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6 days ago

If Your Life Is Full Of Hardships, Struggles, Adversity & Shit Happening, Then Do This

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollowLife difficulties, misfortunes and obstacles of any kind are about deciding what type of person you want to be. And there are only two types. Winners and losers. “But my situation is different? “But in my case it’s harder” “But I don’t have this or that” It doesn’t matter. You […]

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a couple of weeks ago

The Myth Of True Love & Soulmates (What Losers Believe In)

true love

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterFollowWhy True Love & Soulmates Don’t Exist Anywhere But In Movies From: The Desk of Damian “Pros” Prosalendis Time & Location: Unknown “Real love”, “true love”, “soulmate”, whatever you want to call it is total horseshit. When their ass is on the line, you can’t count on them. It’s only […]

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