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8 months ago

The Era Of Emasculated Men, Sad But True: Guys Are Women Now

emasculated men

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollow In 2017 it’s normal for men to be sensitive and feminine and cry and be fat and weak. Boys are nurtured by their effeminate fathers to be pathetic, self-indulgent defeatists.And a whole generation of emasculated men emerged, having crippled millions. Men have forgotten what masculinity is. Why? Because society’s […]

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9 months ago

How Any Average-Wager Could Become A “Keybord Multimillionaire”

make money online

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollow Think! Why have a job when you can make full-time money online? Our economy is transitioning to one that offers more freedom and a better lifestyle for anyone, thanks to a sensational thing called “the internet”. Almost everybody has access to it, yet most squander their chance to use […]

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9 months ago

Ditch Hats & Wigs,Try The Most Effective Hair Loss Solution Plan EVER

hair loss solution

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollowFeeling the pain and insecurity caused because of early hair loss? Afraid of going bald like a bulb? Then you know that there are not many masculinity killers that are worse than the process of balding. Losing your hair is a process that causes so much insecurity, emotional pain and discomfort to […]

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last year

Going To College Might Ruin Your Life, But It Will Be Too Late When You Discover It

going to college

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollow What’s the best way to create a generation of mindless corporate drones with no life purpose, so they can work for minimum wage to pay off their debt? Send them to a college or university. Going to college is probably one of the biggest mistakes countless of youngsters do every year. There, […]

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