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18 Realizations You Should Make Early In Life (Unless You Want To Fail)

Who doesn’t want to live a better, fuller and richer life?

Everybody likes being better than his neighbor.

Being truly more successful than your bragging, yet average, loser neighbor, coworker or relative (that you don’t like too much) gives you a small sense of fulfillment.

The desire of being better than the others next to you is inherent in the human nature.

Why do you think there is a fictitious distinction between the so-called “alpha & beta male”?

These 18 realizations about life can truly make your life richer than your neighbors for one reason. Most people don’t think that way.

Most people think inside of a box. And that’s how you think outside of the box.

You may not agree with everything. And you are free to disagree.

But if you only pick a few out of these 18 realizations and apply them in your own life, then this post would have accomplished its goal.

So…let’s go:

1. The Fireplace Won’t Give Fire Unless You Put In The Woods First..


First of all, expecting to be given without giving something first is foolish.

It’s called entitlement, it limits your potential, makes you lazy and stops you from achieving anything worthwhile.


By making you believe that you deserve to be given.

I know that you have been conditioned to believe that, but the bad news is that you don’t deserve to be given anything.

It’s really crazy to listen to people complaining about the unfairness of the world. About the low wages they get, even if they don’t produce any significant value to demand a higher wage.

Everybody is talking about the government’s or society’s responsibility while ignoring personal responsibility.

Expecting to be given without giving something first is more than dumb…

It’s like sitting in front of an empty fireplace with 2 big woods in your hands and complaining to the fireplace:

Hey shitty fireplace, I won’t give you the pieces of wood I hold unless you give me fire first…

First give, then take.

And don’t expect to be given back all the time.

No matter what you give, there will be times it will be ignored, not valued or not appreciated enough. Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed when that happens.

Needless to say that there will be times where what you will get back will be worth 10x what you have given.

2. Your Good Grades & Academic Performance Will Only Take You So Far Ahead In Real Life..


A common phenomenon in business is that you see really smart people working for others who seem like being the definition of the doucheface.

If you have spent a little time working for others, you have probably wondered:

“Why am I getting paid less and/or get orders from this idiot? I am much smarter than he/she is!”

That’s because there is a HUGE GAP between who you were in school and who you are in the real world.

School rewards smart and hard-working people with good grades and honors.

While it’s great to be the best student in your class, it doesn’t mean you will be successful after school.

School actually creates the illusion that just by working hard, getting good grades and being smart you will be successful.



That’s not going to happen.

In life, it’s not the smart that get ahead. It’s the bold, the ones who really become successful.

Many people may know the answers, but don’t act on them.

Getting good grades in school and college is not enough to win the fear of failure, ignore the doubters and take your own path in life.

You have to be bold, willing to take risks and diminish your back up plans if you want to succeed.

Otherwise, you will just be normal and work for a douchebag even if you are smarter than him…

3. Don’t Work For Money, Work To Learn

One of the main differences between the wealthy and the poor is that the wealthy don’t work for money.

Wealthy people work only to acquire 1. Knowledge and 2. Experience.

Working for money is a short-sighted approach to live your life. And short-sighted approaches don’t lead to living a life that you can truly enjoy.

Robert from 30DaysToX recently posted an interesting tweet.


Would you do it?

Most people would immediately say YES!

20k per month for 10 hours per day? Sure, I will take it – Bob would say.

But that’s the short-sighted approach. Even though 20k per month are good money to make, you should first ask yourself two things:

1.What you learn doing that work.

What knowledge + experience do you acquire? How can you use it further in your life to advance your lifestyle?

2.Who you work for.

Do you build your business or someone else’s?

If you build someone else’s business, you should again think about the knowledge and experience that you could acquire next to that person.

Don’t be short-sighted and let your greed drive you.

Most people only see the money, job benefits, pay raises, vacation days. That’s why most people are poor.

Smart people, winners look at other things first like knowledge and experience.

4. Are You Struggling Financially? You DON’T Need More Money!


Seeking more money is not bad.

But believing that more money is the solution to your financial struggles is ridiculous. More money rarely solves financial your financial problems.

If you make 5000 per month and can’t keep aside at least 10% of that amount without spending it, then guess what will happen if you start making 15.000 or 55.000 per month.

Nothing will be left.

It’s not that the money you have is not enough (provided you make enough to cover the basics) – it’s that your lifestyle expenses constantly increase along with your paycheck or whatever type of income you have.

That’s why you see people making lots of money while also struggling financially.

They think that more money will solve their financial problems.

But when more money pours in, the problems are usually amplified because their spending spree increases.

5.It’s Not About How Many Hours Or How Hard You Work..


Hard work has nothing to do with  productive, result-getting work.

Working more isn’t the cure for all your problems. Let it be money problems or result-driven problems.

Working more rarely solves these problems.

And even if it does, it’s not worth the time or effort you put in. Working harder is a terrible remedy that usually makes the situation only a little better.

Hence why your primary goal should not be to work harder, but to work more efficiently.

Ask yourself:

How can I do the same work in 2 hours that I do in 4?

Or how can I get the same results spending 2 hours my time instead of spending 6 hours?

You have to be more efficient. Not more of a hard worker.

6. Have You Dug Yourself Into A Hole? Stop Digging Then!


Doing things the same way you were doing them in the past WON’T lead to different results.

It will lead to the same results. Same actions = same results.

How come doesn’t this make sense to the mind of the average person?

It’s like 1+1=2.

If you do X in your life and you see that your life sucks, maybe you should try doing Y and see if your life changes.

It certainly doesn’t change with X. You can see it.

You just don’t want to admit it and keep digging yourself into a hole.

STOP digging!

7. Spend Your Money On Assets, Not On Liabilities

How do you know, for sure, that someone is almost broke?

He spends his money on liabilities.

How do you know that someone is already or soon going to be rich?

He spends his money on assets.

Assets are things like businesses, intellectual property, books, software, real estate, stocks, bonds etc.

Liabilites are things like a mortgage, car loan, credit card debt, student loans etc.

The main difference between assets and liabilities is this:

Assets produce income.

Liabilities don’t make money and make your purse slimmer.

The poor focus on buying liabilities, while the wealthier focus on spending their money on income-producing assets.

8. Working Harder Doesn’t Always Mean You Will Make More Money…


As I said in Point 5, “work harder” is not always the best strategy, because what matters more is how efficient you are.

What’s better?

To finish 2 projects in 8 hours of “working hard” or finish them in 3.5 hours of “working efficiently”?

I guess the answer is pretty obvious.

BUT, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard.

(You are confused now. I know.)

What most people mean when they say “work harder” is “work MORE” which is really dumb for the reasons explained above.

Don’t confuse “work hard” with “work more”.

It’s a different thing.

Now, I would like you to consider another important factor which is “who you work for”.

✅Working hard on your business is acceptable.

✅Working hard for someone else’s business that teaches you valuable lessons and helps you learn your field is also acceptable.

❌Working hard for the government or a random business just to make ends meet is not acceptable (over the long-term).

In this case, you should do enough to get paid and not get fired (except your life’s purpose is to make the government or your boss rich).

Is that unethical or wrong?

I don’t think so. Here is why:

When you are paid based on a standard wage, the other employee next to you earns the same money regardless of who is more productive.

I am not quite sure based on what criteria people are paid in the USA or other countries, but in most Greek jobs you just have a standard wage.

There is no real motive to be more productive, because even if you are – YOU WON’T GET PAID MORE!

On top of that, when you work harder (which usually means working MORE hours or taking another job) you end up:

1. Paying more taxes.
2. Making your employer richer. You only get paid a fraction of the profit you generate.
3. Making the bank richer. The more money you get, the more you spend. You get a mortgage, credit card loan, car loan etc (liabilities) instead of focusing on building assets.

To conclude, don’t work harder and don’t work more unless you build your own business or acquire useful knowledge when working.

Knowledge that can be used to build your own business later on.

 9. Buy Luxuries Last, Not First


Most average Joes buy things in an attempt to look richer than their neighbors/friends/co-workers.

This only makes you respected among a group of similar acting fools who believe that materialistic possessions are the definition of success.

Let’s clear something:

  • Owning a bigger home than your neighbor, doesn’t make you more successful. Especially when your debt is up to your throat.
  • Driving a fancy, fast, expensive car doesn’t make you more successful either.
  • Owning the last model of iPhone, wearing Armani and decorating your home with Persian carpets doesn’t do the job as well…

So Damian:  I shouldn’t buy any luxuries at all – because as you say – luxuries don’t mean anything.

No, that’s not what I say.

Luxuries are really great. I like fast cars, big houses and designer clothes too.

The difference is that I don’t buy them to look richer than I am.

If I buy anything, it’s because I truly need it. Or because I can afford it and the money I spend won’t affect the quality of my life.

Like buying a bubble gum. It won’t affect your life if you spend some money to get bubble gums. That’s how you should act about most of the things you buy.

The purchase should seem insignificant.

Don’t buy to keep up with the Joneses or because your friends do the same.

Buying luxuries is not the problem. The problem is when and why you buy them.

Most people (who are poor or fed up with debt) buy luxuries right after they get some money in their hands in an attempt to look richer than they truly are.

The wealthy do a good job at acting broke. The broke do a good job at acting wealthy.

The rich don’t focus on buying luxuries. They focus on building their wealth and knowledge.

Luxuries come long after that.

On the other hand, the moment the poor have a little money, they start buying things to show off as opposed to using the money for REAL assets that will multiply their money.

10. When You Stop Learning & Progressing, Life Will Hit You Hard..

So many people here in Greece complain that they have lost their jobs.

That the increased taxes and absurd government policies forced them to shut down their businesses.

That consumers don’t have money to spend, and thereby can’t buy from their shops.

I couldn’t agree more with all these statements, because they are all true. The financial situation in Greece is horrible.

But have these excuse-makers ever thought what THEY have done to reach that point in their lives – instead of only thinking about what the government has done?

Have they ever thought that their business closed not only because of the financial crisis, but also because the business sucked?

The reason their business closed is because the business couldn’t meet the customer’s demand any more.

The reason they lost their job is because their skill wasn’t useful enough to provide value.

I constantly see businesses thriving here in Greece. The bars, clubs and coffee shops that were thriving before are still thriving now.

The Mikel Coffee Shops are continuously expanding in all Greek cities.

There are 250+ coffee stores only in Athens & Thessaloniki.

Why isn’t Mikel affected by the financial crisis as much as other businesses?

Because it still meets the customer’s demands. Other coffee shops will keep closing one after another while Mikel will be continually growing.

What most people fail to realize is that they are also responsible to blame for their life struggles.

Honestly, how many of those who were running a small business that close “due to the financial crisis” did really spend some time to read a book on business and economics?

Sure the situation is harsh.

But unless you decide to take charge of your life, you will keep blaming life for pushing you around.

11. Learn Selling, Marketing & Managing People Now


You don’t need to be a salesman to learn how to sell.

You don’t need to be a marketer to learn how to promote people or products and you don’t have to be a manager to learn how to manage people.

Not learning these 3 skills is one of the reasons natural talents fail while less talented and gifted people succeed.

These skills are essential for becoming successful – no matter what you do in your life.

If you don’t care about becoming successful and want to stay mediocre for a lifetime, then you are free to not develop them.

12. Playing It Safe Is The Definition Of Being Average

Another great way to stay average for a lifetime is playing it safe.

To get a safe job, live a safe life, have a safe career and make safe investments.

It’s impossible to think in an extraordinary, out-of-the-box way if you always play it safe.

Take risks. Don’t play it safe all the time.

Obviously, you have the basic IQ to understand what I mean by taking risks. It’s not that you should start a war with the Yakuza.

It’s that you should stop being a conformist. It’s that you should stop being afraid of failing.

Letting the fear of failure become bigger than the joy of winning is a disastrous decision. It won’t bring much prosperity into your life.

Stop being so afraid and stop playing everything safe!

13. Think About What You Miss (Hint: You ALWAYS Miss Something…)


Another huge difference between the rich and the poor is that the poor only criticize and never or rarely analyze.

The rich and successful analyze situations to discover what others miss so they can do it better.

The poor and unsuccessful only criticize what others do and fail to see the opportunities laid right in front of their eyes.

14. Stop Shutting Down Your Brain..

Average people are average not only because they play it too safe or have filthy habits. They are average because they think like average people.

They never break the mold because they are programmed to think in a way that shuts down creativity and promotes conformity.

A classic example I have read is how the rich react to financial difficulties compared to the poor.

When the poor want to buy something but don’t have the money they always say: “I can’t afford it”.

 I have heard parents (including mine) using that phrase countless time.
We can’t afford that son. It’s expensive. We can’t pay for it.”

On the other hand, the rich think in a complete different way. They say: “How can I afford it?”

The 1st reaction of the poor is a definite fact.

“I can’t afford it” => End of the conversation.

The 1st reaction of the rich is a question that kick-starts the brain.

“How can I afford it?”=> Beginning of the conversation.

Accepting (self-imposed) definite facts shuts down your brain. On the other hand, asking questions creates possibilities.

15. First Listen, Then Talk


Being closed to new ideas that challenge your way thinking is the most surefire way to never get ahead in life!

Stop living in a nutshell. Start being open to new ideas – even if they challenge your way of thinking.

Be a contrarian.

It doesn’t mean that you should accept anything you hear. You should ask questions, analyze and then make your mind.

When I first found a website named Kinobody – I was challenged to think that fasting in the morning could be beneficial for my life.

However, I was open to see if it really was.

I asked questions, read articles, analyzed and then put everything into action.

The results may surprise you, because they surprised me as well.

Now I fast every day. Intermittent fasting was one of the greatest things I have discovered in the last year.

It makes me productive, energetic and helps me keep my body fat low. Above all, it also saves me time from preparing breakfast.

Fasting is not for everyone. But how could you find what’s the best for you when you aren’t open to new possibilities?

First listen, then talk.

Don’t argue about something before even listening. Especially when it comes from someone who is more successful than you in the area you want results in.

16. Dipping Into Savings IS a Terrible Habit

The only possible reason you should save money is to invest them and make more money.

Why do you save money if you re going to spend them anyway? Dipping into savings is a terrible habit the many people have.

If you start saving money, put that money into work by buying or investing in assets. Put that money to work by starting your business or invest them in your health and/or knowledge.

Don’t save some money now to spend them later on something else. It’s pointless.

17.What’s In Your Life Is A Reflection of What’s On Your Mind


The one thing that determines the quality of your life: Your Thoughts.

There is nothing more powerful than the way you think every day. The way you use your brain determines what you have in your life.

The external circumstances don’t play such a big role.

It’s how you think that makes the biggest impact in your life.

How I thought determined if I would make $6000+ or if I would be broke.

Even when it comes to external circumstances – because that’s what most people believe that determines their lives – the outcome still relies on how you think.

One man can see the financial crisis as a disaster and think that the best way to deal with it is to wait for it to cool down before he does anything…

Another man can see it as an opportunity to grow and think of it as a challenge to make him more successful.

It’s all about the perspective you have about life.

And your perspective is cultivated in your mind.

18. Start Thinking Like A Stoic

Stoicism is the idea that you should work now to build a better future.

On the opposite end lies Epicuranism. The idea of enjoying the moment and living in the present.

YOLO (You only live once) is the modern incarnation of Epicurianism.

Stoics are the only ones who are able to survive, thrive and accomplish big things over the long-term.

Thinking like a Stoic doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore the process and care only about the outcome.

It means that you should focus more on the future consequences of the actions you take today.

Sure, you only live once.

But if you only live to enjoy the present, I guarantee that your future will come and will not be pleasant at all.


Which of these do you strongly agree with and have also experienced in your life?

Is there something you disagree with?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them kick-ass and take names in their lives!

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18 Realizations You Should Make Early In Life Unless You Want To Fail - Dare&Conquer

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