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Category Archives for "Fitness & Nutrition"

last year

How To Decrease Body Fat Percentage To 10-12%, Lose That Belly & Look Awesome Naked

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollowWant to know how to decrease body fat percentage and take your shirt off without feeling ashamed of your belly fat? Getting shredded is as easy as stealing candies from a baby, don’t you agree? Well, at least that’s how it is for just 1% of people. The other 99% struggles with […]

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last year

Healthy Body Fat Percentage: 10 Reasons Lower Body Fat Wins For Health & Aesthetics

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollowStop wondering what a healthy body fat percentage is. The answer is lower body fat. Being lean and shredded (anywhere between 6-12%) is the ideal body fat percentage for optimal health, attractiveness, hormonal balance, survival and emotional stability. I wasn’t always like that, but looking like that is simply what […]

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