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The 4 – Hour Walk Week And The 150 Euro IKEA Bed

4 hour walk weekToday, I was looking to rent a home. And it felt amazing, as there were no limitations to where I could live.

I had just moved to a new studio 9 months ago, but it had some flaws and I am now searching for something better.

While browsing the ads, I realized that I could rent virtually any apartment I wanted.

It didn’t matter whether I wanted to rent a small studio, or a modern, renovated loft in the most central area.

For the first time in my life, that critical decision was entirely up to me!

That was something I have never experienced again.

Three years ago, I moved to live “on my own” in order to study Engineering.

Why did I put the words “on my own” in parenthesis?

Because even though I was practically living alone in a new home, my family paid for my rent and covered all my expenses.

Yes – family! – not only my parents.

Because even though I lived in one of the worst and cheapest places in the city, my parents still couldn’t afford to cover my expenses.

My uncle and grandparents used to contribute some extra money in order to make ends meet.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to pay to for the university. So, no college debt and no recurring college payments.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t living well.

My parents couldn’t afford to pay for my expenses because they were making about 1200E combined.

I couldn’t find a job because (a) an engineering degree is really demanding (b) I used to wait for things to happen instead of making things happen and (c) I had no skill I could use to monetize.

Therefore, I had to place myself in lots of uncomfortable situations…

I am going to share two of these with you right now.

These situations inspired me to get out of this, and they are meant to inspire you to take charge of your life and create your own reality.

The 4-Hour Walk Week

These are two moments I will never forget in my life.

These two experiences are so vividly etched on my memory, I am shivering each time I find myself thinking about them.

They don’t only remind me how far I have come, but they also remind me of what happens if you remain complacent to what you have already achieved.

So, let’s go back 3 years and a half ago:

I am packing all the things I could take with me into boxes and handbags. I put everything in my father’s car.

I took so much stuff with me that I could hardly sit comfortable on the back seats. And the car was not a small one. It was a fairly comfortable Scoda Octavia.

You can realize that the ride wasn’t so comfortable…

(Had this happened today, I would pay a transport company to move my stuff and I would book a plane ticket)

Anyway, after a few hours of driving we finally arrived at the hotel we would stay for the night.

(As you can imagine, it was a very cheap one)

The next day, my father had to take the airplane to travel to another city for medical reasons.

Me and my mother were supposed to start looking for houses so we decided to get up early in the morning.

It was around 7 am.

We found a Starbucks near our hotel. I remember I got an orange juice to “give me some energy”.

(If I knew how much I would walk, I would get 10 more orange juices)

So, that was the big day I would find my new home.

I quickly drunk the orange juice in less than 5 minutes, but the whole *house research project* lasted several hours.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we didn’t hire an estate agent which would be incredibly easier and faster.

After all, we didn’t have the money to pay him.

We thought it would be fun and “smarter” to start researching on our own!

We would just walk around and look at the doors to find “For Rent” signs.

Luckily, the very second house we visited was pretty good. It had all the essentials, so I wouldn’t have to spend extra money for furniture.

Unfortunately, our budget was really limited to about 800E for everything.

And even if that house was relatively good, we couldn’t afford it.


The price was only 280E a month.

But, I haven’t told you that our monthly budget was set on giving only 150E (seriously).

While there were lots of houses close to the price range of 150-180E, they were either far away from the center or in really terrible neighborhoods.

Or they were literally slightly better than a shack.

I was so disappointed.

I have been waiting for that day of independence for several months, and finally realized that I couldn’t even live in a normal house.

Eventually, we ended up walking for OVER 4 hours searching for a house that was fairly acceptable for a human to live in and around the price range of 180E.

We found one at 250E that we were able to negotiate down to 200E.

And it wasn’t really that good.

change my life home before

Check some of the highlights.

I was physically exhausted and psychically devastated.

We have been walking for hours while constantly being overwhelmed by disappointment, as no house could fit our super tight budget.

Hence why I called this the four-hour walk week.

That’s literally how much we walked that day, and I probably didn’t walk any more for the following week.

I plainly hated walking after that experience!

But at least, I had finally found a (fairly crappy) house.

Better than homeless, right?

The 150 Euro IKEA Bed

Now, the only thing left was to buy furnitures.

Unfortunately, after giving 400E for the home (2 rents), our budget was even more limited. We only had around 350 left.

I would keep the 200 to get by for the whole month.

And this left us with 150 euro to buy the furniture for my new home!


You can’t imagine my disappointment when I visited IKEA, only to discover that with 150E I could barely buy the mattress for my bed.

I was thinking about a king sized bed, and ended up sleeping on the floor for 2 weeks.

Αs it seems I was completely ignorant of what a bed really costs.

For the next 2 weeks, I was literally sleeping on the floor of my own house.

I spent all my money to buy a third-hand fridge and a washing machine as these were more important at the time.

Eventually, I also managed to buy some third-hand furniture for my bedroom for around 165E.

Sleeping on the floor was not so cool, especially when all your friends had their new, finely decorated houses.

I felt really disadvantaged at the time.

I would blame the economy, the nation, my parents or whatever because I couldn’t see (or handle?) the real truth.

That the reason I was sleeping on the floor for almost 2 weeks, the reason why I was walking endlessly – for over 4 hours – to find a house was myself.

I was not poor because of the economy or because I was young.

You can be young and be rich if you do the right things.

I was poor because of my decisions, my mindset and my attitude.

Once I changed these three things: 1) decisions 2) mindset and 3) attitude – I wasn’t poor anymore.


Not at all.

All you have to do to go from point A to point B is to make the decision that you want to go there and do what it takes to get there.

When you do that, making money becomes easy.

Renting nice houses becomes easy.

Staying at nice hotels becomes easy.

Buying a super duper office chair that doesn’t hurt your back becomes easy:

A) Decide where you want to go

B) Every day, do all that you can do that day to get there.

Put every other piece of advice on “mute” mode.

Especially when it comes from people who are not where they want to be in life.

You will hear people say that you will have to “do this and that and then do it the other way”.

Don’t complicate your life because that over-complication will make you tired and you will eventually quit or never even start.

It’s all about the above formula.

A and B and Repeat.

That’s the simple way to get what you want.

Use the principle of inversion.

Figure out where you do NOT want to be. Figure out what you do NOT what to do and where you do NOT want to live.

Then it’s easy to tell what you want to have in your life.

Once you know what you don’t want and you know what you want, the only thing left is Step B.

Every day, do all that you can do that day to get there.

Even if that means postponing present pleasure. You will have to make a temporary sacrifice to get everything you want.

There is no such thing as give nothing for something.

The laws of Physics are the same for all of us. You have to put in energy and time in order to create what you want.

All you have to do is take energy from the things that don’t matter and redirect it to what really matters to you.

When you do that, you will be able to have everything you want in life.

Including and not limited to travelling around the world without asking anyone for permission, renting nice apartments, working at your own place and many other pleasures.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring And Conquering,

Damian Pros

PS: What are the similar points of your life that you reached rock bottom?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to inspire them to create their own reality.

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The 4 – Hour Walk Week And The 150 Euro IKEA Bed

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