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Do You Let The “Natural Talent” Myth Hold You Back In Life?

natural talentWhy Having A Natural Talent Won’t Necessarily Make You Successful

 Let me ask you a quick question:

Does it seem strange to you that so many natural talents never make it in their lives?

It used to seem strange to me…

Some time ago I thought:

“Wow! This guy is really talented and gifted. He will definitely become successful one day.”

You have probably had that thought as well.

After a few years, you see the same natural talent being a waiter at a restaurant and getting paid $700 per month.

What has happened?

Why didn’t he use his talent to make money and become successful?

How did he end up being waiter when he could be rich and famous?

Actually, it’s not strange at all…

Most people attribute success to things like natural talent or work ethic.

But, how many talented people do you know that are poor?

I guess a lot.

Hundreds of artists, dancers and musicians will die completely broke even if they have MASSIVE talent.

Van Gogh was certainly talented.

But he died completely broke…

Nowadays, someone in Asia buys his paintings for 66 millions.

Why are his paintings so precious now, but weren’t able to provide him a piece of bread when he was alive?

Someone could say that it’s that we live in a different era. Maybe this is true, but that’s not the real reason.

The real reason is that having a natural talent is not enough.

Talent is great, but it can take you only X steps forward.

It’s not enough on its own. It can’t make you rich on its own.

I know many dancers who are really talented – more talented than I am – but will never make it in dancing.

They will never be well-known or live their dreams.

They have the dream of travelling the world and learning how to dance with the best. They have the dream of getting paid to travel and teaching their own knowledge.

Even if they work really hard – harder than I do – and even if they have a work ethic or a great natural talent, they are never going to make it.

Because natural talent is simply not enough…

Someone could say: So what makes you believe that you will make it Damian?


I have already made it.


First of all, I acknowledge that talent and hard work will only take me a few steps forward. It won’t get me directly to my destination.

Secondly, I have already booked my tickets for Urban Dance Camp, the most prestigious (and expensive) dance education camp in the world.

I am a big believer that if you want to be the best or become better really fast, then you have to learn from those at the top.

In the beginning of January I went to Rome.  Some of the best dancers in the world were there to teach their knowledge in a 4-day intensive camp.

I may move to Los Angeles for 1-2 months during the summer to learn there.

I already do what other dancers want to do – travel the world and learn dancing – even if I am less talented and skilled (for now).

It’s only because I direct my focus into the things that matter – I will tell you shortly which these are…

But before let me tell you something else.

You Don’t Need A Natural Talent – You Need An Obsession

You may have been conditioned to believe that obsession is something “bad”.

That’s a huge, fat, big-ass lie spread by losers who have never been successful.

Whoever tells you that you shouldn’t be “obsessed” with what you do, is probably someone who has never succeeded in life.

Will you waste your time with losers?


Learn from winners.

I tell you that you should be obsessed. The same tells you Mr Conor McGregor – UFC champion.

 natural talent mcgregor

Many people would claim that to succeed in the UFC or any sport, you need to be gifted with

1. A natural talent.

2. Great genetics.


That’s how losers think. Sure, genetics and talent play a role.

I don’t doubt that. But you can’t let them limit you from practicing until you achieve mastery.

To practice until you achieve mastery, you have to be obsessed.

If you don’t believe me, believe McGreggor – a man whose obsession and dedication to his goal has made him richer than more people will ever be.

According to Victor Pride, Conor McGregor’s reported lifetime UFC earnings are over $600.000.

Most people will never make that amount of money.

One of the reasons that holds them back is the natural talent myth.

Stop listening to average people. Listen to those who are already successful. Listen to McGregor. And be obsessed to the point of madness.

The Talent Show Paradox

natural talent

Thousands of people with impressive natural talents participate in Talent Shows every year.

They hope to make it that way.

Out of all these thousands of people, only one is the winner of the show.

You could say that he was simply more talented than they were – which could be merely true – but that’s not the only thing.

Talent isn’t the only thing it needs to win a talent show.

That’s the paradox.

It also takes showmanship.

You must also have the ability to make other people like you.

And you also need three more things…

Either way, one out of thousands is a pretty low success rate don’t you think?

The Reason Why So Many Natural Talents FAIL Miserably

That’s because there are three things needed in this world to become wildly successful.

And that’s neither talent nor work ethic.

These are things most people ignore, consider unimportant or even disapprove.

These things often have nothing to do with the area someone is talented in.

But they have everything to do with success in ANY area someone is involved in.

These things are three skills:

[bullet_block style=”size-16″ small_icon=”28.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]
  • Selling
  • Marketing
  • Managing People

And do you know the ugly truth?

Many people consider these skills less valuable than they actually are.

That’s probably the aftermath of the countless pushy salesmen and internet marketers.

While some of them are legit, many of them sell scammy courses, but do it in a really pushy, annoying way that turns people off.

Well, someone could say that I have also set up a sales page for my eBook: Unleashing You

That this makes me another annoying internet marketer.

But how is that the same?

I set up a sales page to learn selling because I really believe it’s an insanely valuable skill.

I like to practice what I preach.

Setting up a sales page for a product you or someone else owns could teach you a lot about selling.

I highly recommend you doing so.

When you have learned how to sell, you won’t only be able to sell your own products, but you could also help other people sell theirs – and get paid for it.

Just go to Fiverr and start a gig offering to write a sales page. You will make money and learn how to sell in the process.

You shouldn’t have the flawed perception most people have: that selling is something bad…

As for my sales page, it was an attempt to learn how to sell – and probably failed one. I am pretty sure that if an experienced seller looked at my sales page, he would laugh.

It’s a start though. You always have to start from somewhere.

As I said, natural talent is not enough.

You need to develop other skills.

And if you are serious about becoming successful in life, these three skills I told you above will instantly SEPARATE you from others.

Why You Must Develop These 3 Skills 

natural talent

In one simple sentence?

Because they will help you become successful in any profession / business / career path.

Why do you think McDonald’s are so incredibly successful?

Is that because they have amazing burgers?

I don’t think so.

There are thousands of cooks who could make a better hamburger than the one MacDonald’s sell.

Hmm, so why these cooks aren’t millionaires while Ray Kroc built a fortune worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

For three reasons.

These cooks don’t know how to:

  • Sell
  • Market their product.
  • Manage people.

Even if many talented cooks can make better hamburgers than MacDonald’s, they can’t start a business without these skills.

Even if they start one, it will fail miserably. No matter how talented and gifted they are at cooking.

Second example:

A few months ago I found a dancer named Matt Stefannina.

Matt is a great dancer.

His videos on YouTube have millions of views. For instance, this one has 26+ million views!

Is that only because Matt is a great dancer?


Matt is also a marketer and a salesman.

Many people – and especially other dancers – fail to understand that.

They just believe Matt is a natural talent. Or that he worked really hard. Or that he got lucky.

While some of these may be true, there is more than that…

If you look at another video of him – this one – and check the video’s description, you will notice affiliate links.

Here is how it goes:

Matt is a great dancer => other dancers watch his videos => they want to be like him => they buy the clothes he wears and recommends => Matt makes money (extra from the YouTube money).

There are dozens of talented and gifted dancers on YouTube who are probably as good as him, but don’t make close to the amount of money he does.


They don’t know how to sell and market themselves.

Until they learn, they won’t make any real money from dancing…

Third example:

If you go to Amazon and look for the most popular books written by successful authors, what will you notice?

Amazon, readers, reviewers and magazines refer to the books as “best-selling books” and call the authors: “best-selling authors.”

Does it anywhere say: “best-writing author”?

Apparently, no.

It’s not the best writers who make more money and sell more books. It’s the best salesmen.

Sure, the book has to offer valuable information and it must be well written.

But after that point, it all comes down to selling.

What type of cover you choose. Your book’s title and subtitle. Your book’s description. => Selling

How you promote it. => Marketing

How other people help you promote it and sell more => Managing people and public relations.

Being a natural talent in writing is not enough.

It definitely helps, but you must also have developed these skills.

[bullet_block style=”size-16″ small_icon=”28.png” width=”” alignment=”center”]
  • Selling
  • Marketing
  • Managing People & Public Relationships.

There are countless books on these subjects.

You could head over to Amazon, pick a few books right now and start learning immediately.

What stops you?

Without these skills, you will struggle to succeed.

No matter what you do.

That’s why natural talents fail while less talented people succeed.

Don’t be one-dimensional and say that you don’t need these skills. Or that you don’t have time and other silly excuses.

If you really want to  become successful, you will start learning right now.

Talk Soon,

-Damian Pros

PS: Do you consider these skills important?

Let me know in the comments and then SHARE this post with your friends on social media to help them take advantage of their natural talent!

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Do You Let The \"Natural Talent\" Myth Hold You Back In Life?

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