65, so they can die at 67.

All kinds of cheapskates avoid spending some extra money to have an experience that will be remembered.

The “Meet a Dolphin” experience at the Aquadventure Water Park in Atlantis The Palm offered you two options.

Shallow water and deep water. The deep water also included more time with the dolphin, spins, touching and a fast final ride!

Out of the 20 people in the group, only my girlfriend and I went for the deep water.

(It wasn’t dangerous at all, you would wear a life vest, there were two trainers with you and a lifeguard)

The price difference was just 70E, but 18 out of 20 were not willing to pay that extra for a more unique experience.

Believe me, grasping a dolphin’s flippers, and letting it carry you while it’s swimming was an absolute thrill!

I would pay 3x that amount to have another ride. Most cheapskates deprive themselves of having a unique experience, just to save a few dollars.

Not a really great way to live your life.

8. Be Proactive, Not Reactive

We visited a neighborhood called “Al Karama”, that’s known for selling famous brand clothing and accessories at ridiculous prices.

The Karama Market is an open street mall and many shops might be crossing the lines of what’s legal.

As soon as we got out of the Metro, a thin Arab approached me and suggested that he would walk us to his nearby shop to see some bags and watches at very special prices.

Once we went to the shop, a very friendly friend of him was inside.

He showed us some bags, but said that he had to go bring the watches. The watches came hidden in plastic storage boxes, enveloped in non transparent plastic bags.

While they seemed genuine, we only wanted to see and not buy, but we were curious about knowing the price.

They were reluctant to tell us the price of each item, until we have chosen the specific items we wanted.

(That’s a good manipulation strategy called “commitment/consistency bias”. Once you choose something and commit, you are more inclined to buy it. That’s why they also asked us to wait until they bring the watches and some other bags.)

However, there were three things that triggered my red alert and made me wanted to leave.

  1. Six different people came in and out of the store during the time we were in. They were not shoppers, but “partners” or “owners” of “the shop”. That was too much for a little shop that only had two customers in.
  2. They friendly guy told me that they had to hide most watches and bags elsewhere to avoid paying penalty. The shop or the items were probably illegal.
  3. I didn’t see any machine to pay via credit card, so assumed that a shop like that would only take cash.

I threw an excuse that I didn’t have cash and said I would have to go to an ATM.

But they wouldn’t let us leave without buying!

They sent the first guy who approached us in the beginning to take us to a nearby ATM and walk us back to the store to buy. We didn’t ask for it, and they wouldn’t accept leaving the store without buying first.

Now, things have gone complicated as this wasn’t normal and it could escalate in a bad way.

I decided to temporarily go with the flow and follow the thin guy to the ATM, that was situated next to the metro station where we came from.

When we were approaching the ATM, I unexpectedly told him goodbye, grabbed my girlfriend’s hand and started walking towards the metro station’s entrance. That rendered him unable to do or say anything.

Yet, I did it in a friendly, non-arrogant manner, smiled and told him we might come back later. But he knew that we wouldn’t.

The bottom line is that my girlfriend wanted us to go outside again and just go to another store.

I saw the thin guy waiting at the metro station’s entrance though.  (That son of a bitch!)

So, instead of going out and putting ourselves in a potentially dangerous situation, I decided that we leave the Al Karama Market and go somewhere else.

I could have gone out and reacted to the situation, if something bad happened.

I have many years of experience in martial arts, and I am bigger and stronger than most of the guys there. I am no Bruce Lee, but I could beat the ass of an average person.

Instead of playing the badass man, I thought it would be smarter to be proactive and just leave.

Moral of the story?

Be proactive and always think steps ahead of the game to eliminate mistakes and potential dangers, as opposed to reacting to them when they occur.

As my martial arts teacher said to me: “the best way to win a dangerous battle is to never give one”

That’s all for today guys.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram & Twitter, now that I still have some time to interact and offer insights over there. In the near future, you won’t be able to approach me in social media.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring And Conquering,

Damian Pros

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Business In Dubai: 8 Life Lessons For Young & Ambitious Entrepreneurs

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