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5 years ago

How To Earn Extra Money: Most Simple & Efficient Strategy

how to earn extra money

How To Earn Extra Money By Focusing On The Right Things

 I constantly hear that question coming out of the mouth of people: “how can I make more money”?

People instinctively prefer freedom than having an unfulfilling job. Our brain has the tendency to want more comfort than we currently have.

Yet, all these people who want to make more money never make more money. Because they are focusing on the wrong part of the equation.

Do you know what money really is? Money is just a bonus of what you produce. It’s not what you should focus on.

People focus on money when their attention shouldn’t be on money but on something else. I will tell you in a minute what it is.

Think about these questions for a minute:

Why do you pay your doctor when you are sick? 

Why will a fat guy pay for a fat loss course?

Why will you pay an engineer to fix your car?

It’s because in all these cases, the person who pays has a problem that needs to be solved. 

You need to solve the problem of “being sick” because you want to feel good again. The fat guy wants to solve the problem of “being fat and looking ugly” because he probably wants to look more attractive. You will pay the engineer to solve your “car’s problem” because you need your car to go to work.

Which are the common parameters in all these cases?

The two only common parameters are that 1) someone will pay money and 2) someone has a problem. And he gives away his money because someone else can solve his problem!

Didn’t I just tell you how to make more money?

Here is How To Earn Extra Money: Don’t Focus On Making Money – Focus On Providing Value

It’s so simple than even a baby could think it, yet people believe that if you want to make money you need to do three spins, wear a lucky necklace and wait for luck to bring you the money in your living room.

Do you want to make more money?

Then find ways that you can produce value to people and solve their problems!

And you will make more money than you could ever imagine. People seek desperately for solutions to their problems every day.

Why do you think that health and fitness is a million dollar industry? Because everybody wants to be healthy, look toned and be attractive. No human being wants to have health issues.

To make money, you have to solve the problems that other people have. And the number of money you will make is directly related to the amount of problems you solve.

Solve the problem of one people and you will make some money. But if you solve the problems of 5 million people you will probably become a millionaire.

Why do you think that Facebook has become so massively successful?

Because it served a deep need that people had. People wanted to feel appreciated. And the amount of likes they get in their photos make some people feel valuable and desired.

Sure Facebook serves more needs and solves other problems as well, like the need of easy and free communication.

But generally, it provided millions of people with something they needed. As a result it became extremely successful. And its owners made billions of dollars.

While it’s not easy to create the new Facebook, you don’t need to create something so big. You can still make thousands of money if you can find something that people need, even if it’s smaller. When you find it, simply create a solution to their problem and voilà.

 how to earn extra money

You won’t even need to market your product too much. The word of mouth will do all the work for you. When you have an amazing product that people need, you don’t need to spend thousands on advertising.

As long as what you sell serves a need and solves a problem you have hit a gold mine!

So, how do you create a product that people need?

You must give them value. And to give them value you need to become more valuable. You have to develop the skills, knowledge and character that will allow you to help other people.

And in return they will pay you hard-cold cash for solving their problems.

How to Provide or Create Something That People Need

While there are dozens of areas that you could center your attention at, there are five general things that people care about a lot. If you create something that fulfills these needs you will inevitably make money:

Increase Their Health:

Everyone wants to be healthy. Nobody wants to feel or be sick. So if you find some ways to improve people’s health you will be able to make money.

Save Money:

Nobody wants to spend money if there was a chance to save that money and get the same quality at a lower price.

Make More Money:

Help people to make more money and you will make money as well. The reason I make money on fiverr is because some of my services help other people to make money from their own services.

Save Them Time:

If you find a way to save time from counter-productive tasks or make people more productive then you will make lots of money.

“But, but…I am not a doctor Damian. I can’t improve the health of other people”

These are fucking excuses. You don’t need to be a doctor to make an impact and make other people healthier. Go to te gym, build an amazing body, become shredded and work your butt off until you look like a Hollywood Model.

Then go out there and inspire people to do the same. Or show them how you did it and teach them how to do it as well. You can do that even from your home by starting a website. It’s really so fucking simple.

Oh wait, Mr Excuse wants to say something again:

“But, but…this will take a lot of time. I want to make more money now”

Of course it will take time! Everything worth of having takes time and effort. If the biggest life accomplishments were easy then they wouldn’t be big and amazing.

Do you want to make money now?

Unless you have already developed the skills and knowledge that you will use to make money you have to cancel your trip to Las Vegas – and start from scratch until you can give something of real value. Then you can reap the rewards.

Don’t Let Common Excuses Stop You – Be Resourceful

One of the most common excuses people say when it comes to increasing their income is that they don’t have the resources.

Most say: “well I have an idea, but I don’t have the money to make it happen”.

You don’t need money to make your idea a reality. If you are a little savvy you can find ways to make your idea a reality – even if your idea needs thousands of dollars to be created.

You have no money? No problem, find someone who has. Then pitch him your idea and propose him to fund your project.

If you have a mind-blowing idea that can really change lives in the ways I mentioned above, then it won’t be hard to find someone to fund your project.

But if your idea doesn’t serve a need – but is just a way for you to make money -then no one will help you. Everybody smells it when your only goal is your monetary rewards.

If you don’t provide value, you have lost it.

“But…but I don’t know where to find people to pitch them my idea” says Mr.Excuse.

Saying excuses is easy. On the other hand, you could spend the time you wasted on excuses to think about how you can overcome the obstacle.

For instance you could search the internet. And if you did that you would probably discover that there is something called crowdfunding“.

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Popular crowdfunding sites are Kickstarter and Indiegogo. And you can use them to find people who would probably be happy to fund your idea.

There are many areas that you could create a product on. Areas high on demand that people want to fund desperately!

KickStarter has 15 categories where you could create something valuable on.

How To Earn Extra Money With Kickstarter

And if you were thinking that it’s not possible to find people that will fund your projects through websites online check out this backpack on Indiegogo.

The goal was to raise 50.000$ to put it into production and the project didn’t only succeeded – but it was over funded by 443%. And they raised 220.000+ bucks!

 how to earn extra money with indiegogo

So, if you have an idea, don’t let the “I don’t have money” excuse stop you. There are always ways to make your idea a reality if you want it bad enough.

Making money is simple, but it’s not easy. If you want to earn extra money you need to work your butt off and never give up. And always serve a need. Always sell something that will make improve the lives of others.

How To Find Ideas, Needs & Problems That Need To Be Solved

Now you know that focusing on how to earn extra money isn’t enough since money shouldn’t be your primary goal. Your goal should be to solve a problem because when you do it, the money will follow.

You also know that if you don’t have the money to fund your idea you can use crowdfunding websites and find people who might want to fund your project.

But here comes the question: “How can I find problems and needs that need to be solved?”

You can’t simply sit on your couch and wait the inspiration to come. You might need to a bit of thinking before you find an idea. Or just be really attentive when you are out there – close to other people.

Because if you spend a day out you will probably find tons of ideas on how to earn extra money.

And do you know the best? Other people will give you these ideas for free!

Step 1: Do Your Own Thinking

Sit down with a pen and piece of paper and write all the things in your life that are annoying – all the things that make your life difficult.

For instance, here is a thing that really annoys me.

When I travel with the bus – airplane and I want to read books on my kindle, I have to use my hands to keep my kindle device at my eye level. But this is tiring after a while.

If there was a device that could be attached on the front seat and keep my kindle reader steady, I would gladly pay for it – because it would make my life easier and more enjoyable.

Step 2: Two Magic Phrases That Show You What Other People Need:

The words “I hate” and “I don’t like” should become your new favorite words. That’s because every time someone says these words of frustration, you have a potential problem that needs to be solved.

Generally, everything that indicates frustration or disappointment could show you an unfulfilled need.

Just keep your ears open when you are out there.

The idea might not come instantly, but if you are constantly observing what other people do or say you will probably find some of their needs. And you will probably find ways to satisfy these needs.

When you do that: BOOM. You will start making money 😉

Take Home Messages

1.Don’t focus on how to earn extra money. Focus on how to produce value.

2.The best way to make more money is to solve the problems that other people have or fulfill some of their needs.

3.Excuses are for losers and time-wasters. Be resourceful and start seeking ways to overcome your obstacles.

4.If you have an idea but don’t have the money to make it a reality, you can use crowdfunding and let other people fund your project.

5.To find a need a problem that needs to be solved try to observe what you and other people “hate” or “don’t like”.

And don’t wait the full moon to come. Start taking action upon these now!

-Damian Pros

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How To Earn Extra Money: Most Simple & Efficient Strategy

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