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last year

Going To College Might Ruin Your Life, But It Will Be Too Late When You Discover It

going to college

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollow What’s the best way to create a generation of mindless corporate drones with no life purpose, so they can work for minimum wage to pay off their debt? Send them to a college or university. Going to college is probably one of the biggest mistakes countless of youngsters do every year. There, […]

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last year

How I Lost It All: 5 Disastrous Mistakes Of My Worst Business Failure To Date

business failure

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollowBeing the CEO of a successful, 6-figure company is not a fact most 20 year olds carry in their portfolio of achievements. While there are many at that age who are already multi-millionaires, most of them have started 5-9 years earlier than their early 20’s. Unlike me, who failed at my first […]

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