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5 years ago

Why Having a Back Up Plan Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

back up plan

Why a Having a Back Up Plan Will Destroy Your Chances To Succeed

People say that you need to have a back up plan or a plan B in case that your plan A doesn’t work.

Do you also believe it’s important to have a back up plan?

Many people believe it.

For instance even Business Insider gives the advice of having a plan B in case that your plan A goes wrong:

INSTANT MBA: Always Have A Back Up Plan.

Why it’s Important to Always Have a Back-up Plan

Please don’t read these things…


Because you will NEVER succeed when you have a back up plan.

Plan B’s are for losers. Winners have only a Plan A and work their butts off to make their Plan A work.

Do you want to be a winner or a loser?

I suppose you want to be a winner.

If so, burn all your ships(more on that soon) and trash the idea of having a back up plan.

The Problem Behind Back Up Plans

When you know that you have a second solution you won’t try hard enough.

You say “It’s ok if this fails, I will have my plan B”.

If you do that then plan A will definitely fail because you won’t work hard enough to make it succeed.

Look at what Ilene Gordon says in the above article of Business Insider:

“Always have a Plan B, because Plan A doesn’t always go well, or maybe it’s derailed by a competitor or somebody else’s new product or some type of regulation.”

If your product is derailed by a competitor or someone else has a better product than you, then your product wasn’t good enough at the first place.

When you have the best product in the world, believe in it and work hard to make it the best, it will never be pushed out of the way by a competitor.

But it’s not only about products. The same applies to people.

For instance, let’s take Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is one of the most successful basketball players of all time right? Some people would say that he is the best who has ever lived.

Do you think that Jordan had a plan B? Do you really believe that Jordan had a back up plan in case basketball didn’t work for him?

There were probably thousands of people trying to separate themselves from the others in basketball and excel like Jordan did.

So, the competition was huge.

But did Michael had a back up plan?

Did he said: “Ok, if basketball doesn’t work out for me – I will use my back up plan”.

His back up plan could probably be something like going to college and then working 8 unfulfilling hours per day in a job he didn’t like. But at least he would have his back up plan and it would have worked.

Huh, Michael Jordan didn’t have a back up plan.

He had a plan A and was 100% focused on this plan. His only purpose was to make plan A succeed. And the results speak on their own.

Another extremely successful person – Silvester Stallone – has trashed the idea of having a second plan. Stallone was so poor that he didn’t have money to pay for heat. He stayed hours in the public library of New York to stay warm.

His wife left him because he didn’t have money and sold her jewerly to pay the bills.

But before that she was insisting that he should find a job to pay the bills.

Stallone didn’t want to have a job (plan B) because he only wanted to become a successful actor. He wanted his plan A to succeed. If he had a plan B he would have become complacent.

He wouldn’t have chased plan A with the same relentless vigor. And he would never have become a multi-millionaire actor.

You don’t need a plan B because it only distracts you from plan A.

While it’s good to be provident and try to foresee future troubles, worrying too much about what will happen if your plan A doesn’t work is a recipe for failure.

The recipe for success is:

  • Have a great plan A.
  • Work your butt of to make plan A work.
  • Work even more to make plan A work.
  • Reap the rewards – enjoy the money, fame or fulfilment.

Even if you do your best and plan A doesn’t work then you will have at least tried. You wouldn’t have sacrificed your goals and dreams. You wouldn’t have given up on them because of fear of failure.

Neil Patel who is a millionaire and successful entrepreneur has told me the following:

“Just keep pushing forward and don’t worry about backups. As things don’t work out, adjust and keep pushing forward. That way your backup is always changing”

And he is completely right. It’s better to have only one definite plan. And if something goes wrong, then you just have to make some minor adjustments to this plan to make it work.

back up plan

Do you know what back up plans are? Back up plans are a manifestation of fear of failure.

In a previous article called How to Find The Road To Success With These 4 Proven Habits” I told you about a friend of mine who wanted to be a professional dancer.

But she spent 7 years in the law school even if she knew what she wanted to do in her life. If you haven’t read the full story, you could check it out now. Otherwise, just keep reading here:

When she was younger, she had a plan A – which was to become a professional dancer. But she was told that she needed a plan B in case she didn’t succeed in dancing. And that’s why she went to law school.

Do you see the problem here? She thinks that there is a possibility of failure. And she is setting up herself for failure just by believing it.

That’s exactly what Victor Pride says in his article:Why You Shouldn’t Have a Back Up Plan

When you have that back-up plan still lingering in your mind you aren’t truly giving 110% to achieve your goals. Maybe you’re giving 75%, even 95% but that isn’t good enough. It takes 100% minimum.

If her plan A failed she could work as a lawyer and make a living. Sounds logical right?

The result after 13 years is that she has a lawyer diploma (never worked as a lawyer) – and she is now struggling to open her own dance school. But with a big debt.

Not the definition of  success right?

I am sure she is trying her best but the final result is pretty mediocre.

If she had only a plan A she would have succeeded earlier in life and she wouldn’t be in debt. But she was afraid that her plan A would fail and needed to feel the safety of a plan B.

Now she is paying the price of having a back up plan.

I want to become a professional dancer as well. And I dropped out Chemical Engineering to chase my plan A.

People tell me that if I want to be a dancer I should finish college and then focus on dancing. That’s pretty like what my friend did.

If my plan A failed I would have my degree in Chemical Engineering and I could work somewhere and make a living.

But I don’t want to just make a living. I don’t want to just survive. My goal is to be great. To be the best and thrive.

That should be your goal as well. To be the best.

If you want to be the best there is no room for back up plans and alternative solutions. You work your butt of for your dream until it becomes a reality. Or you die trying.

That’s what Stallone and Jordan did. And it worked for them.

So why won’t it work for you? If you put in the necessary effort and don’t get distracted by alternative options, your plan A will work.

A History Lesson Which Proves That You Shouldn’t Have a Back Up Plan

In 1519, the spanish conquistador – Hernan Cortes – arrived in the New World with 600 men and a desire to conquer the Aztecs.

This was  a pretty hard mission for them because Aztecs were a powerful civilization that has been around for about 600 years. Also, another issue was that the Aztecs outnumbered them.

Cortez knew that if they had the option to retreat and return back in Spain, his men wouldn’t be dedicated to winning the Aztecs.

They would have lost because of the fear of failure. They would have never conquered the Aztecs. But at least they would have the back up plan to retreat and accept their failure.

So Cortez decided to trash this back up plan. He asked his men to burn all of their ships. They could never return back to Spain unless they have conquered the Aztecs.

But when retreat is not an option, your only choice is to succeed.

They would either succeed or they would die. They would either be rich and be remembered forever or they would be dead.

The option for failure has dissapeared and that’s what motivated them to conquer the Aztecs. They didn’t have a back up plan to distract them.

And they won the Aztecs, even against the odds.

If you want to succeed then do what Cortez did. Burn your ships and make success your only option.

Focus entirely to make your plan A succeed. And give your 120% to make this happen. Then, enjoy sitting on the hall of fame.

When Plan A is your ultimate goal, it makes zero sense to change it for Plan B because it didn’t work straight away.
In fact, it won’t work as long as you have a Plan B to conveniently fall back on.
Screw your Plan B. It’s an excuse to fail.

Until next time,

Keep Daring and Conquering,

Your favorite self-made millionaire,

Damian Prosalendis 
Make Moves, Not Excuses
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Why Having a Back Up Plan Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

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