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I have been featured as a guest writer on the blog of Victor Pride, the owner of one of the largest, no-bullshit self-improvement communities: Bold&Determined. (Article)

You can also find another free Fiverr Guide on my website Dare& (Fiverr Guide)

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Tate, Striving For Freedom

Can’t wait for your book on 1/1/16! I’m already subscribed, but I put my email address in again, because I want to make sure I get a copy.


It has been a month and a half now on Fiverr for me and just want to give you a little update. It was starting of slow, like I said, only getting two orders in the month of November. But then, for some reason, December has boomed for me!

Michael, Dare and Concuer Reader

About The Author:

Damian Pros is the author of Conquering Fiverr and proprietor of

The legend says he quit college despite the doubters, naysayers and financial difficulties he faced.

After he took that decision, everything changed.

Now he spends his time growing his businesses, travelling the world, learning to dance, studying books and working out.

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Conquering Fiverr consists of knowledge that’s based on my own journey as an entrepreneur and freelancer on Fiverr.

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