How Does a Formerly Homeless, 21 Year Old Entrepreneur, Make Millions Digitally, and Live The High Life?




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When Damian "Pros" Prosalendis was 19 years old, he was almost homeless and had to live in a cockroach infested dorm room that was provided as assistance by the government to the very poor

He tried the conventional path of higher education for a year, but realized how he was SCAMMED by the flawed system. 

He decided that sleeping on a mattress he picked up from the rubbish, doing odd jobs for $2 to $3 per hour, and getting by his parental support of $200 a month wasn't worth persisting for 4 more years until the graduation. 

After he dropped out of university at 19, Damian was making $40,000+ a month just a year later from his digital business, despite having no previous business knowledge or experience, and without being tech savvy.

By the very young age of only 21 he was completely financially free, living the dream. He could at that point live anywhere, and travel everywhere, while making millions and living the high life.

He was now the Youngest Self-Made Digital Millionaire in Greece's History, a media celebrity featured and interviewed in global publications & magazines like Forbes, International Business Times, Huffington Post, INC. and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Do you want to be able to live anywhere in the world and travel as often as you please?



And WORLD-RENOWNED publications read by tens of millions of people around the world

Who is Damian "Pros" Prosalendis?

A college dropout (chemical engineering) who founded his own consulting firm at 19. By 20, he was financially free, making more money than Harvard MBA graduates, wall street analysts, doctors or lawyers.

Damian became a consultant for 7-figure companies, made mid 6-figures on Fiverr, run 3 businesses with several employees at such a young age and moved from his roach-infected dorm room to a Dubai penthouse.

He also won Greece’s National Kickboxing Championship at 17 and came 2nd in a worldwide dance contest.

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If it wasn’t for your book and these articles, I would still be stuck in my previous job working from dawn till dusk and not even earning half of what I am earning now. Plus, I have more free time now to do the stuff I enjoy. I have already made $2144 and it’s not the end of the month yet. Thanks a Million Damian.
D&C Reader

I found your website while searching for success tips and to be honest, I’ve never found a site that gives you the facts straight.

Thanks for spilling the truth in front of me.​

Frank Flores 
D&C Reader

​Best blog I discovered this month. Young, successful and smart guy. Someone I can look up to!

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