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5 years ago

What All Top Entrepreneurs Do To Get Rich & You Should Do Too

top entrepreneurs

One Thing That The World’s Top Entrepreneurs, Rich & Successful People Know & Apply In Their Lives

 Do you want to become rich, successful and financially free like other top entrepreneurs?

I bet you want. Who could say no to financial freedom? But what do you do to achieve financial freedom?

Who do you associate with?

What kind of people belong in your close environment?

Who are you married too?

Who do you spend your time with?

You might have a list of people in your brain right now. Think about the 5-10 people who you are around most of the time.

Are these people rich and successful?

If they aren’t, you won’t likely be successful as well…

People In Your Close Environment Have A Huge Impact In Your Life

Who you associate with determines whether you are going to become successful or not. All top entrepreneurs know that success is closely related to the people they spend their time around.

What does this mean? It means two things:

  • If you have 3 friends who are millionaires, then you will probably be the 4th millionaire.
  • But if you have 3 friends who are idiots  and losers you will be the 4th loser in the company.

If you want to become more successful you need to elevate your social circle.

That’s because you will start adopting the 1) mindset 2) behavior and 3) values of your friends. And these will shape your life.


The way they think will impact the way you think.

If your friends believe that successful people succeeded because of luck then you will start believing in luck instead of your abilities.

You will probably start playing the lottery. And you will be blaming luck for your misfortunes.

The way they act will make you act in similar ways.

If your friends get drunk each Saturday you will also drink a lot. Otherwise there will be no fun in spending your time with them.

If your friends eat burgers, pizzas and fried potatoes every day you will probably eat the same. And if your friends are fat because of their eating habits you will become fat too. And you won’t know how to lose that fat.

Their values will become your values.

If all your friends cheat their wifes you will end up cheating your wife. If they don’t value integrity you will have no integrity as well.

On the other hand,

If your friends like to exercise and eat healthy you will probably adopt the same behavior.

When I started to work out seriously, one reason that made me go to the gym and transform my body, was that two of my closest friends were also obsessed with developing their physiques.

Do you know what I have just realized?

That when I was skinny and weak, all of my friends were also skinny and weak. Or they were fat and out of shape.

Do you think that this is a coincidence?

It’s not.

A study published in the Journal Of Consumer Research found that people bond with each other when they give each other moral support to resist or indulge in temptations.

As the study says “people tend to make “crime decisions” in pairs”. For instance, eating an ice cream. If your friend eats one you will probably eat one as well.

The same can be scaled up to other behaviors like exercising or acquiring new skills and knowledge.

That’s why I started exercising when 2 people from my close environment did the same. This doesn’t mean that I couldn’t start lifting weights on my own.

But these 2 guys “pushed me” to get into the gym and build my body. They were already working out for 1-2 years and they motivated me to do the same.

They lifted me up, instead of dragging me down.

That’s what type of friends you need in your life – people that lift you up and make you a better person.

When it comes to entrepreneurship – if you want to succeed you need to associate with yourself with other top entrepreneurs.

If you try to analyze the success of many people, you will see that they were either mentored by someone successful or they started to spend time with people who were “above their level”.

 top entrepreneurs

But What Can I Do With My Old Friends? I Know Them For So Long…

Aha, so you know Jack for 12 years?

If Jack is a complete loser and time-waster I see no reason that you should spend your time with him(Do you value your time?). Because he will make you a loser as well.

If you are ok with being a loser then keep spending time with Jack, Joe, Nick or whoever your friend is.

But if you want to reach the top and thrive, you want to associate with people who have already thrived – or with people who have extremely high ambitions.

Here is what you will do with your old friends:

You will REMOVE THEM from your life. Simple and easy. There is no need to be mean and rude with them. You don’t want to hurt their feelings or make them your enemies.

But if they don’t lift you up, don’t let them drag you down.

Simply start spending less time with them. Spend more time alone or with the people who have the potential to become successful.

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Having good friends can also provide a lot of health benefits. Check out this article to see how your friends can affect your health: Good Friends Are Good For You

 Disciplined People Tend To Have Disciplined Friends

Another study published in Psychological Science has shown that people who can’t discipline themselves and have low self-control, feel the need to be with other people who are disciplined.

That’s because they subconsciously know that these people will boost their willpower. Increased willpower will lead to increased self-control and discipline. And this will lead to resisting temptations easier and taking better life decisions.


Your close environment plays a significant role in your life. If you want to get more out of life and be happier then spend more time with people who have the same values and constantly try to grow.

When you want to be a successful entrepreneur, start spending time with top entrepreneurs that have already achieved what you want to achieve.

Only these people will help you achieve what you want.

Because they have already done it. All the other time-wasters should be carefully removed from your life. But without offending them. There is no need to ruin your friendships and make enemies.

Don’t ruin friendships, just stop investing in the friendships that don’t make you a better person. Invest in people who will invest in you and help you grow.

Wish you have a beautiful day,

Your friend,

Damian Pros.

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What All Top Entrepreneurs Do To Get Rich & You Should Do Too

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