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Building Self Confidence Is Easy Even If Your Genes Suck

building self confidence

How To Build Self Confidence, Become Attractive & Overcome Your Genetic Limitations

If you think you are not genetically favored in being handsome you don’t have anything to feel disadvantaged and worried about. Building self confidence isn’t a privilege that only people with great genes have.

Everyone can learn how to build self confidence and use this confidence to succeed in life, get a lot of women or make a lot of money.

How Is That Possible?

The problem lies mostly in your state of mind and your internal beliefs about how you should look to be considered good-looking.

Let’s look at two of the most common things that affect self confidence in men which are:

  1. Height
  2. Hair

Being short, bald or both can be a hard pain in the ass stomach for every man.

That’s because the nature of these two characteristics is determined by our genes and there is nothing (or little) that can be done to change them.

When you reach your last level of body development you have acquired a certain height. This will follow you for the rest of your life. It can’t be changed.

Regarding hair, the problem lies in a hereditary disease known as “male pattern baldness” or “androgenetic alopecia”.

Men typically suffer from hairline recession mostly in the areas of the temples and vertex. Until today there is no way to cure this disease except hair transplant and usage of some hair treatments like minoxidil.

Depending on the person, baldness can be reversed in a certain degree with continuous hair transplants and daily usage of minoxidil and  other treatments.

But if you want to heal it properly, you will probably need thousands of dollars.

You will also face lot of disappointment, frustration and lack of self-esteem in the progress. That’s why it’s important to focus on other things before.

How Building Self Confidence Is Possible, Even If Your Genes Suck.

These “bad genetics” of yours can make you feel inferior. You develop an inferiority syndrome, they destroy your confidence and ruin your social life. Horrible… I know.

But this will happen only if you let them affect you in this way.

Your bad genes ar not so important as you might believe. If you want you can be bald and look great or you can be short and extremely attractive.

It all has to do with your mindset and beliefs.

First of all you have to understand that it’s what you were given (even it wasn’t your choice), accept it, embrace it and learn to respect and love yourself the way you are.

After that you should focus in developing other areas of your life that the most don’t care to develop. This is how you become SPECIAL and stand out from the crowd.

You can develop traits that others will never have. What you think of a problem is actually a gift.


Because it will give you the motive to improve yourself in other areas of your life and develop skills that other guys don’t have.

When it comes to physical appearance and being attractive to women (that’s what you want, don’t lie to me) it goes somehow like this:

  1. 50% personality
  2. 20% dress style(clothes, cleanliness, grooming)
  3. 15% fitness and body condition
  4. 14% body language
  5. 1% hair, height or whatever you think that your disadvantage is.

Find a man that combines all the first four characteristics and he will tell you the same thing.

What you consider as a disadvantage actually matters only for 1%…!!!

Maybe even less.

You shouldn’t build your confidence based only on that. Because YOU build your confidence. Confidence is self created. It stems from the way you feel about yourself. It stems from your own thoughts.

If you think you are a bald egg head you will experience analogous feelings. These feelings will totally transform the way you view life in a negative way but only if you let them.

Really, genetic disadvantages like lack of hair or height matter only for 1%. Work to build the rest 99% and you will definitely be confident, successful and sexually attractive.

building self confidence

But when you tell your mind to focus on the 1% that you don’t have, you ignore the rest 99% of your potential.

Stop being one-dimensional and start looking the world with a different perspective.

Are you short? It is a fucking gift!

Are you bald? It is a fucking gift!

You can use it as a gift. I won’t lie to you, it is difficult. But it can be done. You can use this “disadvantage” to develop traits that others will never have.

It’s up to you if you decide to use it as a gift or continue whining about your bad genetics and how unfair life was with you.

Now it’s time for the common excuses:

  • What is wrong with my personality man? I am just myself.
  • I don’t have money to spend on stylish clothes or I don’t know how to dress properly.
  • I don’t have money to pay for a gym & expensive supplements to build my body. I don’t know how.
  • What the fuck is body language? Why should I care about that?

Excuse 1: Destroyed

There is nothing wrong with being “yourself”. What is wrong is not seeking continuous progress in every area of your life.

Living without a purpose is wrong. Being stuck in mediocrity and not seeking constant improvement is wrong. Choosing a path that doesn’t force personal growth is wrong.

People often use the phrase “I just want to be myself” as an excuse to stay the same. Because they are afraid of the unknown. They are afraid of trying and experiencing failure.

Sure, be yourself. But strive to improve yourself. You can always become better than you are right now.

There is no such thing as perfectionism and this is totally good. You can always improve, you have a limitless potential.

Excuse Number 2: Destroyed

Unless you are homeless or don’t have anything to eat you can put some money aside to build a nice wardrobe.

Wait for the sales period and you can literally build a whole closet with less than 100 euro (120 bucks).

That’s not a joke. I have done it.

building self confidence

Check out what you can buy with less than 100 euro in sales period:

  • 6 t-shirts x 3 euro =18 (from 10-12 euro original price each)
  • 2 jeans(picture) x 9= 18 (30 euro original price each)
  • 1 jacket x 25= 25 (80 euro original price)
  • 1 pair shoes x 13= 13 (30 euro original price)
  • 1 shirt(picture) x 7 =7 (20 euro original price)
  • 1 sweater x 15=15 (45 euro original price)

SUM=96 euro instead of 295.

These clothes were not from some thrift shop or any cheap store. I bought them from Zara, Pull&Bear and H&M.

Of course they are not Armani or Ralph Lauren but they are cheap and make you look great.

In sales period you can find a lot of stylish clothes and buy them for dirt cheap. You just have to be a smart buyer and buy clothes only twice per year.

Of course you need to have some style. But I assume that almost any man can combine the basics. Don’t go and buy every colored t-shirt in the store. Search for basics.

That’s how you build a beautiful closet, start looking attractive and feeling more confident.

More Resources To Level Up Your Style

1. Iron & Tweed

If you still have no idea about how to develop your style and what pieces to buy you can check out Iron&Tweed.

Nate has a lot of free ideas and offers a 50+ page free e-book on building a great wardrobe that lasts in time.

For those who want to take it to the next level he also offers Casual Style 101 which is a 15$ guide that will help you become really well dressed.

2. How to Dress Sharp: Style Tips For Men: As a future leader of society you have to learn to dress correctly.

Excuse Number 3: Destroyed

No money for gym membership? No problem!

Start working out at your own place. You can develop a great physique with simple bodyweight exercises.

These are:

  1. Pull ups
  2. Chin ups
  3. Push-ups
  4. Diamond push-ups
  5. Dips
  6. Squats
  7. Calf raises

The only cost is 20$ for a pull-up bar. Pull-ups & Chin ups are a fantastic exercise to build a powerful V-shaped back. They will definitely pay off these measly 20$.

Diamond push-ups can help you build massive arms and especially big massive triceps.

All of these exercises can be done at home using little or no equipment at all.

Moreover you don’t need overpriced supplements to make this work. Just eat the right foods for muscle growth and with a bit of determination and commitment you will to transform your body.

More Resources For Building Self Confidence By Building A Great Body:

1. Why You Should Build Muscle & Why Gaining Muscle is So Damn Easy

2. How to Use MEGA Training for Superhero Strength & Muscle Gains

3. The Ultimate 90 Day Bodyweight Training Plan

building self confidence

Excuse Number 4: Destroyed

If you don’t know what body language is or if you ignored its significance in the past, it’s the right time to lear about it:

How you feel is hugely interdependent with the way your carry yourself on the outside.

When feeling shy and insecure you subconsciously take stances and poses that take less space. When you feel confident and strong you take wider and more dominant poses.

If you want to take the first step to building self confidence you should try to consciously take more dominant poses. This will change the way you feel completely over the long run. [1]

It will also change the way other people perceive you.

  • How you carry your body gives other people clues to make specific judgments about you. Either positive or negative. This affects the way these people react towards you.
  • Your body posture changes your mind → your mind changes the way you act → the way you act changes the outcome of your communications.
  • Experiments have shown that “faking it” by maintaining a proper dominant and extroverted pose for just 2 minutes reduces cortisol (stress hormone).

Here is another interesting thing:

Experiments in people who got into a job interview have shown that the people who took more powerful poses, had extroverted stance and body language BEFORE entering for the interview  were eventually chosen for the job.

The ones who had taken submissive poses just for 5 minutes before entering for the interview, were rejected.

Do you understand the importance of having dominant body language?


If someone is more genetically favored than you, you shouldn’t feel disadvantaged.

Your “bad genetics” are a gift if you choose to use them as a motive, as  fuel to develop the 4 traits that were mentioned above.

Personality – Style – Physique – Body Language

These are the most significant traits for building confidence and can compensate for your “bad genetics”. They can make your genes seem as insignificant as a needle in a bowl of spaghetti.

Development of those four aspects can help you stand out in the crowd and feel confident, wise, self-reliant, powerful and dominant.

It’s up to you to decide whether you are going to whine for your “disadvantages” or use them as a mean to improve.

Do you know any effective other ways for becoming self confident?

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Building Self Confidence Is Easy Even If Your Genes Suck

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