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How Any Average-Wager Could Become A “Keybord Multimillionaire”

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Why have a job when you can make full-time money online?

Our economy is transitioning to one that offers more freedom and a better lifestyle for anyone, thanks to a sensational thing called “the internet”.

Almost everybody has access to it, yet most squander their chance to use it productively.


This tweet from Wall Street Playboys perfectly illustrates my point:

When you have access to a money making machine, but instead of putting it into work you are putting it into waste, it’s really a big shame.

A dumb move.

In your defense, I am not perfect. I have fallen into the trap of wasting time on social media without any meaningful return.

However, that doesn’t happen often.

When I am online, most of my time is used productively, in a way that makes my life better and my wallet thicker.

On the flip side, one of the most poisonous choices you could ever make would be to work at a regular job AND also squander the rest of your time.

In this case, there is absolutely no chance for advancement…

What is more:

Regular Jobs Are For The Dumb, Smart People Make Money Online

Before furiously rushing over to the comments section because you were offended by what I wrote, let me clarify.

Indeed, smart people make money online.

This does not mean that everyone who works at a normal job is dumb. Or that there aren’t dumb people that make money online.

On the contrary, making money online is SO DAMN EASY that even the DUMBEST monkey-IQ orangutan whose vocabulary only consists of “ugh and ugha” could possibly make money online.

The difference is that for the majority of people, making money online is a “smart move” while working at a dead-end regular type of job is a “dumb move”.

That’s what I mean.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

All things considered, it’s completely rational to suppose that starting an online venture – with zero or super small overhead (like Fiverr) – gives you more possibilities than working as a waiter for $3 an hour at your local food store.

You Either Waste Your Potential At A Normal Job, Or Make Full Time Money Online

make money online

It’s important to clarify that I do not completely bash the possibility of working for someone else.

Not everyone is carved out to be an entrepreneur and deal with the risk and responsibilities involved in that lifestyle.

Some people are better off working for someone else. For some, getting a job is a smart move.

It all depends on your own unique life circumstances and personal aspirations.

So, maybe yes, you should get a job. Or maybe not.

It d-e-p-e-n-d-s!

There are two kinds of jobs:

  1. Dead-end jobs
  2. Self-actualizing jobs

Self-actualizing jobs create what’s called an “intrapreneuer”

(This is a fancy term for those who are not the founders of a company, but innovate from the inside.)

Intrapreneurs won’t gain the same financial reward as the Founder of a company, obviously, because they have taken a lower amount of risk.

It’s another thing to step your foot into an already or somewhat established business and another to start it from ground zero.

However, intrapreneurs may still get significant rewards. They may also become millionaires or even billionaires, depending on the company they work for.

Steve Balmer for instance, became a billionaire after working for Bill Gate’s Microsoft.

Dozens of early Amazon or Facebook employees are now swimming in millions of their companies’ stocks.

Even before the internet, hundreds became millionaires in the 70’s after working for Ross Perrot’s Electronic Data Systems.

You see, the advice of financial gurus is often misinterpreted.

When Robert Kiyosaki says that “you can’t become rich as an employee”, what he actually means is that “you can’t become rich as an employee working at a dead end job”.

If you work at the RIGHT self actualizing job, you can become pretty rich. You could actually become much better off than the HUNDREDS of failed entrepreneurs, whose businesses went bankrupt.

Statistics and entrepreneurship horror stories perpetuate the notion that 80% of new business are going to go bankrupt after 5 years.

To make the long story short, less than 1 out of 20 businesses survive in the long run.

This is not meant to scare aspiring entrepreneurs, but to give you some perspective regarding the advice you must have received.

Because, when someone says “Ohnever get a job. Start a business instead” they usually continue with “here is my online course that will show you how. It only costs $999 for a limited amount of time”.

Robert Kiyosaki is benefited by advising you not to get a job, because you will buy his other books, programs, board game etc etc.

While there is nothing wrong with that, in fact I have found value in some of his material, the point is that some people confuse the advice they are given.

They go to the extreme of saying “Oh, I must never get a job if I want to become rich” because this or that Guru says so.

Which is untrue, simply because many people have gotten jobs and became rich from them.

Also, many people took jobs and used them as a vehicle to learn valuable skills without risking their own capital or time.

With that knowledge and experience, they later started their own businesses and succeeded.

Jeff Bezos worked at a brokerage firm (D.E. Shaw Capital) before starting Amazon.com and becoming a billionaire.

Undoubtedly, his time at the firm contributed to Amazon’s success. Robert Kiyosaki had a job at Xerox before going rogue. That’s where he learned sales.

Devaluing the potential benefits of getting a job is a very short-sighted approach.

The right job could get you far ahead, both in terms of knowledge and financial gains. Maybe even more than you could get on your own as a new business owner.

The problem is when you don’t get a self-actualizing job and settle for a dead-end job with no potential for self-development.

In this case….

You Must Quit Your Regular Job, Become Location-Independent & Embrace “Carpe Diem”

I had taken several dead-end jobs when I was 17-19 because I didn’t know better back then.

Getting paid $2.5 an hour to work as a waiter from 6 pm to 3 am was frustrating to say the least.

Once I got a gig for distributing flyers and sticking advertising posters of a soccer tournament on the walls of buildings in my university campus.

I think that job could yield about $1 per hour (not a typo), If I had completed it. I felt so ashamed of going around and doing that, and stopped without even getting paid.

When you have a job like that, you owe it to yourself to quit.

If you don’t have the skills to get a better job, that is okay.

You may become self-employed (freelancer) or start your own bootstrapped online venture from zero like I did successfully.

That will also give you a lifestyle of more freedom and quite possible allow you to be location independent.

Becoming Location Independent – Is It Feasible?

For those not knowing, this is a phrase used to describe someone who “can work from anywhere in the world”.

Is it possible to do that?



To which extent?

It depends…

There are many self-proclaimed “location-independent entrepreneurs” that make a pitiful $1000-3000 a month from their online ventures.

These people have typically moved to southeastern Asian countries like Thailand or Philippines, where the lifestyle is cheaper compared to the Western World.

Then they teach you how to build niche sites to make $500-$1000 a month to live rich and free like them.

What a joke.

Essentially, they are still location-dependent because their income does not allow them to live in most of the developed world’s biggest cities.

Despite that, there is nothing wrong with living in Asia or making $1000-3000 from your laptop. I actually consider it cool. But’s it’s false to call yourself location-independent.

If you enjoy getting by with $1500 per month in Thailand and you are satisfied with it, that’s fantastic!

On the contrary, if you have higher aspirations, if you TRULY want to be a location-independent entrepreneur, you must set the bar higher.

To be truly location independent you need:

  • $10,000 a month minimum monthly net profit.
  • That income must not be tied to your geographic location.

$10.000 a month is good enough to live even in expensive cities like New York or London. At the same time, you could still be living in the Philippines if you wanted to spend less and save more.

What matters in this case is the FREEDOM that the location-independent lifestyle gives you. Having the possibility to live anywhere and then choosing what you prefer!

Eventually, you stick to the place you like the most.

However, the power of being able to leave any time is an absolutely incomparable emotion.

Getting to the point that you make $10.000 a month is not super hard, if you commit yourself to making your online business endeavor successful.

What About Embracing “Carpe Diem”?

Carpe diem means “seize the day” because you have only one life.

(I suppose you knew that already.)

But, do you really know it?

Do you wake up feeling excited every single morning?

Or do you feel direction-less, hating the moment you step out of your bed because you don’t want to go to work?

“Carpe diem” means “making most of the present time” and not letting life go wasted.

My question is, do you seize every single day in your life?

Or are you wasting your potential?

If it’s the latter, then starting an internet business and making money online is your best bet to financial freedom.

Financial freedom allows you to “seize the day”.

When you don’t have to worry about paying the bills, when you can afford anything that you want, there is nothing holding you back from your dream life.

Become Financially Free by Making Money Online

make money online

My partners (how I call my employees – I learned this from Sam Waltonmake far above the average salary and do that working from their home.

One of them recently moved to Germany to live there and travel through the neighboring countries.

He is still working for me.

Had he had a regular job, he wouldn’t have been able to travel in Europe. He would be confined in a cubicle. Or he would have been distributing flyers for $1 an hour like I did.

He wouldn’t have been able to live the life he enjoys now.

His lifestyle gives him more freedom than the lifestyle of people 10 years older than him because of the work he does and the value he provides.

And he is just around 23 years old.

What job offers you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world while also traveling and enjoying life?

Not dead-end jobs for sure!

Only internet-based businesses can offer that amazing advantage, both to founders and employees.

My general manager makes more than doctors and lawyers and she is just 22 years old.

She had been traveling in Spain for 2 whole weeks while also doing her job remotely!


Tell me what regular job allows you to make more than a lawyer or a doctor makes, and take a “vacation” for 2 weeks without that interfering with the business that you manage.

NONE…is the answer.

The New Era Of Keyboard Multimillionaires, Becoming One & Escaping Your Average Job

Today is perhaps the best time in the history of humanity to be alive.

At no point in the past, had any 20-something year old become a billionaire.

At no time ever in history had people been able to ascend the ranks of the wealthiest so fast or to live location-independent.

Hell, even YouTubers make more money than graduates of Harvard, Yale and MIT.

And they just post freaking VLOGS…showing what they ate this morning, what time they went to bed and if they ate rice with chicken or pizza for lunch!

It’s incredible what you can do nowadays with the power of the internet.

The only problem: time is against you.

The MORE you delay it, the LESS are the chances that you are going to make good money from it.

If you put it off and procrastinate and do other things, you may lose the chance of becoming what I call a “keyboard multi-millionaire”.

Internet gained popularity around 2000. The first people to realize its immense potential, were already in it from 1995.

People like Elon Musk of PayPal and Jeff Bezos of Amazon among others.

Even regular Joes started internet companies and made MILLIONS before the dot.com crush in the early 2000.

For the years following the crash, it was much harder to make money from an internet company.

Then other things happened like Facebook, Google Adwords and later Instagram, Snapchat etc etc.

Each innovation led to a new stream of internet entrepreneurs becoming rich out of it.

People like Tai Lopez “entered” the realms of the online business world in the 2000-2005 post crash era and still managed to become multi-millionaires.

Even those who entered later (2010-2012) got the chance to get a sizeable chunk of the pie.

However, the financial gain experienced by the majority of people who joined the internet business club before 2000 cannot be compared to the gain of the mass that joined later.

Whoever was smart enough back in 1995 to realize what a goldmine internet is – made it BIG, relatively easily.

Becoming A Keyword Multimillionaire

The point is, that the earlier you can get in an internet venture, the higher the upside is.

The more you wait and procrastinate…the more you lose.

And the EARLIEST moment for you was 10 minutes ago!

You should have already started.

And the next earliest moment is right now!

So, don’t delay it. Stop putting it off for after graduation. Stop selling excuses to yourself. Stop bullshitting that you are too young or too old.

The best time to get started making money online is r-i-g-h-t n-o-w!


Anyone Could Make Full Time Money Online, Yet They Work For Average Wage

Here is a rule of thumb: if you use Facebook, you could also make money online.

So, why aren’t more people doing it?

The main barrier is the “I don’t know how”.

When I was 15 back in high school, I was also excited with the possibility of making money online. I just “didn’t know how”.

I started reading articles about it. But my problem was the fact that I  had no idea what to look for.

So I simply searched for “how to make money online”.

Needless to say that most of what I read was trash.

It didn’t help me at all!

Well, that’s what I was thinking back then…

The truth was that what I was reading was fine….but I wasn’t helping myself…and I often regret that mistake.

I wasn’t fully committed to figuring it out. I didn’t have the drive and the obsession I had back in 2015 when I started Dare and Conquer.

So I quit and went back to the comfort of my relatives giving me pocket money. Boy, that was way easier than reading articles online and cutting through the BS advice.

And so I had all the time I wanted to play League of Legends (LoL) or Metin2 (a stupid RPG game).

The only reason I used to work not even for an average, but for a below minimum wage ($2.5 an hour) – was that I quit too early the first time I decided to make money from my laptop.

Making money on the internet is the easiest thing on planet earth.

It does not require having any skills other than the basics of operating a computer along with the willingness to learn more.

If you work for an average wage or if you are unemployed, it’s because you didn’t commit yourself to figure out how to do the easiest thing in the world (make money online). You have said a BS excuse to yourself and sacrificed what you could have become for some sort of worthless temporary pleasure.

Almost ANYONE in this world has the power and resources to start making LOTS of money online.

Do you know Jon Morrow?

I don’t.

I have just read some of his articles.

Jon Morrow is a guy in a wheelchair who can’t move anything but his lips.

Yet, Jon is also an internet millionaire.

He makes money by SPEAKING to a freaking device that transcribes his words and writes articles.

He didn’t say “Oh, I am crippled so there is no fate in this world for me”

Jon Morrow may be crippled, but has bigger balls than 99.99% of you out there because he is making millions from a wheelchair.

He has bigger balls than my 15 year old self who threw away the possibility of making money from such an early age merely to play video games.

I have huge respect for Jon, or any Jon out there who has accomplished something similar.

All it takes is keep looking for the answer until you find it, and then keep looking some more.

If a man in a wheelchair can become a millionaire from the internet, why are you still working for an average wage?

Well, let me tell you why.

Because you consider playing video games or [insert any time killer that offers temporary pleasure] more satisfying than making a million bucks.

Because you don’t have the drive to put the pedal to the metal and sacrifice imminent pleasure for long-term prosperity.

That’s why.

Choose Yourself: “Internet Millionaire” Or “Average-Wager”

Success in life is the end result of a series of good choices being made one after another for a long enough time frame.

Essentially, your financial situation is determined by the choices you’ve made so far.

And it will be determined by the choices you make today and the ones you are going to make tomorrow.

The simplest choice you could ever make is choosing what you want to be.

A regular Average Wager?

Someone that complains about how hard life is, blames the government, never accomplishes their goals and dreads Mondays because they hate waking for work?

Or an extraordinary Internet Millionaire?

Someone that embraces carpe diem, blaze their own destiny, obliterate any goal they put in mind and don’t distinguish Monday from Saturday because every day is a free day.

It’s up to you to choose yourself.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring And Conquering,

Damian Pros

P.S: What has stopped you from becoming an internet millionaire and kept you an average-wager?

Let me know in the comments below!

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How Any Average-Wager Could Become A \"Keybord Multimillionaire\"

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