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The World’s 21 Greatest Self Improvement Blogs (A Life-Changing List)

self improvement blogs

Do you want to change your life and improve yourself but don’t know where to start from?

Good. You have just found a list of the world’s greatest self improvement blogs and resources.

(It has taken me almost 2 years to compile this list!)

Now you don’t have to spend countless hours until you discover which websites offer quality content that can dramatically change your life. See how lucky you are?

This list of resources is perfect for anyone who wants to dive deep into self improvement. These self improvement blogs will help you do 3 things:

  • Make more money
  • Become smart and successful
  • Become fit, strong and hot

In other words, you will be able to dominate your life and accomplish anything that you have in mind.

Do not expect to find “happily ever after” stories, fairy tails with unicorns or worthless, regurgitated advice. This is not what real self improvement is about.

Expect to challenge your existing beliefs, change your mind and go against the odds in order to follow their advice and achieve extraordinary success.

Without any further ado, the list of the world’s 21 greatest self improvement blogs and resources, at no particular order:

Self Improvement Blogs To Make You


1. Forever Jobless

If you are interested in starting a business, but have no idea where to start, this is the place to go.

Billy Murphy from Forever Jobless shares some great insights about entrepreneurship, business and making more money.

If you only wanted to read one article, then this one will blow your mind: How To Get a Ferrari For 20k.

It will introduce you to a totally different way of thinking.

2. WallStreetPlayboys

I have no idea who is behind this site, because the owners want to keep their privacy. I love that their advice is priceless, to the point and that they do not waste your time.

Their main topics are Life, Personal Finance and Wall Street.

However, if I could summarize their teachings in one sentence I would say that their blog is about “never again being mediocre”.

3. TheFastlane Forum

MJ De Marco’s book The Millionaire Fastlane has had a tremendous impact on my life. It completely altered my way of thinking about money and life in a very positive way.

The forum is populated mostly by hustlers and entrepreneurs. You should read this blog in order to 1) connect with like-minded successful individuals and 2) open your mind to new possibilities.

From topics like business start-up to entrepreneurship to making money online, this forum is a true wealth mine. Lots of diamonds and gold are to be found there.

Self Improvement Blogs To Make You


4. Tailopez.com

Tai Lopez is a very controversial guy but he has also had a big impact on my life.

My income exceeded the 6-figure range when I bought his 67 Steps and Mini MBA programs. I learned staff that would have taken me years to figure out on my own.

While many people hate on Tai for his Lamborghini commercials and past ownership of shady dating sites, I have found a mentor who accelerated my learning curve.

Thanks to Tai, I am well on my way to becoming a multi-millionaire, and I am forever grateful to him for that.

5. Wait But Why

Honestly, this blog has some of the most mind-blowing articles I have ever read.

I first learned about Tim Urban from his Ted Talk about procrastination which you must watch here.

His blog has an incredibly unique and fun character. He makes boring, weird or complicated topics sound incredibly interesting. His writing is luring you in so much that you can get lost in his 10k word articles for hours.

6. Start Gaining Momentum

Ludvig Sunstrom, the founder of Start Gaining Momentum is a young 20-something fella (from Sweden I think?) who is very smart. Most likely because he reads a lot of books.

His articles have a sophisticated approach coupled with some no BS advice about life.

He has also created a program about learning better and faster called “The Ultimate Commonplace System” which is fantastic. I recommend that you check it out too.

7. Farnam Street

This is a blog by Shane Parish about making better decisions and applying critical judgement to your life.

Heavily influenced by the lives and teachings of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger, it is a fantastic place to learn how to think more optimally.

8. Psychology Today

Well, you guessed it, this is a blog regarding Psychology. It has a variety of topics from Social Life to Happiness to Neuroscience to Memory.

I definitely recommend that you check it out to expand your learning horizons and better understand life.

Self Improvement Blogs To Make You

More Successful

9. Bold And Determined 

You would probably not be reading this if it weren’t for Victor Pride of Bold and Determined.

I would have probably been still in college, living a pitiful and mediocre life and following a path that others had set up for me.

Victor opened my mind to an entirely new world of possibilities. Since I have found B&D, my life has changed by 180 degrees.

Bold and Determined is the website of winners. It is about success, fulfillment and victory and all the other things that make a man great.

10. Danger And Play 

Mike Cernovich is a lawyer and author of the popular Mindset book called “Gorilla Mindset”. Mike is a very mature and great thinker and his site is worth being read.

When I had started D&C, it was Mike that gave me a “hard slap” and brought me back to reality, helping me to dramatically increase this site’s quality, credibility and reach.

His earlier work has been about mindset, lifestyle for men and self improvement.

Lately, he has been writing more about politics in America. I am not interested at all in that so I have stopped reading Danger and Play. Yet, his site is turning out to become a prominent news media company.

It’s impressive how one man has accomplished that. I definitely recommend that you check him out. Start from his earlier articles though, unless you are interested in American News & Politics.

11. Ellsberg.com

Here is another gem that I have recently discovered.

This is the personal blog of Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education Of Millionaires, one of the most inspiring books I have ever read.

He has also written other books that I feel are worth checking out, but I haven’t yet read them myself, so I cannot make any recommendations about them.

12. 30 Days to X 

Robert Koch is a young hustler who had started 30 Days To X in an attempt to figure out what he wanted to do with his life (according to his about page).

Robert is young but he is very resourceful and knowledgable. The topics on his site range from personal development to making money online.

If you are starting from ground zero, Robert’s site is going to give you a huge head-start.

13. Get a Life by Good Looking Loser

Chris Deoudes is the person behind GLL. He also owns a supplement company called Red Supplements and Happy Hippo Herbals.

If you are interested in self improvement or getting laid, his website is an awesome place to get better at these.

The non-mainstream approach to life and non-generic advice distinguishes GLL from other boring self improvement/game related websites.

Chris is also very helpful. He has been giving me advice regarding my businesses for a while and he doesn’t even know me. From the 1st time I contacted him, he was eager to help and I really appreciated that. He is a busy businessman though, so please don’t flood him with messages.

14. Brandon Carter’s YouTube Channel

Brandon Carter is an entrepreneur, best selling author and professional fitness model. He is also the CEO of a supplement company called Bro Laboratories.

If you want to learn how to become more successful or build an attractive body, then you will love Brandon’s videos.

15. The Mike Cernovich Podcast 

Most of this podcast’s episodes have to do with mindset, online business and personal development.

A true goldmine of life-changing information.

16. Elliot Hulse’s Youtube Channel

Elliot has been a very inspiring figure. His videos share lots of wisdom and they will can really help you improve yourself.

17. Addicted2Success Podcast

Joel Brown, the founder of Addicted2Success interviews successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and multi-millionaires and shares with you the secrets of achieving massive success.

18. Ed Latimore’s Blog

Ed Latimore is a very grounded and disciplined individual who also happens to be a writer, physicist, heavyweight professional boxer, chess nerd and Twitter master.

There is lots of wisdom to be found in his website as well as his Twitter profile.

Self Improvement Blogs To Make You

Fit, Strong & Hot

19. Kinobody

This is maybe one of the fitness websites I have ever found. Greg has introduced me to Intermittent Fasting, a lifestyle approach that can dramatically enhance your physical condition.

He is a very interesting and straightforward guy. While his site has lately adopted a more commercial, marketing-like approach, it is definitely a great resource to learn about fitness.

Greg’s advice will help you get ripped, strong and muscular faster and easier. I wish I had found him when I started my fitness journey. This would have saved me lots of time.

20. Bayesian Bodybuilding by Menno Henselmans

What separates Menno Henselmanata is his data driven and evidence based approach to fitness. Very badass. Absolutely informative and helpful.

His site is a little more advanced, so I would recommend that you check it out only if you are experienced in fitness and want to get to the next level.

An amateur could also be benefited, but I think that it would have a biggest impact on you if you already knew the basics.

21. Iron and Tweed

Nate Lewis is the founder of Iron and Tweed, a great website about Style & Fitness.

If you want to learn how to dress better, there is absolutely no better place to go than I&T. Nate’s style is impeccable and he can help you make yours impeccable too.

Do you want your site to get into the world’s greatest self improvement blogs list?

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you but if you are not here already, then it is not very likely that you are going to get in.

I am very cautious regarding what I recommend to my readers and I have only listed self improvement blogs and resources that I have personally approved.

I understand though that there might be more hidden gems on the web.

If you consider your site one, let me know and I will check it out. Maybe, you will pass the test and access the hall of fame of  the Dare and Conquer approved list of resources.

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The World\'s 21 Greatest Self Improvement Blogs (A Life-Changing List)

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