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High Six Figure Income Job Requires No Experience, Could Be Done By Anyone (Not A Dream)

six figure incomeThis is not a clickbait headline.

There is a way you could easily make a six figure income or even more without having to take any risks or go through 5-7 mind numbing years of formal college education.

Is this a get rich quick, 10-day passive income bullshit?

Hell no.

This is a get rich smart, self-generating income idea that leads to a six figure income in a relatively short time-frame.

Anyone can get to the 6 figure level. Regardless of previous background, knowledge, age or financial situation.

  • You could be dead broke like I was in the past, living in a shack full of cockroaches.
  • You could be a 15 year old kid, not knowing what path in life you should follow.
  • You could be an average 30 year old McDonalds employee making minimum wage.

It does not matter.

This plan can make you financially free.

Am I trying to sell you something in the end of the article?


Am I benefiting from giving you this advice?


Well, yes, I will be super proud of you when you make a six figure income and you might tell your friends about Dare and Conquer, so everybody wins.

But, why Six (6) Figures?

I just like the number.

Apart from that, six figures is nice amount of money to shoot for so you can have a good level of freedom and choices.

Let me clarify that 6 figures is anywhere between $100.000 to $1.000.000 per year.

High six figures is anywhere above half a million.

This is yearly income.

Your monthly income should be anywhere between $10.000 to $100.000 in order to hit that goal.

Based on that, I recommend that you shoot for $30.000 a month.

This is not enough if you want to fly in private jets, drive a Lambo, live in Monaco or have a 50-meter yacht.

It’s enough for being able to live in any city of the world very comfortably or travel anywhere that you want to go.

Isn’t $30.000 per month an impossible dream?

No, it’s not an impossible dream even for someone making 2.5 Euros per hour just like I did when I used to work as a waiter.

I used to be in the position that $30.000 a month seemed like a lot. But it is not.

$30.000 a month is definitely achievable for most of you reading this article, who have the desire to live a truly good life.

You won’t be limited to living in a single place and you will be able to easily afford living in major cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo etc.

As a result, you will be able to follow any dreams you have, whether that’s becoming a professional dancer, songwriter or scuba diver.

On the consumer side of things, you could easily buy a car with less than a month’s worth of profits and you could rent a $2000 penthouse with piece of mind that you won’t be left without a penny in your pocket.

Lastly, you could spend $5000 going on a trip to wherever the hell you want without that affecting your life quality whatsoever.

Making six figures is not an utopian land for you, even if you are now making a minimum wage.

Anything above $10.000 a month is more than the average Joe makes and you could still live fairly well.

Yet, $30.000 per month is the bottom of the ladder that I want you guys to aim for. If you go lower, your possibilities will shrink.


How much time does it take to make a six figure income?

You could get to the $30.000 level in less than 2 years.

Supposing that you start at ground zero, here is how the timeline could probably look like:

  • 6 Months => $1000-$2000 a month
  • 9 Months => $5000 a month
  • 12 months => $10.000+ a month (6 figure income goal = accomplished)
  • 18 months => $20.000 a month
  • 24 months => $30.000 a month

It could take more or less than that, depending on variables such as your age, place of living, current financial situation etc.

Oh Damian, that’s too long. I can’t wait two whole years to do that. What if it does not work? What if it takes more than 2 years?

What if aliens invade earth and destroy the planet?

Stop thinking like a loser, because you will be forever coming up with dozens of excuses and doomsday scenarios.

Is that too much time for you to invest in changing your life?

If it is, then you can just keep living a miserable life and complain about how unfair the world is while struggling to pay your rent each month.

I told you this is not a get rich quick scheme or new passive income opportunity. Good things take time. Success takes time. The minimum amount of time it takes to make a radical change in your life is 1 year.

If you are not fine with that, close this page and get back to your average life.

Go waste 5 years of your life in college to get a worthless piece of paper, have your parents pay for your living or work at Walmart for a minimum wage in order to get fired once automation makes you redundant.

Those who want to really succeed, keep on with reading.

Could you make more than $30.000 per month?

You could make anywhere between $10.000-$100.000 or even more than that.

There is no ceiling to how much you can make by following this path that I am recommending.

What is more, you will discover new amazing opportunities and learn things that can exponentially boost your earnings to the stratosphere.

How You Could Easily Make $30.000 a Month or High Six Figures

(Without Any Risk Or College Degree)

Many will simply read this and instantly doubt the possibility of it being true.

These are the people who will never get ahead in life as any new idea they are subjected to automatically comes in collision with their status quo.

They don’t want to change and never will. Even if you gave them the key to a safe full with bars of gold, they would stick to their shabby paycheck and self-destructive beliefs, denying to believe there is a better way.

Those who are open-minded enough to embrace this possibility and act upon it are the ones that will enjoy all the virtues life has to offer.

There is no risk or monetary investment required to get started.

The only thing you need is

sweat equity.

There is absolutely no better way to invest in something for free, compared to your sweat equity. This means your personal time and energy.

How could it be so simple?

Because while others waste their time on dead-end jobs, worthless college education or partying hard without any hope for a better future – you will be building something of value.

What is that?

The best thing you could build from the ground up without any risk, but with lifetime return on investment is your own human capital (1st phase).

You must have heard the typical self-help advice of “invest in yourself” right?

But, have you really ever done it consistently and efficiently?

99.90% of people have never done it consistently and efficiently.

Most invest in themselves by going to college, but the return on their investment is so incredibly poor. Others invest in motivational seminars, networking events and guru money making methods.

This is equally counter-productive.

So, how can you safely invest in yourself


the best possible return on your human capital?

You first have to define the end goal.

If you do not define your “end-game” your investment will probably fall short.

Let me explain:

I am a dancer and entrepreneur. Does it make any sense for me to invest money in nail polishing seminars?

This is obviously an extreme example, but you get it, don’t you?

  • Firstly, you have to define your end game.
  • Secondly, you find one or more reliable source(s) of information on the subject and learn from them.

Thats how you start to consistently increase the value of your human capital.

Because, to make more money, you simply have to develop valuable skills and knowledge.

When you do that, you can monetize them and make a shitload of money out of them just like I did with Fiverr.


In the 2nd phase, by becoming a consultant and in the 3rd phase by starting a consulting business around it.

Whoa, slow down Damian.

I have never started a business in my life. I am too old/young or [insert other excuses here]. I don’t know how. It seems like a mountain. It’s just not possible for me.

Okay, this is the mentality that you do not want to have. It’s an anti-winning mentality and you cannot get ahead if you think like that.

Does it seem impossible for you to make $30.000 a mont or high six figures a year doing what you love?

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Said by Nelson Mandela – Forged on the flesh of Damian Pros

Designing the future… ? #GoPro @gopro

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I didn’t have that tattoo just for the sake of having a tattoo.

My dreams, goals and aspirations seemed impossible to others, but not to myself.

When I hit one of my most audacious financial goals, I had that tattoo as a proof that “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

This has reframed my mind to think of what the most consider impossible, as something that has just not been done yet (by them).

You don’t have to get the same tattoo, but you have to adopt the same pattern of thinking.

It’s possible to make high six figures, it’s possible for you to be a high-end consultant and it’s possible for you to run a highly profitable business.

Check Daud from Canada who even though he is just 16, has a stronger and more successful mindset than most of his peers as well as people with double his age.

six figure income

This is just an example of a youngster with a big possibility mindset.

There are many other fellow Conquerors that e-mailed me in the past, who have already achieved great things in their lives.

Making high six figures is not far away for them.

So, if you are still reading this and if you are serious about Winning and Conquering your life, then I am gonna tell you exactly how you can reach the point of a six figure income.

Phase 2: Becoming a High-End Consultant

The 1st phase requires that you have invested in your own human capital.

This is a never-ending process, but once you have reached a certain amount of knowledge and crafted a valuable skill-set, you will be able to monetize them.

In the meanwhile, you keep investing in your own human capital in order to increase the value that you offer. This will increase the value that you get back, which means more digits showing up in your bank account.

Realize that, in order to make more money, you have to produce more value.

You can’t be a consultant if you are not able to offer valuable advice.

The fact is that anybody could be a consultant. But not anybody could be a good consultant.

The reason most people think of it as impossible is that they are not willing to go through phase 1 and increase their value.

Why should someone want to consult you if you do not offer valuable advice?

The biggest your impact by helping others is, the biggest your paycheck will be.

Here is the great thing about consultants:

Anyone can be a consultant as long as they offer value and/or solve some problem.

You could be a business consultant, fitness consultant, relationship consultant or whatever the heck you want.

These are just some of the possible options you have. Learn a lot about one of these topics that you are curious about and then use that knowledge to help others.

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • eCommerce
  • Social Relationships
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Goal-Setting/Personal Development/Self-Help
  • Productivity
  • Web Consultant
  • SEO Consultant
  • Style & Clothing

As a consultant you could make anywhere from $10 an hour to $1000 an hour and beyond.

I do not do much consulting anymore, because the business systems that I have set up create more wealth for me without having to spend any significant amount of time.

My time is of infinite value, so I am not going to sell it per hour anymore.

You shouldn’t do it either, hence why there is a 3rd phase to this 6 figure income strategy.

Practical Tips To Get Started As A Consultant:

I shall remind you that you first have to invest in your own human capital before giving out advice to others.

What is more, here are some guidelines to follow:

#1 Practice What You Preach:

If you give fitness advice to overweight people that want to get in shape, make sure that you are in perfect shape and you have got there by following your own advice.


A fat person is not qualified to help other fat persons to become fit.

Someone who got fit simply by using steroids and going to the gym 5 days a week following a routine from Bodybuilding.com is also not qualified to help others, unless the advice they give is what they have used to get where they are.

#2 Do Not Be “Above” Working With Someone

Tim Groover, one of the best consultants of all time had Michael Jordan as his 1st professional client.

That’s a hell of a great achievement!

However, before having worked with Michael, he had to train ordinary people, housewives and others in order to become better at his craft.

Do whatever it takes to gain experience, even if that means starting small.

#2 Dress and Conquer

You won’t to give an impression that you are successful as well as a credible source of advice.

If you look like a dirty bum, people will be reluctant to take advice from you, even if you were the wisest advisor in the world.

Assuming that you are not an incarnation of Lao Tzu or Aristotle, then you must dress to impress, especially if you are consulting people or firms face to face.

See the whiteboard? Get ready for class. Something New and Noteworthy is coming…

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#3 Do Not Sell Your Time Forever

In the beginning, you will have to exchange your personal time for money.

That’s fine for a while, but it would not be the best to do it over the long-term. If you constantly have to exchange your time for money, your income will be limited to the amount of hours you can work.

You will also be limited by the simple fact that you won’t get paid when you don’t work.

This leads us to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Your Own Consulting Business

I won’t get into much detail here, but I will probably write a 2nd part of this article sometime in the future.

I want you to have a frame work in your mind like this:

  • Phase 1: Investing In Your Human Capital
  • Phase 2: Becoming a Consultant
  • Phase 3: Consulting Business

However, not all of these can be addressed in a single article.

Just keep in mind that in order to stop selling your time for money, you need to start a business at some point in the future.

This will allow you to hire others to do the lowest-paying gigs.

You will only be working with clients of your choice (the highest paying ones), or you will not be working at all, if that’s what you choose.

A business will give you the ultimate freedom, supposing that it’s set correctly.

If you are interested in learning more about business, then check the business archives.

Until Next Time,

Keep Daring and Conquering,

Damian Pros

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High Six Figure Income Job Could Be Done By Anyone (Not A Dream)

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