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5 years ago

How Rich People Think Differently in 10 Ways (No 3 Is Crazy)

how rich people think

How Rich People Think Differently Than Normal People

Who doesn’t want to have more money than he has now? Raise your hands please. All hands up? Yes, I thought so.

Personally, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t enjoy being a millionaire, driving a Bentley and travelling with his personal yacht.

Yet, only a handful of people are able to do these things. Not everyone has the motivation to keep going and get through hardships.

But why is that happening? How is that possible if almost everybody would like to live this way and having abundant money?

In real life, average Joes are struggling to make ends meet. So, what’s the difference between average Joes and millionaire Joes?

The difference is that the millionaire Joe thinks in a completely different way. Rich people have completely different beliefs and habits than average Joes. And that’s the reason they are millionaires.

So which are these differences?

1.Rich People Believe That Money Is Abundant

Millionaires have an abundance mentality. They know and believe that the amount of wealth out there is infinite and anyone has the power to claim it.  Instead of scrambling around for peanuts like the average Joe, they set huge, unrealistic goals and accomplish them.

They know that money will never run out as long as they are taking action towards their goals and maintaining a positive money mindset.

On the other hand, the average Joe is competing with other average Joes about pennies, just like a bunch of pigeons fight for some bread crumbs.

2.Rich People Know That Making Money Is All About Adding Value

Every millionaire out there is a millionaire only because he contributed to this world and added value. Think about rich people you know. All of them have invented something that changed the way we live, made our lives easier or better.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook changed the way we communicate forever. Bill Gate’s Microsoft revolutionized computer usability.

The best way for someone to become a millionaire is to find an idea that can help people, add value in their lives and solve some of their problems. Then it’s only a matter of manifesting this idea.

When you add value in the lives of others, they are glad to pay you a bucket load of cash. And this applies to everyone and everything.

Think about some daily things you spend money on.

Why do you pay your doctor? To make sure you are healthy. He adds value in your life.

Why do you buy a small car like a “Smart”? To drive and find parking without struggling a lot. It adds value to your life by saving you precious time and providing you convenience.

When something adds value to your life, you pay for it…

3.Rich People Believe That You Don’t Need Money To Make Money (Most of the times)

One of the most common excuses that dominates the minds of 90% of people is this: “I don’t have money to start with”.

Yet, what’s really needed is an idea. An idea combined with strong conviction and a burning desire to succeed.

Just like it was mentioned above, millionaires have an abundance mindset. They know that they can make money even if they don’t have even a penny.

Combine an abundance mindset along with an idea that adds value to the lives of others and you have a money-making machine.

And never, ever think that your idea is silly or dumb!

Even silly ideas can generate millions. Don’t you believe me?

Well, what if I told you that you could become rich if you sold “pet rocks”?

If having a rock for pet sounds silly to you, go tell it to Gary Dahl who became a millionaire selling pet rocks.

how rich people think differently than normal people

4.Rich People Don’t Think About Their Competition – They Care About Their Creativity & Personal Growth

Millionaires know that they don’t need to care about their competition more than they care about themselves.

Over analyzing your “competition” can be fatal if you do it excessively and doesn’t help you become much better than them.

Most people who care about their competition too much, they either never take action because their competition is too good to beat, or they turn themselves to copycats.

Wallace D Wattles, author of The Science Of Getting Rich, says that: “you must get rid of the thought of competition. You are to create. Not to compete for what is already created”

Instead, millionaires focus on being the best they can be. They don’t suffer from paralysis by analysis and they don’t compete with others. When you are the best you know that you have no competition.

You  are unique, nobody can be like you.  Millionaires focus on creating and progressing while the average Joes focus on competing.

5.They Don’t Believe In Absurd Statements Like “Money Is The Root Of All Evils”

Go to a homeless person and tell him that “money doesn’t bring happiness” or that “money is the root of all evils” and he will look at you like crazy.

Would you know how much he would love to have money and a roof over his head? Yet, some people believe that money can’t bring happiness.

Of course, if you abuse money you will never be happy. If you don’t acquire wealth by creating instead of competing you will never be happy.

Money is a problem solver. Money is a freedom giver. Without money, you can’t be free. You live like a slave. A slave of life and circumstances.

Millionaires don’t only know that money brings happiness, but they know that it’s necessary if you want to live a flourishing life. A life with optimal health and wellness and everything else you need.

Money is the root of all good, not the root of all evils.

If you use it right, it can save lives, bring pleasure and bless other yourself and other people.

6.They Don’t Live Their Lives Waiting To Become Lucky

Waiting for the lottery will never give you the life you desire. All these people who have won the lottery have finally lost their fortunes because they didn’t know how to use and value money.

Money can be a powerful tool, but if it doesn’t come from personal effort, it’s completely useless. It won’t bring emotional fulfillment and it won’t last long enough.

Beyond that, waiting for luck to bring money into your life is the best way to stay poor forever. Luck can’t bring long-lasting wealth.

And all those millionaires who seem to have earned their huge fortunes due to lack, have actually failed more than a hundred times before “they got lucky”.

Do you know many average people who have failed more than a hundred times? You probably don’t.

Because average people never fail. How can they fail if they never take action and expect luck to bring them riches?

how rich people think

7.Rich People Never Stop Learning

Millionaires know that life experience and self-education are worth one hundred times more than formal education.

While formal education can give you lots of tools, it lacks in providing real life experience.

Most teenagers  have been made to believe that formal education like school and college is all you need to live a financially successful life.

Yet, they become pretty disappointed when they discover that this is not true at all. Unfortunately, they keep believing that a college degree will save their lives some day and they never try to acquire new skills and knowledge after finishing college.

Going to college isn’t that bad – depending on what you are studying – but stopping to learn after you finish college is the worst mistake you could ever make.

Millionaires have either never gone to college, or they continued to learn and read long after they got their college degree.

They read books, philosophy, business, current affairs, they study history and stay abreast of issues

8.They Value Their Time & Don’t Spend It On Useless Entertainment

Jim Rohn has said that “poor people have a big TV. Rich people have a big library”.

While educating yourself by reading books is extremely important, how will you find time to read if you spend your whole time on mind numbing activities like TV or playing video games?

Not only you won’t have any time for reading, but you will also have no motive. If you spend all your free time watching TV or playing video games you won’t gain any satisfaction from reading a book.

TV and video games over stimulate your brain with pleasure and instant gratification. And when you try to read a book, it’s 100x more boring.

Millionaires and high achievers are never soaked in entertainment. Whether that’s in the form of TV, movies, video games or partying, drinking and clubbing.

9.They Don’t Believe In Overnight Success Stories

When someone suddenly becomes a millionaire, does it really mean that he succeeded overnight? No. But that’s how it looks to most people.

But if you ask the millionaire you will probably find out that it took him years to “become an overnight success”.

While the result of his effort is visible as an overnight success – the struggles, difficulties and failures he faced, are not visible at all.

Financial independence isn’t something that happens so fast as in one night, a month or even a year. It needs years and years of repeated action towards a specific goal.

This shouldn’t disappoint you. Instead, it should keep you moving forward even if you don’t see instant results. Most people get frustrated because they believe that riches come overnight. And they give up because of that.

Now that you know that the acquisition of riches is a process and not an overnight event, you have more chances to become rich than ordinary people.

how rich people think quotes

10.They Don’t Trade Their Time For Money – They Leverage Systems To Make Money

Nobody has ever become a millionaire by working at a day job and being paid with an hourly wage.

Millionaires know that one of the keys to becoming rich is to earn money when you are not physically present.

While most people trade their time for money, millionaires leverage systems to earn money. They create assets that can produce money when they are not there. And they always try to find ways to reduce the time they spend on menial tasks while maximizing their profits.

Automation and outsourcing are two vital techniques that successful millionaires use to increase their wealth and become financially free.


This is how reach people think differently than normal people. The first step to becoming rich is to change the way you think. Think like rich people and you will soon find yourself standing between them.

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How Rich People Think Differently in 10 Ways (No 3 Is Crazy)

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