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4 years ago

How To Become Popular (The Only Piece Of Advice You Will Ever Need)

Are you tired of being ignored?

I will tell you the fastest, best and most efficient way to make everyone dying for your attention wherever you go – and only when you want it.

You can choose to be low-profile or high-profile.

That’s entirely up to you.

Nobody likes to be ignored, but there are several times that you have to keep your head down and not reveal much about yourself.

Especially when you are around naysayers, extremists and losers of any kind.

These people are a pain in the ass.

Being popular attracts these types too, but for your own mental sanity, you should better stay away.

How To Become Popular

There is only one piece of advice you will ever need to know.

If you do what I am going to say, then you will see a massive difference in your social life.

Humans are attracted to winners.

We all want to be associated with successful people and be around them.

It’s in our genes.

A survival mechanism that has been developed tens of thousands of years ago.

Think about your ancestors. Humans used to live in an environment full of dangers.

They had to survive or die.

Nowadays, there is food in every corner. There is convenience and safety.

Back then, you had to fight for your food and stay asleep at night because predators might be around.

There wasn’t any supermarket. There weren’t any walls to protect you.

Human tribes usually had a leader, right?

Could you imagine who that leader would be?

He would probably be someone really strong and muscular. Someone with physical strength and good reflexes.

Or someone really wise, who could help his tribe and get rid of problems just by using his intelligence.

Either way, humans would follow a leader who would have the highest chances of survival.

All the other ones would be ignored by the tribe.

Social interactions aren’t much different nowadays.

From elementary school, to college sororities, bars, gatherings and workplaces, the same rule applies:

You are either being phenomenal or you are being ignored.

If you can’t provide anything of value to your social circle, you are ignored.

If you want to be popular, you have to be phenomenal.

You must keep in your possession something desirable and valuable at the same time.

This will set you apart and make you “popular” in the eyes of your social circle.

As a result, more and more people are going to want to be around you.

If you are not phenomenal in anything you do, then why should someone stay close to you?

Some losers will argue that you could be trustworthy, sympathetic or well-intentioned.

In reality, nobody cares about these character traits – unless they are carried by someone who is phenomenal.

I know several sympathetic and kindhearted people who are social wrecks.

Nothing matters, unless you are phenomenal at what you do.

If you are not, then you will be ignored.

Being phenomenal is the only thing you need to become more popular.

  • You don’t have to fight to win other people’s attention.
  • You don’t even have to try to become popular.
  • You don’t have to lick other people’s asses to gain their approval.

Just be phenomenal, and everybody will be attracted to you.

(Including some haters, loser and naysayers – that’s unavoidable)

I can bring dozens of examples to explain my point, but let me just stick with 2 simple ones that everybody will understand.

1) Your Typical High School Muscle Boy/Athletic Guy

In almost every high school, there is that guy who is good in almost all sports.

He probably has a nice physique.

He might have wealthy parents.

For the high school’s standards, that guy is phenomenal due to the above factors: he has money, drives a fancy car, he is strong, muscular and athletic.

Therefore, he is popular among the people who aspire to have the same things.

He doesn’t even try to be popular, right?

It’s effortless, because he is phenomenal.

2) Jason Statham

Statham is a multi-millionaire actor.

He is dating with a Victoria Secret model.

He is ripped and muscular.

He is phenomenal.

And he is very popular, isn’t he?

Compare Statham to an average, fat actor playing in average movies and dating an average woman.

The average actor is not phenomenal, and as a result, he is not popular.

Being phenomenal is a prerequisite for success.

Whether you want to be a rich actor or a mormon, you have to commit to being phenomenal.

  • Only phenomenal people get noticed.
  • Only phenomenal people make a difference in the world.
  • Only phenomenal people live the good life.

Each and every successful person you can think of is phenomenal at what he does.

  1. Lionel Messi is a phenomenal football player.
  2. Elon Musk is a phenomenal entrepreneur.
  3. Warren Buffet is a phenomenal investor.
  4. Lebron James is a phenomenal basketball player.
  5. Michael Jackson was a phenomenal singer and dancer.
  6. Mother Teresa was a phenomenal philanthropist.
  7. Alexander The Great was a phenomenal conqueror.
  8. Leonidas of Sparta was a phenomenal warrior.
  9. Aristotles was a phenomenal philosopher.
  10. Casanova was a phenomenal seducer.

The list goes on and on.

The question is: Are you going to do what it takes to become phenomenal too?

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How To Become Popular (The Only Piece Of Advice You Will Ever Need)

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