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BlueHost Review: Read This Before You Make A Mistake You Will Regret

Website owners, beware!

If you are thinking of purchasing your web hosting from BlueHost, then you should probably think about it before you do anything…

Unless you want to:

1. Experience first-hand one of the worst web hosting services on the planet.

2. Lose your valuable time and waste your money.

3. Grab your hair and become bald due to endless disappointment and frustration.

Then, you should probably stay away from BlueHost’s services.

Why is that?

In this BlueHost Review, I will share with you my awful 1-month experience with BlueHost (It felt like centuries though).

I honestly hope I will save you from lots of hassle by doing this.

Because the moment I decided to sign up for BlueHost’s web hosting, I put myself in an uphill struggle that never seemed to end.

A new age Odyssey.

Before I dig into the specifics of my awful experience with BlueHost, let me give you some reasons why you should AVOID signing up with them.

BlueHost Review:

Reasons Why BlueHost Probably Has The Worst Web Hosting On Planet Earth

1. Unacceptable Customer Service

Customer service is the most vital aspect of any business.

If a business doesn’t have solid customer service, then you should better stay away.

If you get your hosting from Bluehost, you can rest assured of one thing.

When you encounter a problem, their support will NOT solve it.

They will say any excuse for that. That they don’t have access to that information (who has then?) – that it’s someone else’s fault or whatever.

Even if that wasn’t enough, you only have limited time to explain them your problem and figure out a solution.

bluehost review

I wanted to get a backup of my cPanel.

The BlueHost’s representative was really helpful this time.

She explained me how to get the backup, but their Website Backup Function had technical issues.

The file I downloaded was damaged.

After 2 unsuccessful download efforts, BlueHost’s support suggested to try another way. I told them to wait in case something goes wrong.

They refused.

I suppose there was too much people waiting in the queue. Anyway, they only gave me two minutes.

It probably wasn’t the representative’s fault, as she was just following the rules she was given.

Yet, the experience for me (the customer) was incredibly frustrating.

As you can imagine, the backup wasn’t downloaded without any issues as she told me.

I had to wait in the queue again and explain the situation to someone else (from scratch).

2. You Will Be 5 Years Older When The Customer Service Solves Your Problem (If They Solve It)

27 minutes?

Not so bad. Well, if your problem is urgent, it’s really terrible.

And if that wasn’t slow enough, there is a small scam here.

So beware: The timer says 27 minutes. It actually takes MUCH longer.

bluehost review

It actually takes 2x that time to reach their support as the timer doesn’t work like a real clock.

Even if it says 27 minutes, it usually takes longer to reach them.

It didn’t happen every time, but it still happened many of the times I tried to contact BlueHost’s Chat Support.

That’s unacceptable.

Instead of showing you the real “waiting time” in the queue, a flawed timer is displayed.


I suppose it’s because if you knew that you had to wait 45 minutes before you finally spoke with someone, you would have initially left.

And when you finally reach them, it will probably take hours before your problem is solved.

bluehost review

We started talking at about 5.10 pm.

I wanted to cancel my account and get a website backup.

At 7.00 pm I was still trying to solve the issue, after I had talked with 3 different people of BlueHost’s support.

bluehost review

On top of that, they usually needed about a minute to reply to my messages.

However, there were times that it took them over 5 minutes for a simple question (as you can see above).

Okay, Was The Waiting Time Worth It?

Not at all.

Their backup function had an issue and the customer service was too slow at replying and helping me.

What did I do?

What I should have initially done – instead of contacting them.

I read 1-2 articles on Google, opened YouTube and saw a tutorial on how to download a cPanel backup with a software called FileZilla.

The whole thing took me just 15 minutes.

Easy, peasy, japaneasy.

I wish BlueHost’s support could have solved the issue at the same time.

3. Zero Security For Your Website

Fortunately, I didn’t have any issue with that, because I left them early.

Yet, many other people had.

Check their complaints: I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t risk that to happen in any of my websites.

bluehost review

What about shutting down your websites without warning?

bluehost hosting

BlueHost Review Part 2:

My Personal Experience & More Reasons Why You Should Be Cautious With BlueHost’s Web Hosting

Still with me?


Because if the above wasn’t enough, there is much much more!

Here are some of the most important things that happened to me in less than 30 days on BlueHost’s hosting plan.

1. My Site Was Going Down Daily From The Moment I Transferred My Hosting To BlueHost

The Jetpack Plugin has been sending me notifications day after day since I moved to BlueHost.

I bought my hosting plan on 09.01.16.

Take a look into my inbox during the time period of 29.01.16 – 03.02.16.

bluehost review

My site went down 10+ times in 6 days!

Now, calculate how many times it went down in the 20 days before that – from the day I signed up with BlueHost.

Also, calculate how many new readers I lost and the impact it had on my site.

The downtime wouldn’t be a huge problem, if the issue was initially resolved by BlueHost’s customer service.

Unfortunately, nobody was able to give me a solution.

2. The Chat Support Couldn’t Do ANYTHING To Solve My Issue (Even If I Contacted Them 4-5 Times)

I wish I had kept the transcript of all the conversations I had with them.

Yet, I could never expect that my problem would never get solved.

There might be a way to get access to the transcript via BlueHost’s Account Management Panel. Honestly, I cannot waste any more of my time to do that.

But, just do the math:

  • I contacted them 4 times at least.
  • Each attempt had a waiting time of 15-30 minutes.
  • Each time we talked about 30-60 minutes on average.
  • My problem was never solved.

The total amount of my time BlueHost wasted was between 3 hours and 6 hours.

NOTE: For those who are going to say “Why didn’t you call them, instead of chatting with them?” – here is the why.

Why should I call abroad (they are in the USA) and overcharge my phone bill to contact them. Shouldn’t they be able to find a solution, even via chat?

That’s why the chat support exists.

I even tried to reach them via e-mail, thinking that it would be less time consuming.


3. I Opened Two Help Desk Tickets But NOBODY Replied Even After Multiple Days Have Passed

First attempt…

bluehost review

Second attempt…

bluehost reviewGuess what.

The tickets are still marked as OPEN – two weeks after I submitted them.

Nobody contacted me or cared to solve the issue.

4. Bluehost’s Chat Support Told Me They Would Escalate The Tickets (No reply even after that!)

Neither the “higher specialists” bothered to check out my tickets…

bluehost reviewHonestly, do these “higher specialists” even exist?

I don’t know.

When you open the ticket, you get an automated e-mail saying that you will get a reply within 1-2 days.

This didn’t happen though.

When I asked the chat support about it, they told me they “didn’t know why my tickets were still open”.

I double checked my inbox and spam folder and found nothing.

Even if they had replied and I missed the email (which is unlikely), the ticket should have changed its status and be marked as “closed” or “pending reply”.

5. They Closed The Support Chat Twice While We Were Talking

This wasted 1+ hour more as I had to wait in the queue again. And then explain the issue to someone else (from the beginning).

This might have happened accidentally.

It could be a network issue. Or whatever.

What matters is that it happened, and it adds up to everything else.

6. They Didn’t Bother To Help Or They “Didn’t Know”

According to them, I should stay awake for a full 24 hours to solve the issue myself.

During these 24 hours I should never do anything else than being over my laptop and waiting for the moment my site would go down.

Thanks for the tip!

Even if I was crazy enough to do that, my site would have gone back up by the time I would be able to reach them in the chat.

bluehost review

Question: Why Do Most Prominent Bloggers Recommend BlueHost For Web Hosting?

I have seen many popular bloggers recommending BlueHost.

And that was one of the reasons I decided to sign up with them. I thought they would be good if they are recommended by X and Y.

They weren’t.

With all the above in mind, it seems that the only reason so many bloggers recommend BlueHost  is BlueHost’s affiliate program.

In essence, BlueHost might pay better than other web hosting affiliate programs.

But what’s the long-term cost of recommending a flawed service just to make a quick buck now?

I admit that I was skeptical at first.

I was wondering if I was the only one who had problems with BlueHost.

Then, I found this website called WebHostingReviews.

There were dozens of complaints about BlueHost’s poor quality of customer service, scammy policies and profit-oriented business model.

I wish I had found this site earlier, before I fell into the trap of paying BlueHost several hundred bucks for my web hosting.

bluehost review

As it seems, I wasn’t the only one having trouble with BlueHost’s frustrating web hosting services.

bluehost review

BlueHost Review Conclusion

Save yourself the time, hassle and money. Save yourself the frustration, disappointment and risk.


Do your due diligence and research before you sign up with any web hosting provider.

Here are two steps I recommend you should take before signing up with any hosting provider:

STEP 1: Search for legit reviews written by customers – not affiliates!

Look for individual, unbiased reviews based on facts. Find complaints (if they exist).

STEP 2: Do a test drive.

Contact their support via chat and see how fast they respond. Blast the support chat with questions. See how much they are concerned to help you.

Open a ticket and see if they reply and how fast you get a reply.

When you have done your due diligence, you can finally pick a web hosting provider.

Research will take you only 2-3 hours. Don’t skip it, otherwise you will probably have to deal with an unpleasant experience like I did.

Talk Soon,


PS: What do you think about this BlueHost Review? Have you ever tried BlueHost’s web hosting?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your fellow friends & bloggers on social media to help them understand the importance of research before picking a hosting provider!

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BlueHost Review: Read This Before You Make A Mistake You Will Regret

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